Bargain Hunter Guidelines

I often see customers write in their bios that they are shopping on this penny-auction site to win a bargain. Many bargain hunters, however, probably have no idea how to improve their chances of actually doing that — especially new shoppers on

I love DealDash but I have to admit I made a lot of bidding mistakes before I learned how to bid smart. Once we learn how to bid smart that’s when we start to win bargains. Therefore, I decided to write this blog to give DealDash customers some “Bargain Hunter Guidelines.”

Guideline No. 1

Never compete with power players. Not all DealDash shoppers are here to “win a bargain.” There’s a difference between “winning” and “winning a bargain.” Some players want to “win” but they do not care if they “win a bargain.” They will bid and keep on bidding until they “win” even if they end up paying three times more than what it would cost to BIN (Buy It Now).  I’m sure DealDash loves those players, but if we are here to “win a bargain” the best thing we can do is to stay away from those players.

How do we do that? I wrote other blogs discussing how to quickly identify wealthy power players with an endless supply of bids. In this blog, however, I will explain how to find the right auctions where you can “win a bargain.”

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Shop ‘til You Drop

We often heard people say, “Shop ‘til you drop” during the holiday season, but when we shop at we do not have to worry about it. We can do an awful lot of shopping from the comfort of our home, which takes a lot of the effort out of shopping and makes it an easy and fun experience instead.

To make our Christmas shopping experience even better I decided to highlight some of the most awesome products up for auction that would be sure to add some uplifting sparkle to families still in quarantine because of COVID-19. 

Christmas tree

How about starting with a hand-crafted 9-foot-tall Christmas tree that comes with 800 clear lights? That would be one gift that the entire family could enjoy.

What are the best things about getting an artificial tree?  Well, we do not have to go out in nasty wet or cold weather to get a real tree and this one looks just like a real tree. We also do not have to worry about family members or guests who are allergic to real Christmas trees.

The only down side I see to getting this tree is that a 9-foot tree is a little too high — at least for me. The ceilings in my house are not high enough for a tree that high and I suspect that might be the case for many other shoppers as well. If you happen to live in a house with high ceilings, however, this could work to your advantage. Everyone with low ceilings will not be bidding on this tree so that will cut down on the competition.

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Preparation for the Holidays

This is the time of year that we could sum up with one word: preparation.

Thanksgiving in 2020

We usually prepare for a traditional Thanksgiving feast that usually consists of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, baked sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, pecan pie and mincemeat pie.

Soon after that everyone would prepare for Christmas by shopping for gifts at local malls and by attending annual holiday events. I always used to attend the Victorian Country Christmas at the local fairgrounds and always bought tickets to attend my favorite live stage production of A Christmas Carol. It was so much fun to see Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future flying

Ever since the COVID-19 virus began to spread throughout the world in early 2020, however, this year has not been “business as usual.” To stop the spread of the virus, many of us have been ordered to stay home and are still required to remain in quarantine. All of my favorite traditional holiday celebrations have been canceled. Some states will not even allow families to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together unless they live in the same house.

But let’s look at the bright side. One good thing about these challenging times is that even people who never before shopped online are now learning how to use the Internet and many of them have now discovered — a fair and honest penny-auction site where we have the opportunity to win great bargains and have fun at the same time.

Exciting New Specials

DealDash often rotates various specials but to prepare for the holidays this year, they have come up with some real doozies that you won’t want to miss. Some of the exciting, brand new specials coming up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

The Black Friday auctions on DealDash are 90% OFF
The Black Friday auctions on DealDash are 90% OFF.
  • 90 percent off the final auction price, where DealDash will pay 90 percent of the final winning price and the winner only has to pay 10 percent of the final winning price. What a deal!
  • Runner-up promotion, where DealDash will offer the runner-up to the winners 50 percent off the Buy-It-Now price, plus they will still get all of their bids back that they used in the auction if they choose to use BIN.
  • Black Friday Auction Blast, where DealDash will auction off 20 iPads throughout the day.
  • A brand new Tesla Model S electric car will also go up for auction.
  • The 1X to 3X time on the clock to make the green line move that much faster to the right to win free bids at the end, might go as high as 5X instead. Instead of 9 seconds on the clock, each bid placed would use 45 seconds on the clock.
  • The $5 or $3 lockout, where all new bidders are blocked from participating in the auction once the auction reaches that amount will be lowered to only $1. That means after the auction reaches $1 all new bidders will be locked out so the competition would be much lower.

As you can see, DealDash is prepared to bring an exciting end to 2020 with all of these above specials. That should really help lift our spirits because it gives us Deal Dashers some exciting auctions to look forward to. All we have to do is make sure we don’t miss it. I’ll see you there!

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Maximizing Free Bids

We have many ways to earn free bids on but to maximize free bids we must understand where they come from and how they work.

Daily Challenge Bids

Most of the days we log in to DealDash we will see a window pop up telling us what the “Daily Challenge” is for the day. For example, the challenge for today is bid in five fashion and beauty auctions to be rewarded with 10 bids. Even if we place only one bid in five auctions in the selected category, we will receive 10 bids. That means we would be five bids ahead.

Sometimes the “Daily Challenge” for the day might disappear from our screen before we have a chance to read it. If that happens all we have to do is go to our Dashboard and click on the badges window, where the “Daily Challenge” will be listed. The most important thing to know about the “Daily Challenge” is that we must log into DealDash on a regular basis and meet the challenge to collect the reward. Some challenges are a lot easier to meet than others. If the challenge is to win two auctions that day it might not be so easy, but it’s still fun to see how many we can accomplish.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Shopping online can be so much a better experience than queuing at malls during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We might be able to get some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at shopping malls, but why not avoid the hassle of finding parking places and fighting crowds? 

How about shopping on instead? We can find many great gift ideas and could win some great bargains by staying home and shopping online. This is really one of the most stress-free and fun ways of shopping.

How to Find Deals

One way we can find deals is by clicking on “Winners” list and checking out the “Featured Wins” in the last 24 hours. This gives us an idea of the auctions that have recently been selling at bargain prices. The winners listed here only used from one to maybe as much as eight bids.

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Little Bidders, Big Bidders

Poor little bidders and wealthy big bidders, young adults, senior citizens and people from many different ethnic backgrounds have one thing in common — they all enjoy shopping on

The underdog can win on DealDash
Don’t let the big bidders bully you. Learn about your competition.

I want to focus on the poor little bidders versus the wealthy big bidders. How can the little bidders ever win over the big bidders?  Should we just duke it out?  No. Perhaps we little bidders must learn how to identify and avoid bidding in the same auctions as the wealthy big bidders. Instead we need to learn how to pick out and compete with only shoppers who are the same size or are in the same category as us poor little bidders.

In other words, anyone can win bargains on DealDash, but we must first learn who to bid with and who not to bid with. But how do we know who the wealthy big bidders are?

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Christmas Shopping Tips on DealDash

Wow! Can you believe we are already on the month of November? Some of the busiest months of the year are November and December because those months are usually filled with parties, family get-togethers and shopping.

Holiday shopping in 2020 is largely done online in websites such as
Holiday shopping in 2020 is largely done online in websites such as

Of course, this holiday season might be different because of the deadly COVID-19 virus that spread throughout the world. Many businesses were forced to close last March or April and some are still not yet open again. Many states are still in lock-done. However, that does not mean we can no longer enjoy doing some holiday shopping. No worries. has come to our rescue.

Holiday Shopping Online in 2020

During this time of quarantines when we must stay home, thank goodness for computer technology and DealDash. This gives us more time to do some holiday shopping online and it even comes with the following fringe benefits:

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Winning Habits

Do you ever wonder how some shoppers on are able to consistently win so many great bargains while others do not? Do they have a magic touch or what is their winning secret? Perhaps they have no winning secret. Instead, they might just have developed better winning habits that other shoppers have not.

Winning on DealDash takes a strategy
Seek for your motivation where you can find it.

I read an article about an author, Kop Kopmeyer, who wrote four books about success principles. He interviewed many of the most successful people in the world and asked them to talk about the most important characteristic they felt contributed to their success. Kopmeyer then included 1,000 of their responses in his four books, with 250 in each book.

Kopmeyer’s 1000 principles for success

One of Kopmeyer’s book fans asked Kopmeyer which success principle (out of all 1,000) he considered most important. His response was “self-discipline.” Why? He said without having self-discipline none of the other 999 success principles would matter, but with strong self-discipline most of the other 999 success principles would most likely follow.

Now what does this have to do with DealDash shoppers? Perhaps more than we might think. If we take a look at some of the winning habits of some of the most consistent winners, it becomes apparent that all of them require good “self-discipline.”

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