DealDash Experience: Donna's Kitchen Makeover

Need A Kitchen Makeover? Time for DealDash!


“Right after I moved into a new home, I found DealDash. It’s been over a year and the love affair continues! I acquired a complete kitchen full of appliances! I am not a big fan of going to the mall to shop, so I do a lot of it online, but just shopping online can be boring.  When I found DealDash, I was so excited to find a shopping experience that adds entertainment and FREE SHIPPING on every item!!”


 Donna, Customer since 2014.


Written by Donna M.
Written by Donna M.

I created a catchy “username”, I purchased my first bid pack and won a couple of auctions right away.  When you win, fireworks go off on the computer screen and it’s great fun!  Right away I set out to win some kitchen appliances for my new kitchen. The first day I won a Cuisinart Grilling Tool Set & Glove for .01 cent. I had no rhyme or reason to the next bunch of items I won, other than filling my kitchen with quality appliances.  I then won the Cuisinart Deep Fryer for $1.38!  Every time the fireworks go off, I do my happy dance! You don’t often do a happy dance at the mall, but you sure can in your own living room.
I continued to fill my kitchen with a NJ Croce CL 600 Felix the Cat Wall Clock, which looks adorable on my kitchen wall. I could not believe my lucky stars when I won the Nesco Jerky Express Food Dehydrator for only one penny during one of DealDash’s “Everything is Free” Sale, where all prizes have a final price of Free! You only pay for the bids to win. Well, every kitchen needs a microwave and I set out to win one on DealDash, so 22 bids later and only one penny, I won the RCA Microwave. It was shipped free and it feels like Christmas when the delivery driver arrives with all the boxes!
What kitchen is complete without a coffee maker and can opener? Not mine! But with the help of DealDash I won a Hamilton Beach Extra Tall Can Opener for $2.27 and a Presto Electric 12-Cup Coffee Maker with only 11 bids and one penny!  Well, you can’t stop there you will need a Crock Pot Slow Cooler for .04 cents and one of my favorite wins of all times on DealDash is the Hamilton Beach Power Deluxe 4-qt. Stand Mixer, again for only one penny! I love the “Everything is Free Sale” and often focus on winning during these special events held regularly at  You can’t win them all, so I did BIN (buy it now) the Proctor Silex 4-slice Toaster and got the 200 bids used back to try for another item.  Any item you don’t win you can purchase at regular retail price and get all the bids you used back. Win, Win! Competitive retail prices and a bid back guarantee.
I won the Nesco Jerky Express Food Dehydrator for only one penny!
I won the Nesco Jerky Express Food Dehydrator for only one penny!

The winning for my kitchen never ends at DealDash! I also won a Bella Quesadilla Maker for only .67 cents, a Kitchenaid Food Grinder for a penny, a Cuisinart 7 pc. Bake ware set with only 4 bids and my most recent kitchen win is the Cookut Ceramic 11-inck Ecological Wok in Orange…a very fashionable prize valued at $100 for only $2.36! That’s over a dozen prizes total value of about $700.00 which I won for less than $20 and I used about 690 bids altogether. 
Every item is delivered Free, there are no service charges, and I always get my item in just a couple of days.  I have won an item on Sat. eve and it arrived on Monday by noon! Now that is outstanding Customer Service!  The team at DealDash is exceptional, they are always there for you if you have any questions. 
So, whether you need a whole kitchen makeover, or just one or two items, I would highly recommend you head over to because you just can’t beat the deals and it’s so much fun!!!