Recent Great Deals on DealDash & Tips for Winning!

greatdeals-dealdashWow! Have you seen the recently ended auctions on DealDash lately?
Take a look at these amazing deals that were had this week by bidders!
An HP – split 2-in-1 13.3 touch-screen laptop with 4GB memory sold for $2.52, that’s only 252 bids placed by all bidders paconwa1 got a super great deal on this new laptop. The retail price is $598 for this super all-in-one, you can’t beat a few bids and $2.52 end price!
dealdash hp laptopNikon 24.1 Megapixel DSLR Camera, retails for $700, sold for just $3.04 – 304 bids total!  Congratulations to bidder adockstader15. Plus – on all of these items, DealDash cut the end price in half!
Skullcandy Uprock On-Ear Headphones, Pink buy it now $30 – sold for an end price $0.12. Congratulations trbotrek! skullcandy
The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum ended for just $0.48 – 48 bids total by 3doggiesmom.
penny auction deals
DealDash winner MyGirlsLuvMe won this $200 Nintendo 3DS XL in Red/Black for just a final end price of $0.62 and a small fraction of the 62 bids!
nintendo dsYou can get great deals on DealDash too! Here are a few tips to bidding and winning!
1. Patience
Patience is key – each bid you place is money already spent, so be careful and try to conserve your bids by not bidding until the timer counts down – around 2-3 seconds without another bidder bidding, then place a bid.
3. Research
Know your competition. Check the ended auctions daily and keep tabs on winners who have won items, a great place to do this is by checking stat on
For instance,  a search of user MyGirlsLuvMe shows that during her lifetime of bidding at DealDash, she placed 95,440 bids at an average cost of $0.16 per bid, she paid $1,026.53 – won 79/1502 items bid on and won items totalling a retail value of $15,049.88, spent/won $16,296.45.

Most Profitable Win, Most Valuable Item Won
+$2,910.57 on 5000 Bid Pack, 5000 Bid Pack ($3,000.00)
50k bids
Most Bids Placed
2,991 bids on Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera with Built-In Wi-Fi and GPS (won)

95,440 @0.16 USD $1,026.53 79 / 1,502 $15,049.88 $16,296.45 / $15,049.88 -7.65% $-1,246.57

You may be able to look at the data mined and presented on the APA site and see that she may not give up easily and has been willing to spend a significant amount of time bidding on items. Though, sometimes she just places 1 bid and doesn’t win. Whereas she placed 2,991 bid on a Nikon D5300 DSRL camera and won.

Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi with Retina Display, Black($400.00)(Won for $147.09) 2014-04-09 03:48
1,074 / 14,709 @$0.16

3. Collect Bids
Bid on Bid Pack auctions, stock up on bids when DealDash run bid sales and share pictures of your wins on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to earn more bids. This makes winning cheaper in the longrun if you can take advantage of opportunities to win free bids or buy them at a discount.
4. Get your bids in early!
All auctions on DealDash are No Jumper auctions, meaning you must place at least one bid before $5.00 in order to be eligible to continue to bid after it reaches the $5 price mark.
What’s the best deal you have won on DealDash? We want to hear about it!

One Item Per User Auctions Limit Powerbidders!

Worried about spending money on bids to win a laptop or other more expensive item only to lose due to someone who has won maybe 10 of these same items?  The competition to win the more popular electronics and household items on some penny auction sites can be fierce.
Scared of powerbidders?  DealDash has leveled the playing field with their one-item-per user auctions.  One-Per-User items are usually higher valued items valued at over $200 – such as dSLR cameras, laptop computers, Dale Tiffany lamps, iPads, Macbooks, tablets, higher value gift cards, smartphones, camera lenses, HDTVs and other items are limited to one win per user.
Not only do these one-per user items limit competition, they keep greedy bidders who have been found to constantly win the same high-dollar items on other penny auction sites from being able to dominate.
These one-per-user items can be found by the “1” indication to the top left of the item on the frontpage or on the top right of the item on the item’s bidding page highlighted in a yellow “One-Per-User” box.
Take a look: 
one per user dealdash tip
While DealDash has thousands of bidders, it’s good to know that one person can’t dominate and win the same product over and over again.
one-per-user item

What are Win Limits?
 “Win Limits: 
To ensure equal chances for everyone to win you can win up to 6 items valued less than $200, and 3 items valued more than $200 per week. You can follow the status of your wins by logging in and looking at the winning limit slots right next to the bid amount. The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining BidBuddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.”
What do you think of DealDash’s one-per-user auctions? Do you think it’s a good idea, or wish you could win more?
Bids on are currently $0.17 a piece with a 50% discount on final end prices this week.

Perfect Mother's Day Gifts: Our 2014 Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Mother’s Day 2014 is just around the corner, do you have a gift, just a token of appreciation for your mother? Not sure what to get? We can help!
Using items that can be won on here’s our favorite Mother’s Day gifts!
A timeless XPY Sterling Silver Rose Gold and Diamond Triple Heart Necklace.
A combination of sterling silver and pink gold open-heart shapes create this playful pendant design. The two-tone display generates a unique metallic contrast which emphasizes the sparkle of the round diamond accents. Resting along an included 18-inch box chain that fastens with a spring-ring clasp, this pendant will remain securely in place close to her own heart. 
Bid on the Rose Gold & Diamond Triple Heart Necklace on DealDash!
Don’t forget a gorgeous, modern jewelry armoire! 
Keep your jewelry well-organized and beautifully displayed with this 7-drawer crystal jewelry armoire. There are seven lined drawers for safe-keeping of your rings, earrings, bracelets, watches and pins, while two side panels open up to hang longer chains and more delicate bracelets and anklets. Tangled chains and lost earring backs will never be a problem again. You will now have all your jewelry easily visible, which makes accessorizing a breeze.
Another great feature of this crystal jewelry armoire is that the top drawer flips open revealing a handy mirror. Lined compartments ensure your pieces are cradled in a scratch-free environment. The armoire itself, is almost as pretty as the jewelry within. It features lovely contemporary line with a warm wood finish, and elegant crystal drawer pulls. 
Bid on this Crystal Jewelry Armoire
Is your mom adventurous? Does she love to travel, get out in the great outdoors? A new tent or an inflatable, very portable kayak makes a great gift for the adventurous mom.
Not on DealDash – but she’ll love it if you throw in a state park pass or annual  NPS – National Park Service pass! Check out the Inflatable 2-person Airhead Travel Kayak.
The Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine and Milk Frother – makes perfectly frothed or steamed milk every time. 
Personal note: This Nespresso is by far my favorite way to make handcrafted espresso drinks, and at a fraction of a cost of a coffee shop latte! Plus, Nespresso sells “pods” of espresso in a variety of flavors and roasts. Perfect for at home or in the office. The milk frother is amazing, and the espresso comes out fresh and hot! Bid on a variety of Nespresso machines on DealDash
The KitchenAid Blender, Food Processor or Bella Food Steamer is perfect if you mom loves to make smoothies, chop up veggies (or just about anything) and steaming food turns out, is really good for you. 
How can you lower cholesterol, lose weight, and get vitamins from a lamp chop? By cooking with steam. Steaming renders the fat from meat, leaving it in the water to be discarded. The conventional cooking methods broiling, baking and frying cook the fat back into the meat. Because steaming gets rid of fat, the meat is lower in calories and cholesterol. And you can steam any kind of meat steak, pork, chicken, or lamb.”-
Check out our favorite green smoothie recipes too, throw that in with the blender gift!
The iPad mini with 7.9 inch retina display is so versatile and practical. Easily fits in a purse and can be used to communicate with loved ones, watch movies, take photos or do almost anything online!
Get great deals on iPad Mini at DealDash!
Does your mom love makeup? The perfect way to show off her artistic talent and everything she would need to enhance her beauty with this professional makeup academy palette 2013 Blockbuster Limited Edition Set from Sephora.
This extraordinary palette will enable you to create thousands of looks for all skintones, desires, and occasions. Combine the waterproof eye shadows and long-lasting cream eyeliners for beautiful, all-day appeal. Discover lip gloss shades from natural and charming to daring and bright. For complexion, apply the concealer closest to your skintone and finish with a flattering blush. Go from day to night and playful to smoldering-all with one versatile palette stocked with easy-to-love formulas and tools.
Check out what’s all included!

  • 72 x 0.014 oz eye shadow
  • 10 x 0.017 oz lipgloss
  • 18 x 0.010 oz lipgloss
  • 7 x 0.029 oz blush
  • 18 x 0.011 oz eyeliner crème
  • 3 x 0.023 oz concealer
  • 0.032 oz eye shadow primer
  • 0.032 oz lip primer
  • 2 x double-ended sponge tip applicator
  • Double-ended eye shadow brush
  • Double-ended blush brush
  • Mirror

– See more at: Sephora Blockbuster Makeup Palette
Does your mom need a new computer? Check out this 19-inch all-in-one HP desktop computer.
Great deals on DealDash can help you make this Mother’s Day a very special one for your mom!

3 Hot New Tech Items That DealDash Should Offer!

DealDash has tons of great items, but is there anything else that you would like to see on the penny auction site?
Here are our 3 of our favorite new electronics & gadgets for 2014 that we’d love to see on DealDash:
charger pack

  1. The PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso is not only a portable power bank with USB outlets to charge all of your gear on the go, it’s also a car battery jump starter and for just $99 it leaves us wondering just how legit it is. Well, judging by the reviews people do seem to like it. 4.5 star rating with 80 reviews on, it works as a 12,000 mAh battery charger for a phone or tablet, LED flash light, strobe light and SOS signal that lasts 120 hours, and then the jump starter for you car. Build in protection features – over feature protection, short circuit protection, overload protection.  It looks super compact and lightweight too. According to the product details, you can use it to jump start you car up to 20x if fully charged! Wow! Plus it comes with jumper cables. Not bad for $99.90.

Micro 3d printer
2.   The Micro is a $200-300 3D printer that will soon be accessible to consumers and is now raising money on Kickstarter to make the most affordable 3D printer yet.
“The dream here is definitely that you take something and install it as fast as the fastest plug-and-play device that you’ve ever seen and you’re focused on the end result,” Michael Armani, M3D’s CEO tells us. “You take the design, put it in the printer, it prints as quickly as possible. The focus here isn’t on the 3D printing process … [it’s] on ‘yeah, I want to make a mold for chocolates.’ It went to the fun part so you can enjoy it as much as possible.”
The early-adopter, funding specials include the 3D printer for as little as $199 have already sold out, but you can now get the printer for just $299 via Kickstarter Hopefully their dream will become a reality and this will be a widely accessible 3D printer and also offered on DealDash in the near future! Perhaps DealDash will offer this when it’s ready for market and you will win and soon be able to make your own chocolate molds, teacups or whatever your imagination holds.
3. The one-wheel self balancing electric skateboard 
Segway meets skateboard. This intuitive electric skateboard will let you feel like you are surfer or snowboarding when you’re on the road. onewheel
“Most people can learn to ride Onewheel in a couple minutes even if they’re not used to boardsports. That’s because controlling a Onewheel is so intuitive. Powerful sensors and sophisticated algorithms are constantly helping you balance and control your ride with just the forward or backward lean of your body. People with experience with other boardsports are often ready to ride aggressively within their first few minutes on Onewheel.”
Not just a skateboard, the creators of Onewheel made it to be a viable option for commuters (if you live close to you workplace.)

 The Onewheel can be pre-ordered via the Kickstarter page for $1,299.
DealDash has tons of fun and new innovative items already, but what more would you like to be able to bid on? Let us know here in the comments section!