My Favorite Auctions

I have been shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012, and over the years I won many auctions at bargain prices.

Some of my favorite wins were luxury linens, cookware pots and pans and purses. Nobody can go wrong by shopping for such high-quality and useful items.

Luxury Linens

Thanks to DealDash, I now have plenty of luxury sets of sheets for both the king and queen beds in my house, with a few sets to spare. I also won some comforters that I just love because they feel so good.

The reason I shop for extra linens now is because they also make wonderful wedding and Christmas gifts.

Cookware Sets

DealDash has offered many different kinds of cookware sets that included small sauce pans to large pots and frying pans. My favorite pans, however, were sold individually and are made out of 100 percent stainless steel. They are sure to last me a lifetime. Nobody can go wrong by shopping for such high-quality cookware.


DealDash has also offered a variety of women’s purses, which I especially like. When it comes to purses, ask any woman. I doubt we could ever have too many. You might say most women like to have a purse for all occasions.

When I travel, I prefer to have a large purse that will not only hold all of my makeup, comb and lotion, but also has enough room to hold a book to read during my flight. Whenever I’m just making a quick trip to a grocery store or going to a movie theater, however, I prefer to use a medium-sized purse that is not too heavy. If I’m going out for the evening, I might want a small purse that matches the color of my dress.

Thank you DealDash!

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