Auction Tips: Minimize Spending to Increase Yield

Bidding is fun, but it’s even more fun when you can bid for less!
You have to purchase bids for a chance to win items on DealDash, as you do on all penny auctions.
Bidding is fast paced.
So you need to keep track of what you are spending. A great way to do this is with a simple spreadsheet on Excel.
Before you bid on a new anything on DealDash I suggest you open up Microsoft Excel, or if you don’t have Office, OpenOffice (it’s free). And start a spreadsheet – do this for every auction you bid on. Be sure to note how many bids you have when you start bidding and how many when you stop.
Jot down the amount of bids and money you spent to bid. Note if you won, or if you lost. Note when the auction ended and how many bids were placed after you left.
After about a month of bidding reflect back on this data.┬áSpot a trend? Do auctions end soon after you stop bidding, or would you have spent more money than you did before you backed out? Hard to predict, but it’s important to plan to win or you will fail!
Keep track of your bidding + winning patterns so that you may be able to improve your bidding skills! Also watch ended auctions. Look at the items that end cheaply. Did they end late at night, wee hours of the morning? Was the item not that desirable? Was it? Watch live auctions if you have the time even if you don’t feel like bidding. Watch an auction and see how others bid. Use bid buddy if you want to bid, but don’t want to keep clicking the bid button.
Definitely take advantage of not just bid pack promotions but half off auction deals. Sometimes items have gone for as high as $50-100+! When auction promotions like the 50% off September auction promotion that is running on are available you can save even more money off of an auction if you win it!
Not winning yet or new to bidding? Be sure to first bid on the newbie auctions. Wait until you receive the item to bid again, see how soon you get it. Did you have to spend much, or little? Let us know how you do on DealDash!