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Does playing on DealDash give you joy? Or is it more like frustration? Here are some tips to enjoy DealDash more.

Playing on DealDash is one of the highlights of my day, but it wasn’t always that way. When I first started using DealDash I would get very frustrated when I didn’t win. I did love getting great deals, though, so I kept coming back to the site every day to use DealDash. As I got more confident in using DealDash and learned more about it, the more enjoyment that it gave me. Here are some tips and ideas to get more joy from DealDash.

You Don’t Have to Win to Have Fun

Winning is what everyone wants, of course, but you can still have fun using DealDash if you don’t win. Winning is the goal, but bidding is fun as well. I love the strategy involved in using DealDash, it’s like a game of chess. And since DealDash has the Buy It Now (BIN) option, you can play all you like without worrying that you’ll lose money.

BIN It If You Don’t Win It

When you BIN an item you will get free shipping, as well as all of your bids returned. Simply buy the item at retail price, and you’ll get your bids back after you pay. You can even use them again the same day! You’ll never waste any bids or money again if you go into every auction prepared to BIN the item.

Relax a Little

Having an intense personality can get you far in life, but it won’t necessarily work in your favor on DealDash. Since most people use the BidBuddy to place their bids anyway, they won’t realize how intense you are with your bidding. There’s no need to stomp all over people’s bids to intimidate them, they won’t even notice if they’re using the BidBuddy.

I hope that you found these little tips helpful for enhancing your DealDash experience. DealDash is so much fun, I want everyone to enjoy playing it as much as I do!

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