Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes

Do you have enough antibacterial sanitizing wipes on hand? 

If not, you have come to the right shopping site because has many more pouches coming up for auction. Each pouch has 48 packs of 80 wipes. This is enough to take care of all of our needs for antibacterial sanitizing wipes and still have enough left over to give to other family members and friends.

A person cleans a door handle using an antibacterial wipe.
Wipes are an easy way to clean all areas of your home.

These handy antibacterial sanitizing wipes (which kill 99.9 percent of germs) can be used at home, the office, on road trips or when camping. If we lose power during a storm they can also come in handy so we can stay clean. We can use them to wipe countertops, chairs, desks tables, door handles and most other surfaces.

These 7 x 4 x 22-inch wipes also have less odor and toxins than some other sanitizing wipes because they are made of 75 percent Ethyl alcohol and moisturizing Aloe Vera. They also have a reseal sticker and lid that can be closed after each use so they stay moist. Some heavily-scented sanitizer wipes can cause people to get headaches from the smell, but these wipes are having a light alcohol scent only. They are methanol-free, too.

The BIN of this auction is $398. It appears, however, that so far all of the previous winners got them for less than that and many winners got incredible deals. Let’s take a look at some of the best deals previous winners already received just today (as of this writing):

  • June 19, this auction sold for 5 cents and the winner paid a total of 41 cents counting the cost of the 2 bids placed.
  • June 19, this auction sold for $2.36 and the winner paid a total of $6.84 counting the cost of the 33 bids placed.
  • June 19, this auction sold for $10.35 and the winner paid a total of $53.23 counting the cost of the 261 bids placed.

The examples I used above include three previous winners all on the same day. Many other shoppers received awesome bargains on other days, too.

Excellent Reviews

After 39 reviews, this auction product has received an overall rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5.0 which is outstanding. 

A brief history of sanitary wipes

According to my research, wet wipes were pioneered in 1958 by New Yorker Arthur Julius. However, back then, they were called “moist towelettes” and were not antibacterial. The brand known as “Wet Ones” was discontinued by the manufacturer on Feb. 8, 2019.

Many of today’s antibacterial wipes are safe to be used on our hands and faces, and are even gentle enough to be used on babies.

Usually, disinfectant wipes will be effective until two years after the manufacture date, which is usually on the label. However, if the wipes contain antibacterial, that will bring their shelf life down to about one year. However, disinfectants do not need to indicate an expiration date.

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