Win a Quality Pen

I am thrilled to see that now has several great ink pens up for auction.

How important is it to have a good working ink pen? To me, having something as simple as a quality pen is huge because I cannot get through a single day without needing one. Did you place bids on these pen sets yet? If not, why not?  I did, and I already won a set of 20, which I plan to give out as gifts.

Here are some reasons why I shopped for these pens:

  1. Pens are something everyone needs;
  2. It appears it usually does not take a lot of bids to win an ink pen auction, so most shoppers might find these auctions to be an easy win;
  3. If we don’t win these auctions, we might be able to afford to use BIN (Buy-It-Now) to get all of our bids back free. A few of them are high-dollar auctions but some of them are not;
  4. Pens always make great gifts.

If we look at all of the previous winners, we will see that some of them won these pens for only a few bids and low selling cost while others used a large number of bids and had to pay a high selling cost. The question is: How can we win a great deal, too? Answer: By following these rules:

  1. Watch the auctions to see what time of the day or night the best deals were won;
  2. Check to see if most of the main power bidders are already locked out from bidding
  3. Count the number of shoppers who are competing to win the auction, and if there are too many, wait for another auction.

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