Who Are You, Who Am I?

When shopping on DealDash.com I need to know who you are and you need to know who I am, too. What do I mean?

Recognizing screen names of other competitors is very important. Knowing the auctions we do not want to play are just as important as knowing the auctions we do want to play. This becomes even more important if we are on a tight budget and do not have many bids to win auctions.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  That is good to remember when shopping on DealDash. Instead, we could say, “A bid saved, is a bid earned.” It’s one more bid we can use to win an auction, and sometimes that is all it takes to win — just one bid or one bid more.

Make a List

I made a list of screen names I try to avoid bidding with in the same auctions. My list is based on the following criteria:

  • Does this same screen name show up several times every week on the “Winners’ List?”
  • Does this screen name win several high-dollar auctions?
  • Does this screen name drive up the selling cost of auctions by using a ridiculously high number of bids to win and/or over-bids the value of auction products on a regular basis?
  • Does this screen name often win large bid packs?
  • Did this screen name start shopping on DealDash several years ago, or is he/she a Newbie who does not yet know how to play smart?
  • Does this screen name include two people who might be combining incomes to buy more bids?

These are some of questions I ask myself when I update my list of competitor’s to avoid.

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