Beautiful Chandeliers

Did you notice the beautiful chandeliers going up for auction on If you could use a new chandelier, now is a good time to shop for one.

I had an old chandelier that was hanging near my front door above my stairs and it was really heavy. It was also very difficult to change burned out light bulbs or to clean it because of the way it was made. The bulbs were behind panels so they were hard to get at. One day when I was attempting to install a new light bulb, the chain that held it up broke and it was left hanging by the electrical wires only. I was so concerned that it might start a house fire so I ran to my neighbor for help.

Chandeliers hang proudly in a formal dining room.
A beautiful chandelier can be the star of the room.

My neighbor managed to use the remaining good parts of the chain to hang it back up, but I knew then that it was time for me to start shopping for a new chandelier. We don’t always think of replacing permanent fixtures in a house like a chandelier but when they get too old the chain can become brittle and just snap in half, like mine did. That could become very risky, too, especially if something like that happens when someone is standing under it.

Three important things I look for in a new chandelier are:

  1. Is it easy to reach to change the light bulbs? At age 75, I want to avoid climbing high ladders.
  2. Does it weigh too much? I don’t like big, heavy chandeliers but prefer a chandelier that is a little more on the light side.
  3. Does it look good? Perhaps it’s time to update our chandeliers for a more modern appearance.

I started looking at some of the chandeliers that have already been sold on DealDash and I was shocked – not just surprised, but shocked – when I saw some of the outstanding deals that some DealDash shoppers have already received.

For example, one three-tier chandelier with a total of 21 lights with a BIN of  a whopping $9,000 but one shopper won it for a total of only $81.28 (counting the cost of the 374 bids used). That’s more than a deal – that’s a steal of a deal. 

Outstanding deals

Let’s take a look at some of the other chandelier deals that DealDash shoppers are getting.

  • A nine-light chandelier with a BIN of 720, sold for $59.63 (counting the cost of the 242 bids placed).
  • An eight-light pendant chandelier with a BIN of $1,649 sold for $75.47 (counting the cost of the 324 bids placed).
  • A three-light chandelier with a crystal and black butterfly shade has a BIN of $725, but on March 4 it sold for only $2.25 (counting the cost of the 9 bids placed to win it).
  • A six-light hanging pendant chandelier with a BIN of $829 sold for $17.62 (including the cost of the 89 bids placed).
  • A nine-light hanging chandelier with a BIN of $1,200 sold for $244.81 (including the cost of the 1,207 bids placed to win it).

For specific features, specifications, dimensions and electrical information please see the auction descriptions.

Many more chandeliers will soon be coming up for auction, too, so keep watching for the kind of chandelier you would like to see in your house because you most likely would never be able to beat deals like the ones on

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