DealDash Tips: How I Use My Mobile Device

How I Use My Mobile Device

I usually play DealDash on my home computer because I prefer seeing the bidding action on a big screen. However, I have recently discovered that it is very helpful to use my mobile device–a Samsung Galaxy.

My home computer is faster and more dependable. At the same time, I do not always want to be stuck at my computer downstairs. That’s where my mobile device comes in handy.

Here are some ways I now use my Samsung Galaxy:

  • In the kitchen. By placing my mobile device on the kitchen table, I can play on DealDash at the same time I cook a meal or do the dishes. I love being able to get my work done and still monitor the progress of my auctions at the same time.
  • In the living room. By placing my mobile device on my coffee table, I can watch my favorite TV programs or movie at the same time I play on DealDash. If I see that I am running out of bids, I run downstairs during a commercial to add bids or pay for a win.
  • In the car. By bringing my mobile device with me when I take a disabled person to a grocery store or appointment, it helps me to pass the time. I do not mind waiting when I can play on DealDash. Luckily, I usually get a Wi-Fi connection.

I still do the bulk of my playing on DealDash using my home computer, but my mobile device helps me to carry on with my busy life-style at the same time, so I do not miss out on an easy win.

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers