Double The Reason to go to DealDash!

Hello Fellow DealDashers! I have heard from my friends at DealDash that over the next few days there will be double the reason to head over to the greatest penny auction site in cyber space.
It’s always great to get free bids for every bid you place. At DealDash, that’s their policy!  For every bid you place you will automatically clock in time which accumulates and Deal Dash will reward you for that time with more free bids!
Double the bids for four days in a row means you will double up the amount of free bids to bid on items like electronics, home decorations, toys, specialty items including everything from a fishing pole to lamp. You can find a gift for anyone. Not only have I found a great variety of gifts at DealDash, I have also won myself some items that I may not have gone to a store for, but when I win it for just a few pennies, I am thrilled to have it.
You can fill your home, fit a dorm, decorate your back yard, complete your holiday shopping, and get everything you need for a memorable camping trip. Deal Dash has gifts, items for your self and for your family.  these are items you may not have purchased at the store because shopping is an overwhelming experiance, but when you are at DealDash the pace the decisions making and the sheer fun of the chase enables you to find a gift for everyone.
Double time equals 2X the bids for every bid you place. You will surely want to attend this special event at DealDash from August 25 through August 28, 2015. Thank You DealDash! I love the Double the Bids event!
Written by Donna M., DealDash customer since 2014