Simple Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom

There are a number of straightforward ways and ideas for decorating your bathroom. They don’t require a line of credit but still can add some freshness and attractiveness to your home. DealDash has some great items on the site that you can use to greatly increase the value of your bathroom and home.  These simple, do-it-yourself  changes can turn a boring bathroom into a piece of livable art.


One of the simplest decorating concepts is just that – keep it simple. Your bathroom fixtures are essential and easy to change. The best method to keep them attractive and looking wonderful is to keep a simple style. This is especially important due to the fact that many washrooms are on the smaller side. An over-done small bathroom is not pleasing to the eye. It feels disorderly rather than soothing – not the place for a relaxing soak in the bathtub. At DealDash you can get a full range of different items for your bathroom.

Below are a few decorating suggestions for your bathroom from DealDash that reflect simpleness while including shade, company and flair to the room.

The Mirror
Most bathroom mirrors are just a rectangular shape adhered to the wall surface – no fuss in any way – with plastic clips and screws. To finish a mirror and make it attractive, install framework around the it utilizing wooden strips of molding that can be acquired in a range of designs and dimensions . Then just paint or stain the wood in different colors that are complementary to home. Check out DealDash for accent pieces, vanities and other items that can be used to give your bathroom flair.

Transform Towels Into Decorations
Become imaginative with towel storage by putting pegs on the wall to hang the towels rather than folding them. This is fantastic for a bathroom with marginal storage space. It also works well for residences with teens who don’t wand to fold and put away towels. All they need to do is hang the towel back on the fixture or rack to give the bathroom a great picked up look. Towels can be found in wonderfully different colors, this can be an excellent means to infuse a burst of fresh color right into a more neutral area. Look on DealDash for racks, towels and other smaller items that can be placed in the bathroom to give it a nice touch.

Use Bins and Baskets for Storage Spacebathroom
There is no reason restroom storage can not boost the space’s design. Baskets, bins and boxes that are colorful and also spruce up the environment and the space are great ideas too. This can be as straightforward as taking some spray paint to any type of storage baskets and containers currently accessible. A big basket is an excellent means to show those additional towels and change them into a decorating tool. Storage space boxes as well as bins, tend to give a sense of shade while helping the bathroom look more organized.

Which brings us to the simplest way to enhance any kind of room in your house – keep it clean. A large mess never looks appealing, so be sure to clean up the restroom often. A vacuum space always looks well embellished. If you go to DealDash right now, you can find cleaning supplies and a ton of items to give your bathroom a very unique look and feel.