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Have you ever told family and friends about all of the outstanding deals you won on 

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If you do not share the good news of the wonderful bargains you won on your favorite shopping site, how will they ever find out about it? Perhaps your family and friends would enjoy having the same opportunity to win some great bargains, too?  How did you find out about DealDash?  Did one of your friends tell you or did you see a commercial on TV?

When I first found out about DealDash, they did not yet have a TV commercial, so it’s almost a miracle that I found this shopping site when I did and as soon as I did. Actually, I wasn’t even looking for a shopping site. I was searching on my computer for a speech topic to present in my Toastmasters club. My speech objective was to compare two or more similar items and say what I liked and did not like about each one. Then I was to determine which one was best and why.  

While searching on the Internet, I accidentally found a penny-auction site, I figured if there was one, there might be more. I was right. I found 300 penny-auction sites. Since then, most of them have gone out of business. Anyway, I decided to compare the top four penny-auction sites. was one of them. Somebody did a superb job of knowing how to be picked up by search engines.

After giving my speech, I was intrigued by the concept of penny-auction sites, but I did not  have much money to buy bids. Therefore, I decided to do an in-depth study, write a report from a new customer’s perspective, and try to sell my information to the CEOs in exchange for a bid pack. I sent the same letter to all four of the penny-auction CEOs. DealDash was the only company that responded. I was so impressed with the founder and first CEO of the company, William Wolfram. He not only listened to my ideas but he had the courage to implement some that were pretty far outside of the box. That’s when I knew that Wolfram would do everything he could to make customers happy. That’s also why I continued to give him ideas on how I thought DealDash could improve, and improve they did. In fact, DealDash improved at lightning speed, and they never stopped. I pretty much ran out of creative ideas, but DealDash continues to come up with more of its own. Most likely, that’s why DealDash is the longest-running penny-auction site in the United States.

I not only won many auctions over the years but I ended up being in the company’s first TV commercial, too, and that was an awesome experience. Old friends I had not seen or heard from in years contacted me when they saw me on TV and they wanted to know all about it. Of course, I was always happy to share the good news about DealDash.  Having done an in-depth study gave me a winning edge, so I not only told everyone about this amazing shopping site, but I personally taught some of my friends how to win auctions, too. 

Perhaps we could start the New Year by sharing the good news about our favorite shopping site more often. Sure, it might mean a little more competition, but that’s part of t he fun. It might even be fun to host a DealDash party at our house. We could show our family and friends some of the auction products we won and then let them gather around us to teach them some winning tips so they can get off to a winning start.

This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

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