DealDash Tips to Get Your Kids to Exercise

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How can we encourage kids to exercise? Many children like to play outside, but in the winter that’s not always an option. Here are some ideas and tips to encourage the kids to get physical.

Do your kids like to go outside and run around and play? Are your kids into sports or love to ride their bikes around the neighborhood? Well, that’s great! However, a big problem nowadays, is kids tend to prefer to stay inside playing video games, watching TV, and avoiding physical exercise. Here are some tips and ideas to get your kids off the couch and out in the fresh air.

What’s the Problem?

When did children stop going outside to play? I remember when I was a kid in the 80’s and 90’s going outside after school to play with the kids in my neighborhood. I had video games at home, and we always had cable, but always preferred to go out and see my friends. I’ve found that the biggest challenge to get the kids outside is to find a good way to motivate the kids to turn off their Xbox Ones and Ipads and do some exercise and sports instead.

How Can We Help the Children?

When trying to find a good solution we need to consider government funding, volunteerism, and fundraising to improve sports facilities and organizations. There have been many studies that show that children who live below the poverty line are significantly heavier and less healthy than children in wealthier neighborhoods. It would be wonderful to be able to offer more playgrounds and exercise facilities that children can use for free so that parents can help their children get the exercise they need without sacrificing their funds that need to be spent elsewhere.

Schools Can Help Fix the Problem

Luckily, schools all offer gym class. In fact, schools already encourage children to do regular exercise, since gym class is a required class. However, being a child once, and having a school-aged child, in my opinion, what actually pushes kids towards sports is peer pressure. Sports can be a wonderful way to connect and find ways to relate to other kids in their school.

In children’s younger years, it’s not uncommon to participate in sports such as baseball, basketball, and soccer just because others do. It can be very rewarding physically as well as socially. They learn how to exercise, form friendships and use teamwork, and create memories together.

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