DealDash Best Bidding Times

There are a few great times of the day to bid at DealDash.  No one time can be a “shoe-in” to better winning because you do have to factor in so many situations.  However, DealDash is open to players across the United States and that’s it!  So that narrows down the pool of players from some other sites which are open in other countries.

That means the DealDash advantage starts before you even get started, but there are some other factors to consider.  For example, the time of day you bid can have an influence on your winnings.   When the site is busy, there are more people, but there is also more prizes, so anytime could be a real opportunity, but what I’ve noticed is during certain times of the day, there really are less people.

Well, if we didn’t have people there would be no competition, and after all, it is the thrill of the chase at DealDash, but when there are less people it can be your lucky day!  The site seems to be less busy when people are driving to and from work.  I live on the East Coast, so for me what I’ve seen over the past two years of bidding is between 5AM East Cost time to 9AM West Coast time is a good time to bid. Likewise, the evening drive time, between 3PM East Coast to about 5PM West Coast.

During the middle of the day the site is busy with people who play at work, you know who you are!  Then there is the stay at home crowd, when everyone is off to school and work and now is “my time”.  This little secret could help you win if you can get to the site during what I call “drive time”.  Luckily, there are a lot of items to bid on during drive times which you can and will win.

The ratio of players to prizes is less in the middle of the night too.  There are less people, but also less prizes.  The site is open 24 hours a day, and you can get some great deals in the middle of the night, but it is a sleepier place during the “wee hours” of the night, yet there are opportunity and advantage too!

What really shocked me was the number of players who play 24 hours a day.  You can be sure they are using their Bid Buddy to bid for them and they leave the site to “go about life” I do a little bit of both.  I enjoy the prowl, but I also have a life and go off the do other things.  Just about everyone does this and the beauty of this is the opportunity to gain when someone else is “asleep at the wheel”.  What I mean is people make mistakes, they don’t put enough bids into Bid Buddy and what happens?  Well, about 4 AM they run out of bids and if you are there, you could be the winner!

DealDash is a very popular site and it’s always busy, that is one of the things that actually makes it more fun, but just knowing these few tips could help you win more.  Get out there during “drive times” and keep in mind the middle of the day and the evenings are busy.  Why not, it’s a national pastime! It’s a great place to play and shop for everyday items!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash Metal Detectors Compared

DealDash has a really nice variety of Metal Detectors for the explorer in your life, or for yourself!  It’s a popular category, and I’m going to compare them for you so you start out going for the one that meets your budget and suits your needs.

The metal detector is a must-have for anyone who enjoys long walks on the beach or if you like to look for gold along America’s riverbeds.  I got one for my husband and we even take it hiking with us, here in New England we’re always trying to find some war relics.  But there are many types of metal object that you could find,  we’ve found some very interesting items, horse shoes, ax heads, jewelry, tools, hand forged nails and even a bucket…plus so much more. The metal detector at DealDash is a very popular item and it will help to watch a few auctions to see who’s in them, and what price the different varieties are going for.

gold digger 92Starting with the Bounty Hunter Brand the reliable and affordable place to start your hobby.  Your basic metal detector is the Gold Digger retailed at $92.  This model comes with a Pin Pointer Bundle and head phones.  It features a single knob control and is small and light weight and has a 6 inch coil for detecting.

tracker IV 117The next tier up in terms of options and price is the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV which retails for $117.  This unit has a lot to offer for the price.  It has a 6 inch waterproof search coil, 2 operating controls.  There is a 3 Mode dual tone Discrimination switch. The Ground Trac Technology balances soil conditions.  The S-Rod handle is easy to  carry.

quick draw II 206The Quick Draw II made by Bounty Hunter also comes with the Pin Pointer plus a padded carrying case.  It features an 8 inch waterproof search coil.  This unit has the Automatic Ground Tracker which allows you to search in different soil conditions.  It runs on on 9-volt battery.

landstar 284For the experienced enthusiast you will find the Bounty Hunter Land Star which retails for $284.  The Land Star has a 10 inch coin depth, 3-tone audio feedback.  The ground track tells you how deep to dig.  Metal detecting system offering tremendous versatility with two distinct systems integrated into one: No-Motion mode and an Auto Notch Discrimination. Choose between automatic Ground-Trac or variable ground balancing. Requires 2 9-volt batteries.

treasure cove 254The Treasure Cove Underwater Scuba and Wading unit is good for snorkeling and underwater searching. It includes a head set and and 8 inch under sediment search.  It has a 10 inch search coil plus an adjustable 42-54 inch stem.  There is an audio alarm and red LED alert.  The Underwater Scuba requires 8 AA batteries.

fisher f5 642This last unit I am comparing is made by Fisher and is called the Fisher F5 it retails for $642.00 and is a very popular item.  This detector has a 0-99 Readout, Frequency Shift for different metals, Visual Target ID, Target ID Confidence Bar Graph, Target ID Confidence Bar Graph, Continuous Ground Mineralization Phase Readout, Concentric 10 inch Open Face Waterproof Interchangeable Search Coil.   It has a 4 tone audio ID and weighs only 2.9 lbs.

Which ever metal detector you choose be sure you’ll be happy with the quality.  DealDash also carries a small detector for juniors and a couple other Bounty Hunter Models that are very similar to the ones listed here.  The basic differences being a carrying case, a pin pointer, different audio tones, different depths of detection, the type of batteries, and different size search coils.  They all do one thing, detect metal!

Have fun winning a great metal detector from DealDash, they have variety and availability, plus opportunity to save hundreds of dollars!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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What takes 1000 Bids or More at DealDash?

There is a good handful of items that take at least 1000 bids to win at DealDash, don’t fool yourself into believing you will come in and win a $5000 item with 200 bids.  There are many, many players who have been at it for years still trying to win that one popular and famous item like the Apple MacPro.  Yes, you can win one at DealDash for $8, but the plan should not be to come in and get it with a few hundred bids.

The Apple MacBookPro is not the only item that is “hard to win”, I put it in quotes because you just might win it with a few bids, it does happen, but more than anything it doesn’t happen.  You can’t count on someone else having bad luck.

There are more items that require more than 1000 bids on average. Technology in general is difficult to win. You should plan on a few things, 1. Plan on bidding only in this one auction and it might take days to win.   2. Plan on Binning, if you do win it’s a thrill and if you don’t win and BIN, you get your bids back on an item you really needed.  I have Binned technology more than once, but I’ve also won it….more than once.

The high end drone is usually not won with less than 1000 bids, you can try and try, but what I’ve found to be the most successful with this item its to “lock and load” as I call it.  Set up 100’s of bids and either be willing to BIN (Buy It Now for bids back) or to walk away from the bids you tried to use to win it.  It’s ok to let the bids go.  I have learned that walking away gives me more pride than buying another 1000 bids.  At times it really is better to just walk away!

A cell phone, it doesn’t matter which one, any good cell phone is hard to win.

There are a few garden items that are really hard to win with less than 1000 bids and one is the Pop-up Green House valued at about $700.  There are a few other green houses valued in the “hundreds” and they are defiantly easier to win.  This is also a category where knowing the competition is a real bonus for not overbidding.

$500 gift cards to anywhere especially Walmart.  All gift cards at this level are hard to win.  Many players who play the cards are in it because they are going to spend the money at the store anyway, so they might as well rack up the “BIN” amount of bids and win it, this leads to many other players overbidding.  If you want to BIN on a $500 gift card, you would calculate the amount of the item divided by the cost of bids and it gives you the maximum number of bid to place on this item,  The chances of you getting it for much less is great because most people are simply trying to win the $500 for a deal.  But if you take $500/.15=3333 bids is what you would put in your  Bid Buddy and leave there until you won.  Whatever the amount is better than full price and even full price isn’t a bad thing, you are going to shop there anyway.

Amazing holiday items like a light up Christmas Tree.  I have used 100’s of bids on many auctions trying to win this one,  I will win it if I put all 1000 bids on it.  I’ll try again this Autumn.  It just has to be a priority and the only auction I bid in.  That is key!

This is just the tip of the Ice Burg!  There are so many cool items at DealDash and the Cream of the Crop is waiting for us, but we need to be prepared.  If you are going for the big item, the popular item, have the bids to do it. If you decide to go for it with just 200 bids, expect to lose them.  You might win, but you probably won’t.

It’s my plan today to enlighten you to some prizes that take over 1000 bids to win.  This is a non comprehensive list and I will continue this conversation in another blog.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash: You Can’t Win Them All

So you’ve seen the DealDash commercials on TV, you’ve heard your friends brag about their wins all you ever hear about is the winning, and maybe you’ve even won a few, but the truth is you can’t win them all.

In fact, it’s not about winning a higher percentage of items, it’s about winning them with less bids.  If you are a player who is used to winning 40% or more of the time, chances are you are spending too much to play and with some thought and planning, you could save a lot of money.

First, to figure out how often you win do a few things.  At the beginning of the day, before you start bidding check you “Account Details” found in your Dashboard.  See how many wins you have to date. Then at the end of the day check that number again.  you will see the number of WINS you had today.

Now, go the Bidding History Tab and count all the auctions you bid in today.  Take the number of wins and divide by the number of auctions that have closed, if an auction is “ongoing” you haven’t won or lost it yet, so I don’t include them.  multiply your result by 100 and you will see how often you won.(example below)  Now, if you do this for a whole week you will get a more accurate number and if you can do it for a month you will have a great idea of how often you win, at the end of the week or month average all your averages.  I win about 15% of the time.  I enter a lot of auctions then leave and don’t go back, so that brings down my numbers.  And, entering an auction to return later isn’t a great strategy to win, but it may help you win a different auction ultimately, but that’s a different article! See “Pop in One Bid” published July 26,  2016.

I’ll calculate a recent day of mine. I have 4 wins and entered 26 auctions, but two are still running, I discount them. I’m left with 24 auctions.  4/24=0.166 X 100 (%) = 16.6 % wins. That’s pretty good because I didn’t use a lot of bids to win it. You can keep track of your bids by counting the bids used in the “Bidding History”.

This is another way for you to see a good day may be only 4 wins away, you don’t have to kill it every day.  Players who win at all costs are losing their life savings to do so.  You can’t win them all, it’s that simple.

Even if you do win at all costs, you are still going to lose once in a while.  There will be a mistake, a forgotten moment, a distraction, something to cause you to lose and if you just over bid to lose, it’s even more painful than just overbidding.  The whole idea behind DealDash is to get a great Deal on fantastic everyday items, if you spend $300 to win a toaster, it doesn’t make any sense.  There is always another auction, there is always another product coming on the market any second.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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The Art of Buy It Now at DealDash

There really is an art to the Buy In Now process, when I first started at DealDash I didn’t put any weight on the process and therefore lost a lot of opportunity.  I would bid and bid on the same item over and over until I won it.  All those bids…gone and I could have owned it.

First, let’s talk about what “Buy It Now” is. Deal Dash has a policy in place so no player has to go away empty-handed, and it’s the Buy It Now option. It’s also know as “binning” and BIN, but they all mean the same thing, you can get your bids back if you don’t win.

If you are bidding on an item at DealDash and you just can’t win it, you can purchase the item and DealDash will give you all the bids you used to win it back.  There is a tab in the auction which you can select and it will take you to the checkout, when your transaction is complete you own the item and you got all your bids back to go for another item.  You will no longer be able to win in this auction.

You have a full week after someone else wins the auction you’ve bid in to purchase it for your bids back, you can find the “Buy Now” tab on the first page of your Dashboard.  Simply find the item you wish to purchase in the list an click on the “Buy Now” tab and at the time your purchase is complete your bids are deposited into your account.

So, you don’t have to keep trying and trying to win an item you really need, this can be as simple as shopping!  Look through the DealDash merchandise.  Plan on binning because you need the item.  When you plan on binning there is a simple formula to determine when to stop bidding.  It is likely you will win the item before the BIN, if fact that is the plan, right? But if you don’t you have the BIN to fall back on.  To determine the BIN amount of bids take the value of the item and divide it by the cost of bids, then you will have the number of bids to BIN.  You don’t want to exceed that number because you would be paying more than retail price.  So, if your item is valued at $50 and bids are .15 cents you  would calculate 50/.15=333.  333 is the magic number, don’t exceed this, back out and buy.  Get your bids back and move on.  You now have your item and 333 bids to go!

This is a great way to purchase gifts, you can select a gift, possibly win it right away and get a great deal, or plan on binning.  You can shop on a budget and find great deals at DealDash, always keep in mind you can purchase it and get your bids back.  Stay focused on items you really want, this way purchasing it makes sense.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

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DealDash: Pop in One Bid

There are a lot of different playing strategies at DealDash, but the most popular one is to simply place one bid before $5.  Many, many players do this and never come back.  I never used to do it, but now I’ve realized there is some good that comes from this activity.

The players who do come back after $5 usually come in late and out bid all the front end players, they’re called “Jumpers”  and  there is really little chance  to beat them with bids if you’ve already use all 500 of your bids and they just entered, but you can out-wit, them because you placed a bid too in a different auction they are in.  You don’t have to enter an auction to win, you can just be there to shake things up.  I have been in auctions and had no intention of “staying in for the long haul” but I did want to see if I can scare someone out of an auction, and it works!

This is something that the jumper doesn’t consider.  They come in late and stay late, they expect everyone to leave and let them win.  Well, if you poked in one bid, you can be that person.  This is what is known as “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

I never do this to players who have been in an auction all along, but if someone jumps me, I will seek them out in another auction and play the other auctions they are in to scare them away. It works, often they will jump out of the auction they jumped into because I just jumped them in a different auction.  This is not an activity for the faint of heart, and by that I mean, if you don’t have a lot of bids to burn, don’t stay in long, just long enough to see if there is any movement.  Hey, maybe you’ll scare someone else away and win that way.  That wasn’t the plan, but I’ve seen it happen!

So what I’m suggesting is, if you are constantly being jumped, be a faint-of-heart jumper!  The reason I say faint-of-heart I truly believe it’s mean to jump people all the time, I don’t do it to anyone who doesn’t do it to me.  So if  you are a jumper, you might win more if you weren’t.

Any way you get it done, Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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It’s a Fan-Fair at DealDash

Fans Compared at DealDash

Every season at DealDash they feature new and interesting everyday items.  This time of year they are offering a great variety of fans to cool your space.  This article in a comparison of the fans they currently offer plus the different features and retail values.

fans dyson amo7 491
Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan $491

The Dyson AM07 Cool Tower Fan in true Dyson fashion has no blades. It features an Air Multiplier Technology and is 60% quieter than a standard fan.  There is a remote control plus  it’s safe and easy to clean.  Of course this is the Cadillac of fans and will be a very popular item.  This is the type of item you’ll want to have a bundle of bids loaded in your Bid Buddy, the Bid Buddy will bid for you in your turn, without over bidding.  It’s the best way to win an auction.  They carry the Dyson AM06 10-inch. Cool Desk Fan and that retails for $368

fans ozeri 3x 129
Azeri 3X Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction $129

Ozeri makes a model called the Ozeri 3X Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology. There is a sleep timer for up to 7.5 hours and features 9 levels and 3 programable airflow directions.  This is the bomb of fans!  The retail value is $129 and that’s a great value even if you need to BIN it.  “Binning’ is the nickname of the “Buy It Now” philosophy at DealDash.  Any item you try to wan and don’t, DealDash gives you the opportunity to purchase the  item for full retail and they will refund the bids.  This is their way of saying thanks for bidding, and please don’t go away empty-handed.  So if you use 240 bids to win something and decide and then don’t, you have 7 days to purchase it for a refund of those 240 bids.

fan Lasko 420
Lasko Outdoor Tower Fan with Remote Control $420

This next fan is for outdoors, the Lasko 50-inch Elegant Outdoor Tower Fan with Remote Control.  This tall and elegant design has night-time accent lighting which provides ambience to your yard or patio. There is a remote control and oscillating fans.  This fan is for your patios and helps keep the bugs away.  It comes with a heavy-duty Cord and retails for $420.

fans dyson desk 368
Dyson AM06 10-inchCool Desk Fan $368

The Dyson is again the top of the line in terms of price and features.  This desk top model retails for $368 and has one touch oscillating action, easy to clean, remote control, small footprint, energy efficient and has quiet air technology with no blades.

fans optimus 9 inch 39
Optimus 9″ Industrial Grade High Velocity Fan $39

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a fan to keep you cool, they also have the Optimus 9 inch Industrial Grade High Velocity Fan is a powerful 3 speed 9″ blade.  It has metal construction and is designed to cool from floor to ceiling.

DealDash also carries The SPT Outdoor Misting Fan with a remote control.  It has 16-inch blades and who wouldn’t love being misted on a hot summer night?  It sound like fun! This fan comes with a remote with LED and is easy to use.

fans misting SPT 297
SPT Outdoor Misting Fan $297

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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The “Eight Win Advantage” at DealDash

Players’ Limits are in place for all fairness.  Each player may win up to nine prizes each 7 day period.  If you sign up for DealDash on a Monday, Monday is always your “refresh” day.

There is a meter on the top of  your DealDash Homepage in the upper right hand corner.  There you will see how many prizes you have available.  Each time you win an item one of the slots in the meter become unavailable…until your refresh day when all the slots are “relit”.

One strategy for winning (usually a high ticket item) you can watch the other players and see how many wins they have.  If they have eight wins and they are in 4 auctions, they will lose three of them by default if they win one.  For that reason, I never bid on more items than I have open slots, so this never happens to me.

Here is what happens.  A player uses slots by winning auctions, they still have bids and are permitted in any auction available to them. For example, once you use up 8 slots in your weeks limit, you only have one available.  Many players will now bid in multiple auctions, if they win one the other three are cancelled.  So all the bids they used at DealDash are gone and they didn’t win…..

Ahhh, this is where it is a great position for you!  If you see someone has 8 wins and are in 2 or more auctions it makes any more than one win vulnerable to loss.  But this is a good thing for us “the other guy”.

Keep an eye on player’s limit numbers, once a player reaches 8 wins look for them in other auctions.  If you see they are in more than one and you know they are frequent winners, you can essentially win one of the other prizes they lose when they win their last one!  It’s awesome.

If took me some time to figure this one out, so you’re welcome.  haha  but really, if you are a better player, I win more.  The more player’s know, the more we all win.  Really!! Keep in mind that you can only play in an auction which you have placed a bid in before $5, so if there is an auction you may want to enter later, make sure you get that one bid in before then.

How do you know if the other player has 8 wins? Well the beauty of this plan is that DealDash gives us this information with every auction….every single auction tells you a lot of useful information, but today I am only talking about the wins of another player.

All you need to do is go into an auction, in there you will find a group of players who are bidding in an auction seen by their Avatar.  Watch the players who are bidding in the auction you want to win…..AND in auctions you don’t care to win.  If there are players with “8’s” you know this is someone to follow.  All you have to do to do this is bounce around, see who is in what auction.  Remember to place a bid before $5.

These are a few of my favorite secrets and I’ve shared them with you.  I hope this helps you have an edge in auctions. I don’t consider myself a “power bidder” but I do win a lot of auctions.  currently I am well over 550 wins, this makes me a good player.  A “Power Bidder” by my definition is someone who spends too much on bidding.  I try to keep in real.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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