Tea Drinkers’ Delight

If you are a tea drinker you might want to shop for one of the exotic tea sets now up for auction on DealDash.com.

Tea parties are not only fun for children. If you win one of the many fantastic tea sets from DealDash you might enjoy inviting a group of your friends over for tea. Don’t you think that would be great fun?

A luxury tea set sits ready to be used.

Here we are now well into the New Year of 2024 already. Whoever said, “Time is like a roll of toilet paper – the closer we get to the end, the faster it goes” is right. I remember when I was in first grade thinking it would take forever for me to get to my senior year, and it did seem like time went by so slowly during that part of my life. After I graduated and got out on my own, it felt like the years went by much faster. Before I knew it, I had become a senior citizen and I wonder how I got here so quickly. Sadly, as the years fly by, we often get so busy that we neglect to connect with our family and friends as often as we should. 

Why wait for the holidays to get together again? What better New Year’s resolution could we make than making a bigger effort to invite our family and friends over more often for a relaxing afternoon of tea.

Awesome Tea Sets

Recently, I noticed some awesome tea sets up for auction on DealDash with a BIN of $850.  Each ceramic dishwasher-safe set includes 1 tea pot (8-inches in length by 5 1/2-inches wide by 5-inches in height), 4 tea cups (3-inches in diameter by 2 3/4-inches in height) and 4 saucers (5 1/2-inches in diameter). Each set has a matching pattern. The teapot holds 27 ounces, and each cup holds 6.75 ounces. It might sound like a lot of money for a set of 4, but these tea sets are offered in different unique designs that we do not see anywhere else. 

According to the DealDash description, one “striking design” is “a kaleidoscope of blues” in a “contemporary Geometric pattern.” Another “Botanic design” showcases “the graceful flutters of our feathered friends,” providing “a sense of motion and serenity amidst the floating florets of the dandelion.” Another “Olive design” reflects the “evergreen tree which lives for thousands of years” reflecting a comforting feeling of solace and “evoking a sense of calm with its soothing olive green, tangerine and sea blue hues.”

These tea set patterns brought back many fond memories when my late husband who went on a military tour to Greece brought back a gorgeous tea set that had an intricate gold design. I still have half of the original set. When my late mother visited and saw my tea set, she loved it so much that I gave her half of my 8-pieces set. She valued that set so much that she even got special permission to bring it with her to the nursing home, where she prominently displayed the set in a little glass case in her small  room. My mother kept that tea set with her to enjoy until she passed away at 93. I never regretted giving her half of my tea set because it meant so much to her. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are valued the most.

Some of the best bargains DealDash shoppers won so far were:

  • Dec. 30, the blue Geometric tea set sold at $2.96 and the winner paid a total of $7.16 including the cost of the 21 bids placed; 
  • Jan. 1, the Botanic tea set sold at only 28 cents and the winner paid a total of $2.23 including the 11 bids placed; and 
  • Jan. 4, the Olive tea set sold for only 31 cents and the winner paid a total of $1.71 including the cost of the 7 bids placed.

Would you or any other loved one in your life enjoy having a special tea set like the ones on DealDash? Imagine how good it would feel to give it to someone who would value it as much as my mother valued hers. Perhaps you could win the next great deal.

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