Make Your Home a Smart Home

If you home isn’t smart yet it’s about time it becomes that way. Smart homes, once a dream seen on The Jetsons are now closer to becoming reality than the futuristic dream they once were.
First up in the innovative homes category is Nest.

“Nest’s mission is to reinvent unloved but important devices in the home such as thermostats and smoke alarms.” Have you heard about the Nest Learning Thermostat?

Nest was acquired by Google in January of this year and the Nest Learning Thermostat has been their top seller since its invention in 2011.
This powerful little thermostat is jam-packed with features you probably couldn’t even dream of.
With auto-schedule the Nest Thermostat is able to program itself in about a week. It creates a personalized scheduled based on temperature adjustments that you make and continually adapts to your life. There’s a smart Auto-Away feature that senses when you leave your house and automatically adjusts the temperature to avoid heating or cooling the house when empty. Remote control is one of its best features, you can set and control the temperature of your home from wherever you are using your smartphone, tablet or computer. You can also check on your energy history and change your schedule. So say it’s dead of January and you’re sipping margaritas down in Cozumel and your house is in the balmy state of Minnesota, North Dakota, or Canada, when you leave it’s say 50 degrees but forecast says temps will drop down to -15 degrees. All you have to do is login to the Smart Thermostat software and adjust your home’s temperature accordingly
Compatible with most 24V heating and cooling systems
For wide-ranging use.
Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g/n)
Enables you to control the thermostat with a compatible device, including mobile phones, tablets and computers, while away from home.
Learns the temperatures you like and creates a customized schedule for your home.
Automatically switches to an energy-efficient temperature when you’re not home. The Nest Leaf lets you know when the temperature is set at an energy-conserving level.
Understands what kind of system you have and activates specific features to keep you comfortable.
Energy history and report
Shows how much energy you’ve used and provides tips to help you conserve.
Easy-to-install design
Utilizes the included screwdriver and screws for a simple setup.
The Nest Thermostat can help you save utility costs. Plus, save even more money if you score a new Nest Learning Thermostat on DealDash. The last one sold for $0.21 – that’s only 21 bids by everyone! Wow?! nest thermostate dealsCheck out 10 more gadgets that can make your home more futuristic: 10 gadgets from CES 2014 that will make your home more futuristic than the Jetsons’