DealDash Tips: Myths and Facts


 There are plenty of myths surrounding DealDash. Why not read these myths and facts to get the truth?

DealDash is such a long-running auction platform there has been plenty of time for some myths to develop. Today on DealDash Tips Blog we will look at a few myths and replace them with facts. This article will be an important part of research for you if you are just joining DealDash. Read on for more information.

 Does DealDash Cost Money to Join?

A common myth surrounding DealDash is that it costs money to join. This actually isn’t true. It costs money to bid on the auctions, but if you just want to look around it’s free. You can take a look around, see the items up for auction, and many other things without being logged-in or even having a DealDash account, and that’s a fact. If you want to bid, however, you will have to buy the bids.


 Is DealDash Full of Experienced Bidders?

Another common myth that you might head about DealDash is that it’s full of experienced bidders. This can sound a little intimidating to someone who has never bid in an online auction before. The good news is that this is just a myth. While it’s true that there are experienced bidders, there are also thousands and thousands of newbies as well. There are new members every single day. No matter how inexperienced you are today, you will still have more knowledge and be more experienced than someone who joins tomorrow or next week.

 If I lose an Auction Do I lose All of My Bids?

With many pay-to-bid auction sites, yes, you do lose your bids if you lose the auction. However, with DealDash this is actually a myth! If you have bid on an auction and you don’t win you can get all of your bids back if you buy the item at the retail Buy It Now (BIN) price. For example, if you were bidding on a $10 gift card, and you spent 100 bids and still didn’t win you can get your 100 bids returned to you. Simply hit the BIN button, pay the $10 for the gift card, and you will get back your 100 bids. They will even ship it for free!

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