Turkey Time

It’s almost that time of year again–Thanksgiving.

Guess what DealDash.com and turkey day have in common? Hint: What do we need to carve a turkey?

Answer: High-quality carving knives. DealDash offers the best-quality carving knifes we can shop for in the world. Auctions include a single knife, a set of two knives or a set of three knives. According to the DealDash descriptions, they all come in “natural-colored ash wood boxes for safe keeping.” The best part is that it is possible to win these knifes at bargain prices because several customers have already done so.

Why not check them out:

  • 7-inch Santoku Chef’s Knife–Nov. 7, one customer won this single knife for the sale price of $1.04. This winner placed only 37 bids, and counting the cost of bids, paid a total of $8.44. What a bargain price for this $675 knife.
  • Kensei Knife Set--This two-piece set includes a Kiritsuke knife and a Honesuki boning knife. The Kiritsuke knife is ideal for slicing fish or cutting vegetables. The Honesuki boning knife is perfect for de-boning poultry, and that would include turkey. Nov. 3 this auction sold for 66 cents. The winner used 15 bids and the total cost was $3.66. What a bargain price for this $1,015 two-piece knife set.
  • Knife Set–This three-piece set includes one vegetable knife, one slicing knife and one small utility knife. Sept. 12 this auction sold for 12 cents. The winner used only 2 bids and paid a total of 52 cents. What a bargain price for this $1,295 three-piece knife set.

According to the auction description, a great feature of these Japanese Honshu Steel knives is that they have a special handle with a non-slip surface–crafted to prevent the user’s hand from touching the sharp blade. Perhaps an even better feature is that they are made to last a lifetime.

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