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Sometimes I enjoy shopping for Fun N’ Games.

Did you see the Cornhole set outdoor game on

I enjoyed playing a game like this when I was a child, but we called it something else. I think we just called it a bean bag toss. The concept was the same and it was a lot of fun.

Whenever DealDash introduces a new item, we don’t yet have any stats to go by.

This Cornhole set has a BIN of $202. It’s an excellent game to bring to a BBQ or other outdoor family reunions. The set features two solid wood tournament-size target boards for better play, and a bean bag return ramp to keep the game moving.

The 8 bean bags in two team colors can be stored between the boards. They can be attached together and carried away effortlessly.

Cornhole set outdoor game

Bring the fun to your next BBQ or tailgate with the EastPoint® Sports Legacy Bean Bag Toss! The set features 2, Solid Wood Tournament Size Target Boards for better play, and a Bean Bag Return Ramp to keep the game moving without delay!

When gameplay is complete, store your bags between the boards, attach them together, and carry away effortlessly using a durable rope carry handle. It comes complete with 8 Bean bags in two team colors. The Legacy Bean Bag Toss is sure to be a hit.

Each solid wood bean bag toss boards measure 48- inches by 24- inches and the bean bags are 6-inches by 6-inches.

Teams of players take turns throwing fabric bean bags at a hole that is cut at the far end of a raised, angled board. The players get points by either landing a bag on the board (for 1 point) or getting the bag in the hole (for 3 points).

It is a rather simple, fun game that can be enjoyed by the whole family! This makes the game very popular and beloved. Bean bag games give children opportunities to develop their gross motor skills, increase balance, and enhance directionality which is important for literacy skills.

You can warm up a bean bag in a microwave but it does not have a rotating plate, shift the bag’s contents back and forth to help distribute the heat evenly.

Like any item you heat in a microwave, your bean bag filling can burn, so never leave it unattended, and always be careful when you remove the hot pad or place it on your skin.

The bottom line

Who knows, we could be the next winner of this cornhole game.

Happy shopping, everyone!

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