Deals to Help You Get Ready for Winter

If you’re in the southern half of the United States chances are your winter won’t be as cold as the winters in the upper Midwest. Then again, last year southern states that you wouldn’t expect saw some pretty crazy snow and ice storms, from the storm down in Texas the debilitating ice and snow storm in Atlanta which caused commuters to be stuck in traffic that couldn’t move for over 10 hours. Insane, right? So it’s not too far off, it’s October and November is right around the corner. The more prepared you can get now the more comfortable you will be this winter.
Check out these great auctions to help you get ready for the winter season:

Trademark Tools Electric Blanket for Automobile,12 volt, Red – Buy it Now price: $35

While it may take awhile for your car to warm up in the winter, this Trademark Tools Electric Blanket for the car plugs into a cigarette lighter/12 volt and heats up to keep you warm and help you feel comfortable as you wait for your car heat to kick in!

If you have a woodstove or fireplace, you’ll be better off this winter than those of us with old furnaces. Be sure to start chopping firewood early and store it in this Shelter Logic Covered Firewood Rack 12FT. A recently ended auction ended for $4.67, the buy it now price is $139.  covered firewood rack

Love tunes and staying warm? Who doesn’t! Get alerted to the opening of this auction for an Infrared Heater Music Heater with AM/FM Radio. Value: $223.
Listening to your favorite radio station but left out in the cold in a winter night? Dr Heater USA has the solution. Dr Heater USA is proud to launch its DR928 Limited Edition, the world’s first infrared space heater that features a high quality speaker with AM/FM radio. Simply connect your iPod, Iphone, iPad, and other MP3 devices to the heater via an AUX cable, which is provided with your purchase, and enjoy ambient music at the comfort of your own home while feeling blanket by cozy warmth.
The Limited Edition heater, comes with Advanced Dual Heating System, combining PTC and Quartz Infrared Technology, produces super level of therapeutic heat and comfort. Stay warm this winter while saving on heating bills.infrared heatIt kinda looks oldschool, but hey if it will keep you warm and provide music, why not?
Hopefully you won’t have to leave work or errands and get back to your car only to find it doesn’t start. Been there, done that – it’s not fun! Make sure you are prepared for a winter battery drain with this Stanley 300 amp jump starter.  Buy it now price is $66, the auction ends soon on DealDash so be sure to check it out or search for an upcoming auction on the homepage.
stanley 300 jump starterBuy it now $66.

Are you prepared for winter? Do you like any of these items?