DealDash’s guide to Picking a Turkey Fryer

Turkey fryers from DealDash are a fairly simple appliance. Basically they consist of a deep pot that is filled with oil. They generally include a cover, a stand and also a propane or electric burner to supply the warmth necessary to heat the cooking oil. There is a stand which is placed right into the pot to hold the turkey away from the bottom of the fryer which enables the warm oil to flow entirely around the bird. DealDash has some great turkey fryers at cheap prices.


While the fryers are not complex there are some features which must be thought about prior to picking on out. For example, do you want a light weight aluminum or a stainless-steel pot? Some cooks favor the light weight aluminum as a result of the lightweight and also aluminum’s ability to quickly move heat to the oil. However several chefs find fault with the light weight aluminum pots claiming that the aluminum can transfer an undesirable flavor to the turkey and various other meats throughout frying. DealDash has both types so you can choose what’s best for you. Light weight aluminum is very easily dented if banged or dropped.

Stainless steel while a lot more resilient is larger. Whichever product you pick be sure to inspect the makes requirements as well as evaluations by other individuals to make a decision which pots are made from thick sufficient material to last a long time. Similar to any device the materials used to manufacture the dryer can drastically change the effects of the fryer.

Besides this, models made to be used on a cook-top include a steel stand which supports the pot and also has the heating element. The stands are either aluminum or steel. Just as with the pots the aluminum stands will certainly be lighter. Some chefs whine that the paint burns off the steel stands and this leaves them at risk to rusting. Rust while not hazardous to the real cooking does diminish the look of the set gradually. When you go to DealDash to pick out some items, make sure you look at some of the other cooking appliances that are there as well.


A handy attribute on some models is a drainpipe plug that makes the draining of the oil via a filter channel a simple activity. Digital ignition on some models is an useful function. No deep fryer is complete without an handy stainless steel thermometer to maintain the oil temperature. Some designs will include racks to hold food..

These units are at their finest when made use of out of doors. For indoor deep frying there is an electrical turkey fryer which manages turkeys as high as 14 extra pounds. This system is total with thermostat control, a digital timer, built in filter and several various other functions which makes this the perfect home appliance for frying those smaller sized birds as well as other foods when the weather exterior is less than welcoming. And now that you know how to deep fry a turkey, head on into DealDash and start bidding right away.