Food Prep for Weight Loss

Many people workout for hours in the gym each week and still fail to see weight loss results, the culprit? Nutrition. Proper diet and nutrition plus hard work in the gym is how you will see results if you want to lose those pesky pounds or break out of a plateau. Change up your routine, but change what’s on your plate first.
The 80/20 Rule for Weight Loss
Jillian Michaels says, “Make 80 percent of the food you eat healthy and take 20 percent of your daily calories and make them fun.” Otherwise, says Jillian, you’ll feel deprived—and more tempted to go off the deep end.
80-20-diet-weightlossFitness really is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. You really can’t outrun your fork!
Hungry while you’re out and about so you often find yourself grabbing a bag of chips or driving thru the fast food lane? There’s a way361f714325e6ae8d574e5be426645a55 foodprep
Start by prepping your food! There are tons of great ideas for what you should buy and how you should prepare your food for a week of healthy eating. By dividing up your food portions and storing them in the fridge for easy access when you’re hungry or to just grab when you’re rushing out the door you will not only save money, but you won’t be tempted to binge eat, stop and eat unhealthy fast food, or break open a bag of fried chips.
First you will need groceries – Pinterest has so many great tips and grocery lists, take a look: Food Prep Ideas.
Next you will need containers! DealDash offers auctions for great deals on food storage containers to help with your food prep. With a little planning you can plan all of your food on Sunday for M-F lunches and dinners and store them in Rubbermaid containers like this upcoming food prep set on

food storage

Rubbermaid 40-Piece Food Storage Set
Lids and Bottoms Unite in this 40-Pc. Rubbermaid Storage Set
Enjoy being organized and knowing that you have lids to match your containers with this Rubbermaid easy find lids 40-pc. storage set. It’s easy to know where your lids are because you have two choices: You can attach all the same size lids together for neat storage, or you can attach the lids to the base of the container for a super easy solution to keeping your lids and your bases organized.
This amazing 40-pc. Rubbermaid storage set includes the following containers: 5 1/2-cup, 5 1/4-cup, 4 2-cup, 2 3-cup, 2 5-cup and 2 7-cup containers with matching lids. These containers are graduated in size, so they nest together for compact storage. You can choose which way you want to store the lids, either snapped neatly together, or you can opt for snapping them on to the base of the storage container.

  • Another plus with this Rubbermaid easy find lids 40-pc. storage set is that it is safe for the microwave, freezer and dishwasher under normal use
  • One size lid fits multiple bases to enhance your organization and create compact storage to free up cabinet space
  • The super clarified base makes it easy to see what foods you have stored in the containers
  • Lids snap together or to the bottom of the container they fit

Remember the 80/20 rule for weight loss:
80% good nutrition, 20% working out = results.
Dial in on your nutrition, clean up your diet, exercise and you really should see changes in your body! You will love feeling confident lounging in your backyard in your new swimming pool, too!