Go For Easy Wins On DealDash

When I find myself getting into a losing streak on DealDash, I know I’m doing something wrong and all I have to do is to fix it.

The fastest way to pull myself out of a losing streak is to go for “easy wins.” The excellent way the DealDash shopping site is set up makes it really easy to find an “easy win” auction.

First of all, what do I mean by an “easy win?”

“Easy win” auctions often close for less than $1. There are a couple ways to quickly identify which auctions fall into this category.

Winners’ List

First, we can take a look at the “Winner’s List” and look for auctions that closed for the least amount of money. Second, we can open various auctions and see the closing cost of the last seven to nine auctions.

Some auctions might close for as little as a penny one time and go for as high as $20 another time. What we need to look for is a pattern of auctions that often closes for less than $1. How low we go might depend on how many bids we have or can afford. The idea is to find the auctions where we can get the most “bang for our buck.”

Jewelry Bargains

Right now, the auctions that are closing for the least amount of money are the earrings and necklaces, but this can change. Next month, it could be something else.

If we can win a pair of earrings that retail for $99 to $180 for less than $1 we would be getting an excellent bargain. If the earrings closed high the last two or three times, chances are fairly good they will close for a lower cost the next time.

If you bid in the “easy win” auctions, I am very confident you will have a pleasant surprise. I did!

Sponsored blog post submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers                                                         

Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.