Traveling With DealDash

Did you ever travel with

It appears I am taking a DealDash trip and I did not even realize it until I started packing to attend the National Publicity Summit in New York City next week. Now what do I mean by that?

First I got out my luggage that I won on DealDash. Next, I decided to use a large leather purse I won on DealDash.

To prevent my luggage from weighing more than 50 pounds, I was wondering how I could best pack 25 books to take with me to NYC. That’s when I spotted the heavy-duty backpacks I won on DealDash and I realized that would be the perfect solution. All of my books fit perfectly into my backpack, which I can take as a carry on when I get on board the airplane.

I took a look at that and realized that all three items I needed for my trip–my luggage, my purse and my backpack–I won when shopping on DealDash. If I had not been shopping on DealDash, I would not have had what I needed to go on this trip.

I have enjoyed shopping on DealDash since Feb. 8, 2012, and over the years, I won 783 auctions. It is a difficult job to properly prepare for any trip, especially if you do not travel often. However, preparing for my trip has been made so much easier because of all of the items I won on DealDash.

I did not even know at the time how much I might one day need to use the luggage, large purse and backpack. I am especially glad the backpack is sturdy enough and high-quality enough to hold all of my books without falling apart, and that’s one thing I like best about shopping on DealDash. When I shop on DealDash, I know I’m shopping for high-quality products.

Thank you, DealDash!

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