5 Characteristics of Bidders and How You Can Benefit

Are you looking for a technique or a strategy to help you win auctions on DealDash? Each bidder has their own bidding style that they like to use when bidding to win penny auctions and you can learn quite a bit from knowing about and watching each one. Which bidder are you?
The Powerbidder
The powerbidder is a very aggressive bidder. This guy, or lady, chooses an intimidating username and will bid to win, every single time.  Aggressive bidders are known to place bids as soon as an opposing bidder places a bid over them. They do this to cancel out other user’s bids to try to scare, or confuse everyone else so that they win. The powerbidder bids to win and will spend over the retail cost for an item just to win and show others they went all in to win. Watch out: the powerbidder won’t blink an eye at the thought of placing thousands of bids to win one item.
The Conservative Bidder
The conservative bidder will wait until the very last second on the auction clock before placing a bid.  This bidder will sit back and watch the auction progress for quite some time before placing a lot of bids.
The Early Bird
The early bird bidder bids early in the morning – DealDash’s morning auctions start at 7 am CST.
The Newbie
The new “newbie” bidder often just randomly bids on items trying to win anything, but doesn’t have a laser focus like the conservative or power bidder. You may even see a newbie bidder bidding on more than one auction at the same time. This isn’t always a wise idea because you could easily become distracted, your computer could freeze up and crash.
The Night Owl
The night owl loves to bid in the middle of the night when other bidders are sleeping. They’ll bid on anything from gift cards to sports memorabilia, furniture, household gear, or gift cards
The Bid Collector
The bid collector  stockpiles bids by winning tons of bid pack auctions. Try to keep track of these guys – you can look at their past wins and see all of the bid pack wins they’ve accumulated. So next time you are going to bid and you see that “bidcollectorX” (not a real user on DealDash), starts bidding against you, you will know that they may not back out too easily.
What is your bidding style? Do you have tips for DealDash readers? Let us know about them in the comments section and we will feature you here!