Spa Party for Seven? Yes please!

Did you ever have a 7-person spa party?

If that sounds like a good idea to us we are shopping in the right place. For the first time, DealDash has a 7-person 90-jet spa available for our shopping pleasure, and it’s a high-quality one, too.

The 230-volt spa with waterfall has a BIN of $7,080 and “No New Bidders After $50.” Wouldn’t you love to be the first winner of this auction?

A group of close friends relax in a hot tub and enjoy a drink together.
A spa party with friends is a special way to relax with close friends.

Perhaps spending a relaxing afternoon in our own spa with family members or friends would be the perfect solution to relieve some of the stress everyone has been having during the last few years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the DealDash description this spa has a “multi-color, underwater LED light that change colors as powerful jets massage the back, legs and feet.” That sounds pretty relaxing to me.

An energy-efficient way to relax

One feature I especially like is that this spa includes a thermal locking cover to help “keep the heat in and the electric bill low.” It also has full-foam insulation and its digital control center for jets, lighting and temperature makes this spa even more energy efficient. Another feature I especially like is that this spa includes an “ozone water care system that helps keep water sparkling clean with fewer chemicals.”

For more specific information see the auction description.

Hot tubs throughout history

According to my research, indoor baths with jets were first introduced in the early 1960s. People soon found the baths were not only therapeutic, but relaxing and pleasurable. The jets were adapted to wooden hot tubs and the spa industry was born. However, it was soon discovered that wooden tubs had issues with bacteria, mold and leakage. Therefore, fiberglass spa shells were introduced in the late 1960s.

Ancient cultures often made use of natural hot springs. When hot springs were not available, these cultures made rudimentary hot tubs by adding heated stones to a cauldron of water. Japan’s love of hot springs led the Japanese to develop three unique styles of hot baths, so the modern hot tubs soon flourished there. After WWII, American soldiers returning from Japan brought with them the bathing culture.

In September 2017, custom built spas made hot tub history by hitting $1 million in online sales of hot tub building information and parts packages.

St. Patrick’s Day specials

Not only do we have the opportunity to win a high-quality spa at a bargain price, but we also would not want to miss out on the St. Patrick’s Day specials on DealDash this week.

DealDash will be offering bid packs for as low as 11 cents per bid, 90 percent off the selling price and a 3X time as highest bidder multiplier.

Now that sounds like one big hot deal!

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