Easter Gifts & Free Auction Promotion This Week on DealDash!

Easter is Sunday, April 20th! Are you ready yet? If you celebrate Easter and have little ones around who love getting baskets of gifts and goodies from the easter bunny be sure to check out these top deals this week on Easter gift ideas.
DealDash’s Easter Sale is going on now – all bids are just $0.15 each and all auction wins are free. DealDash will pay the final auction sales price during this special sale!
easter-sale-dealdashGreat basket stuffers would be a few $10 gift cards, DVDs, toys, video games, or anything in beautiful pastel colors!
The Easter holiday stems from a lot of tradition…religious tradition in Christianiy it’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. In Western Christianity/Catholocism,  Easter marks the end of lent, a 40-day period of fasting/repentation.  In ancient times, on the other end of the spectrum, some history points to Easter dating back to the time of the Babylonians who celebrated the moon and sun-god dieties and  fertility goddess Astarte/Ishtar. The history is pretty interesting, if you’re into that kind of thing.
Did you know where the easter bunny came from? The Easter Bunny is a fantasty character depicted as a rabbit who brings easter eggs. Dating back to early Lutherants in Germany, the Easter Bunny acted as a judge, determining whether or not children were good or bad. The Easter Bunny legend basically held that the Easter Bunny carried colorful eggs in his basket, candy and sometimes toys and brings them to children (sort of like the Santa Clause tale).
The long-standing tradition surrounding Easter now in the US for secular/religious people alike, is that parents/friends/loved ones would decorate and fill colorful baskets full of candies and gifts and gift them to their friends or children on Easter. Easter egg hunts, plastic easter eggs filled with goodies for parents to hide for children is also a popular Easter tradition.
If you celebrate Easter and love filling up goody baskets for your children or grandchildren, or anyone else you care about, you should really check out these goodies for auction this week in DealDash’s penny auctions:
The Melissa & Doug Blossom Bunny has a buy it now price of $25 (if you want to just buy it, or don’t win with your DealDash bids!). Definitely cute, soft and cuddly!
Love to decorate your home or place of work with holiday motif? This Jim Shore Easter Basketful of Surprises will be right up your alley. Spring-themed and festive, this basket is sure to be an Easter favorite. Included in the basket are four egg-shaped miniature figures, a bunny, chick, flower basket and color egg.  Not only is the basket itself reminiscent of the American Dream with a white picket fence and beautiful flowers surrounding its base, all items are made of resin, so this is more for the bid kid on your Easter gift list.
easter basketCreated by the artist Jim Shore.
Pastel colors just shout Springtime! – Buy it now price is $45.
They’re happy, bright and fresh – not too vibrant like the hot summer sun, but just enough to evoke a happy smile on your face after a long, dreary, cold winter. Hopefully this wasn’t the case for you, but here it’s April 4th and I had to scrape ice and snow off my car, but that’s beside the point!
This purple pastel Apple iPod shuffle would make a great, affordable basket stuffer-gift! – Buy it now price is $50 if you don’t win it for the amount of bids you’d like.
ipod shuffle
In a pinch and not feeling very creative or just want a fun, beautiful Easter basket? Check out these fun treat baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com up for auction this week on DealDash!

  • The timeless white wicker basket is home to a super soft and cuddly 8″ plush bunny, who will become an instant favorite stuffed animal.
  • We surround the bunny with quintessential Easter treats that are guaranteed to please on Easter morning: Peeps, gourmet jelly beans, exclusive KingofPOP Confetti Popcorn, Blow Pops, Jawbreakers, Smarties, Laffy Taffy, exclusive KingofPOP Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Popcorn, and colorful plastic Easter eggs in which they can hide their candy.

bunny gifts
Or for the special someone in your life who would love these treats and token of appreciation with the Somebunny Special Art of Appreciation tower!
This absolutely ADORABLE bunny gift tower is filled to the top with all kinds of sweets and treats for “Somebunny Special” to enjoy this Easter. Once the goodies are gone, the 3 piece bunny box set can come back year after year as a favorite Easter decoration. Each gift is crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped, tied with a bow for presentation and ready for gift giving. Include a personalized message with your order by selecting “Gift” during check out. Includes: Peter Rabbit Jelly Belly Beans, Heavenly Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Heavenly Gourmet Shortbread Cookies, Cookies and Cream Easter Candy, Hand Frosted Easter Cookie, Butter Mint Spring Candy, 3 Piece Bunny Gift Box Tower.
easter treatsAll of these items and more can be found over on DealDash.com entertainment auctions at sometimes over 90% off retail!

How to Rack Up More Free Bids: Time As Highest Bidder Explained

Is your bids balance getting low? Right now DealDash is running an awesome Easter Promo and bids are $0.16 each, but want better?
Did you know that you can earn free bids by being the highest bidder?
DealDash’s Time As Highest Bidder Explained!
Earn Free Bids
When you are the highest bidder, in any auction, you will earn time towards your next level. When you reach a new level you will start to receive free bids. What’s even better is the more levels you reach, the more bids you get!
Look on the bottom of any page on DealDash.com – you’ll see a status meter on the very bottom, it’s to the right of your name and bid count and shows your current level and your time as the highest bidder.
You are the highest bidder every time you are the highest/unopposed bidder in an auction – the time you were the highest bidder gets calculated and is displayed next to the meter. The time in the countdown clock is the amount of time you need to reach the next level. When the Claim Bids button is activated you can click claim bids and reach the next level.
Check out this helpful diagram from the very helpful Tactics & Tips page on DealDash.com:
The levels go from 0-well, right now Level 70 is probably the highest level anyone has made it so far.. but say you were on level 28, you’d get 300 free bids, level 29 would get you
500 free bids!

The first level requires just 60 seconds of being the highest bidder to claim 1 free bid.
time as highest bidder
When’s the best time to get more free bids by being the highest bidder?
I would suggest you try bidding during the early morning, or late at night. There might be less competition (or maybe other bidders are just tired) causing them to click the bid button more often.
Or, you could just click bid now and bid over anyone who outbids you. Some may think you’re crazy, but for some this is a strategy to win too. By clicking bid again and again each time someone else bids you really cancel out anyone elses’ bid, they may grow frustrated and quit, or confuse other bidders who decide not to bid against you.
Did you know there are even more ways to get free bids?
How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Pin to Pinterest!

How to Get Free DealDash Bids: Tweet!

How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Post to Facebook

Plus, you can bid on bid pack auctions and stock up! Or take advantage of great bid pack promotions like this month’s easter promo where bids are currently just $0.16 each. A 200 bid pack can be purchased for just $32, 400 $64, 900 $144, 1800 $288 and 3500 for $560

How to Get Free DealDash Bids: Tweet!

twitterWhile you can get up to 200 free bids by sharing a photo of you with your DealDash win on Facebook: How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Post to Facebook, and 50 free bids by pinning it to Pinterest: How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Pin to Pinterest! here’s another way to share your wins and win more free bids!
Collect 50 free bids with Twitter by following these steps:
1. Take a high quality picture of yourself and an item you have won on DealDash.
2. Make sure your tweets are public.
3. Tweet the picture and add a short description, for example: @DealDash I won this $450 #KitchenAid #Mixer on #DealDash for $10.31 with only 37 bids!
Only one photo submission is allowed per week, but pictures shared on Twitter can also be shared on Facebook and Pinterest and vice versa.
Want to get even more bids? Be on the lookout for new promotions that DealDash runs from time-to-time. Follow DealDash on Facebook. In January, there was an Instagram promo that has since ended allowing bidders to win 600 free bids by sharing their wins on Instagram!dealdash-twitter

How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Pin to Pinterest!

Ah, Pinterest – home of pretty clothes, funny photos, home design ideas, scrumptious eats and treats among a plenty of other things.

Here’s one more reason to love Pinterest and make it’s use more worthwhile: You can earn 50 free bids to DealDash by pinning!

How do you do it?
First, if you’re not yet on Pinterest be sure to head over to Pinterest.com and register – you can link your Facebook account and sign up that way or just register with an e-mail address.
Step 1. Take a picture of yourself showcasing an item you won on DealDash. This could even be a previous picture you posted to the DealDash Facebook page. But be sure the photo  is bright, clear and easy to see! Smile!
Step 2: Upload Pin
On the top right-hand side corner, right next to  where your username is displayed click on the red + button and select “Upload a Pin.” Not just any pin though, you’re going to want to upload a great picture of you with one of your DealDash wins.

Step 3
Click “Choose File” and upload your photo.

Step 4
Add description – here’s an example guideline for you:

Step 5 Edit

Step 6: COPY & PASTE THIS LINK: www.dealdash.com/join.php?t=pt

Final Step –
Copy and email the link to your pin to reviews [@] dealdash.com

To collect your free bids please allow up to 48 hours M-F for the bids to be added to your account after you e-mail your picture link to DealDash.
Don’t forget you can win up to 200 free bids by posting your picture to Facebook too! Read how in How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Post to Facebook