Winning On Purpose

A few shoppers on might win some auctions by accident, but we can win more auctions by winning on purpose. What in the world do I mean by winning on purpose? How could anyone do that?  You might be surprised  how many things we can do to win auctions on purpose. 

If we simply buy a package of bids and start bidding, we cannot expect to win because we are not bidding smart. In fact, some new customers skip using the free tutorial to learn how to play. That’s a big  mistake. Customers who place their bids one at a time from the home page are only wasting bids and will soon run out. Nearly all of the winners place their bids into Bid Buddy, the automated bidder.  If you do not know how to do that you should contact customer service.

DealDash now has more than 20 million customers so it would not be realistic to expect to win as easily as we did years ago. To win auctions on DealDash we must bid smart and to do that we must now have a realistic game plan. If we devise a good plan, we can still win auctions. However, we must first do our homework before we start bidding. We can start by doing the following things.

Read the winning tips

Reading all of  the winning tips at the bottom of the home page and these blogs at will help teach shoppers how to win on purpose.

Check the Previous Sellin Prices

Checking all of the selling prices of previous winners in each auction will be very helpful. If we see how much money the auction usually sold at, we can make a better judgment whether or not we have enough bids in our account to win. I look at the lowest and the highest prices the auction sold at. I also look at the number of bids the previous winners used to win. Then I try to play it safe by investing the same number of bids the highest winner used. That usually works.

Avoid Power Bidders

Watching the auctions and learning to recognize screen names of power players will also help. I try not to compete in the same auctions as power bidders. Whenever I see screen names of power shoppers I save my bids and find another auction I have a greater opportunity to win. 

Check the Winner’s List

Checking the Winners’ List to see which auctions are selling for the least amount of money is also a good idea. Sometimes this changes from week to week. I often see patterns where certain auction items consistently sell low while other auctions consistently sell high. If we pay close attention to that, we can purposely choose to shop for the items that consistently sell low. When an auction is down to the last few players, I also check the Winners’ List to see if any of my strongest competitors recently won a large bid pack or a high-dollar product they might have traded in for a large number of bids. Knowing that helps me to decide whether to cancel my bids or add more. 

Watch for special features

It might be easier for us to win auctions during certain special features. For example, when DealDash varies the “No New Bidders” limit, this can be a great time to win auctions that have been designated with the lowest “No New Bidder” limits. That’s usually from $1 to $5. During that special feature I try to place bids in several auctions with the lowest cut-off because that usually results in fewer competitors. Therefore, I love this special feature.

Avoid distractions

This is where I often mess up. I cannot tell you  how many auctions I could have easily won if I had not allowed myself to be distracted doing other things. I like the fact that we can place our bids into Bid Buddy, the automated bidder, and then walk away. However, whenever I do that, I often forget to come back in time to add more bids when needed. It’s always best if we can shop only when we can focus on DealDash and nothing else. 

This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

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