Duplicate Auctions

What do I mean by duplicate auctions?

One thing I love about DealDash is that each product usually goes up for auction more than once. In fact, we can often find the same product listed in six or seven auctions on the same day. This is a huge benefit to DealDash shoppers for several reasons.

Several Opportunities to Win an Auction

If we do not win the auction we want the first time we place bids on it, we have several more opportunities to bid on it again until we finally do. Eventually, most auctions will sell early sooner or later. If we are determined to get a particular product, and we consistently place bids on it every time it goes up for auction, we could be there at the right time to get a great bargain.

More Choices

Besides giving shoppers several opportunities to get a product, by listing the same product several times a day, DealDash also gives us more choices of which auction shows the most promise.

For example, if we were shopping for a high-quality knife with a lifetime guarantee, I counted 11 auctions that are available as of this writing. Let’s say we looked at the first auction and we noticed that one of the competitors is a well-known high-power bidder with a seemingly endless supply of bids. We might decide not to participate in that one, so we look at another auction. In the second auction, we might notice that a shopper who just won a bid pack of 1,600 bids is participating in that auction. Therefore, we might not want to compete in that auction, either. Then we might open a third auction and notice that the competition is extra low and the strongest competitors have already been eliminated. We may choose to bid in that auction because our opportunity to win the auction looks pretty good.


It’s always a good idea to take a look at all of the auctions available. Placing on the third or fifth auction might make a lot more sense.

Happy shopping everyone!

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