Low Cost Auctions!

To save money many people in today’s poor economy are looking for deals. 

That’s probably why you are shopping on DealDash.com and you have come to the right place.  

Thousands of DealDash shoppers win fantastic bargain prices here on a regular basis. I should know because I’m one of them.

One feature DealDash customers love most is the BIN option. That means if we do not win the product we are shopping for, we have the opportunity to buy it and get all of our bids back free to use in another auction. However, some high-value auction products may be out of the price range to use the BIN option for customers on a budget. Therefore, I decided to focus on some of the most affordable items with a BIN of less than $100.

Quality 6-Piece Queen Sheet Set

This queen-size 6-piece bed sheet set consists of one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and 4 pillowcases.

The complete set has a BIN of $100. So far, after receiving 2,106 reviews by previous customers this sheet set received an overall rating of 4.85 out of a possible 5.0. This high rating speaks volumes for how well-made and soft these double-brushed microfiber sheets are. They also have deep pockets, which everybody loves. For people with allergies and/or sensitive skin, these microfiber sheets are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, too.

Perhaps the best thing of all is that these sheets are fairly easy to win for a bargain price and a low number of bids. Some of the best deals previous customers won so far were: 

Feb. 13, this sheet set sold at 22 cents and the winner paid a total of $1.51 including the cost of the 7 bids used to win them;

Feb. 11, this sheet set sold at 80 cents and the winner paid a total of $5.60 including the cost of the 26 bids placed; and 

Feb. 10, this sheet set sold at 97 cents and the winner paid a total of $4.97 including the 20 bids placed.

For more detailed information, see the auction listing.

Noise Isolating Earphones

These noise isolating earphones come with an anti-tangle cord and, according to the auction description, they are “compatible with any device featuring a 3.5mm auxillary input such as tablets, mp3 players, laptops, some smartphones and more.” 

Therefore, this auction item will get a lot of use and it has a low-BIN of only $70 so if we do not win it, we can BIN it. Who does not need a good set of earphones in today’s world?

Another great feature is that the “super soft earbuds come in two extra sizes for ultimate fit.” This is so important because all human ears are not made the same size and I often had a difficult time finding a set of earphones with the right size of earbuds to fit my ears. They often fell out, which was very irritating. 

These earphones  have a speaker size of 10mm, a frequency range of 10-25,000Hz, sensitivity of 106 +/- 3dB (at 1 Khz, 0.5Vrms) and an impedance of 16 O hm. The cable length is 125cm.

Several previous winners said in their review that they like the pink color.

The Bottom Line

Not many auctions sell for less than $100 but if we look for them, we can still find some low-cost auction products. 

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.