The Last Vacation of the Summer!

There’s still a couple of weeks left until Labor Day and Back to School.  You have one more opportunity to take a last camping trip before the kids go back to school.
Camping this time of year can be very relaxing, as the season is winding down, less folks are at the Campgrounds and the nights are cooler.  It is a perfect atmosphere for S’mores and games around the camp fire.
One activity the entire family can enjoy is bicycling. Often Campgrounds are located near bike paths where biking is safe and fun for the entire family.  Here in Burlington, Vermont we have one of the most  scenic bike paths along Lake Champlain and  there is a campground right on the beach where there is swimming for everyone.  It’s great family fun! If your campground doesn’t have a bike path, make one by riding the pathways of the camping area.
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While you’re packing the car, don’t forget to pack the metal detector. With local history to be explored wherever you are, Dad will be pleased you did, and you never know, you might just find a treasure on your last get away of the summer! Metal detecting is fun for everyone, someone is holding the device and another is digging up the treasures and someone has to hold and guard all the item, and Mom is in charge of lunch and snacks.
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Don’t forget to pack the hamburger, franks and Chicken as no camping trip is complete without a BBQ!
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Remember to bring the kids tablets for quiet time in the evening and a set of cards for the adults.  We always play Scrabble at night and we make up our own rules as we go! If your children are younger you can play as teams and the children won’t even know they are learning because they are having so much fun.  There are other games you can bring for the whole family, I would suggest Bocce Ball, you can play it any where and the rules are simple.  You will get excellent exercise with all these fun activities while on your final trip for the summer.  Don’t forget the candles and bug spray!
Happy Camping!