DealDash Secrets: It’s Black Friday in April!

DealDash loves to have fun with the names of their sales, and this weekend is the “Black Friday in April Sale”,  and one thing this sale has in common with the day after Thanksgiving is the deep cut in prices for bids! If you like to get your bids on sale, this is the perfect sale to stock up. Also, the Black Friday Sales are very popular so it will be busy on the site, your wins will come with perseverance!

On Friday, April 8, 2016 all wins are FREE! and bids are only .12 cents. What a deal! I always  love it when DD picks up the tab for my wins! Saturday and Sunday April 9-10, 2016 bids will be only .13 – .12 cents, respectively. That’s an incredibly low price and you can win more prizes with your extra bids.  The bids come in packs between 200 – 4000 bids, you will get more bids for about the same price as an everyday low bid price.

That’s not the end of this amazing sale.  I’m happy to report, my favorite sale is happening this weekend when DealDash gives us free bids faster with multipliers of 4 and 5 times.  Everyday at DealDash they give players free bids for “time as high bidder”.  Every time you place a bid, the clock runs up your time until you reach the next level, then click the bright blue button,”claim bids”,  and they are deposited right in your account!

DealDash offers Free Shipping everyday on every item!

  • Friday – Free Wins, .12 cent bids, Free Shipping
  • Saturday – .13 cent bids, Free Bids 4X Faster, Free Shipping
  • Sunday- .12 cent bids , Free Bids 5X Faster, Free Shipping

After you win your item this weekend, snap a photo of you with your win, and email it in to [email protected] with a comment as outlined on the Facebook page, and it will be entered in The Best Photo of the Week Contest for 1000 Free Bids which DealDash gives away once a week.  When you do DealDash will thank you with some free bids for sharing.  DealDash is the most fair and generous site, it’s easy to win, it’s fun to play and they have an outstanding customer service team!

Visit the Facebook page and see what other players are winning and sharing, and get up dates on sales and upcoming events.  There you will see new products showcased by DealDash and get first hand comments on the items.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

How to Eat Healthy At Work This Spring

Without a well taken care of body, mental as well as physical stamina are a dream! Fortunately, there are great ideas and simple solutions DealDash has which everyone could carry out, whether you’re a high-powered executive, a hectic mum or a person on irregular shifts.


A couple of minutes planning every day could save months of distress, dissatisfaction with your task as well as life generally. You’ll be surprised just how much far better everything appears as a result.

Right here are the top 5 means making certain you’re eating clean, health food each and every single day. Implement them all and also you will certainly discover changes within days! Make sure you pick up some quality kitchen equipment from DealDash to cook your food with.

One task is to get lots of raw veggies which do not even require a few mins in the steamer! Choose carrots, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, springtime onions, rocket and also peppers. Wash, cut, put in Tupperware for the day. This will take you 5 minutes. You can find storage containers, knives for chopping and cutting boards on DealDash, so you should go there now and see what you like.

Second, when your companion or whoever cooks for you is preparing your evening dish, ask to grill a chick bust or fish fillet. Easy grilling devices are readily available for nothing as well as will grill hen busts or fish in 7-8 mins. You can pick up an indoor grill from DealDash for an excellent price at auction.

Leave them to cool then it prepares to enter your box with the veggies. That suggests absolutely nothing to do in the early morning when you’re half asleep!

One more top pointer making the most of your night dish is to cook double the amount of what you need, dish out exactly what you want for dinner, then conserve some for the following day. Box it up after supper then it awaits tomorrow. As an alternative you can pick up a crockpot from DealDash and cook a big batch of food that can cook slowly for a couple of days.

This is an easy action and also won’t call for any kind of extra time aside from grabbing it from the refrigerator in the morning! Some people take this additional by utilizing a hr or 2 of their weekend to prepare all the food they require for the week – set up the activity as much as feasible for extra-efficiency!

If you choose to prepare your food in the morning, placed some eggs to steam whilst you eat morning meal. This will take you 5 mins or so whereby time the eggs will certainly be done. Take them out after that run under cold water.

Leave them to cool whilst you shower after that de-shell them when you are ready! Making the most of your time is very easy when you take into consideration it!

Task number five is to find a healthy and balanced, organic protein supplement. Get a powder which you could put in a shaker. When you need food throughout the day yet don’t have time to sit as well as eat, include water or milk to your shake as well as knock it back.

The healthy protein will be utilized to preserve your muscular tissue mass as well as maintain you feeling satisfied. Bear in mind these should be made use of as supplements NOT replacements as they are frequently touted.

Your 6th work is to stockpile on tinned fish. These supply as easy means to obtain healthy protein as well as fats in your diet plan. Vacant the tin right into your box of vegetables and that’s the task done!


None of these tasks cut greater than a few minutes off your early morning or night. The fact is that 10 mins prep work could conserve you the 20 min round trip to the cob shop at lunch anyhow! And the health benefits you’ll gain are worth every extra minute of time you spend on cooking and preparing the food.

If you agree to try to find remedies instead of excuses, you’ll soon see how simple it is! You might have to rise at 06:30 as opposed to 07:00 but this will not be a trouble when your physical and mental concerns and also constant tiredness disappear as a result of your tidy, energy-boosting diet! And now that you have these wonderful ideas to eat healthy at work, I suggest you go to the DealDash website and find some items to help you start your new meal plan.

Picking the Right Computer Chair from DealDash

Keeping in mind the level of time spent working with computers both in your home and also in the office, seeking the best computer system chair on DealDash has is critical. Whatever occurs, nearly all people spend more time on our computer system chairs achieving their work every day, than they as a matter of fact spend on their beds while resting. With the intent of creating an efficient and vibrant place of work, DealDash is going to show you how to select the proper computer chair. Hence, the variety of computer chairs on DealDash will certainly help you stay comfortable during the day.

computer chair

Several of the crucial functions to ponder on picking a suitable computer chair on the website are convenience and longevity. Offering a chair could provide you enough comfort and you are convinced it is nicely solid you should choose it. Manufacturers of natural leather computer system chairs are specifically concentrating on to add progressively advanced aspects to existing highest comfort as well as an ample quantity of assistance.

Given that, each person has different elevations as well as could differ from a single person to an additional and also computer work desk (which you can also find on DealDash) elevation can as well vary from one work desk to an additional as well as you must be at the level of your computer desk you should take into consideration buying computer chairs from DealDash with an adjustable elevation choice. Excellent padding is one more factor that should be provided top deliberation when making your variety. Pillows filled completely with memory foam are extremely outstanding options as they present best convenience and also recuperate to their regular shape presenting superior sturdiness. The shape of this type of chair is such that it supplies ample support to make sure accurate body posture also as sitting at a desk for a comprehensive time frame. I suggest before you even read any more you go to DealDash and start checking out what they have to offer. You need to as well deliberate chairs with armrests given that it aids to relieve stress from back and neck to avert discomfort in these areas. Think buying chairs with a turning system because it helps in decreasing body discomfort.

To finish with, natural leather computer system chairs are offered in different stylish and fashionable looks. You can get them with vibrant shades so as to create a distinct and also trendy work environment or in the customary black as well as brownish for a stereotypical planning to opt for skillful viewpoint of the workplace. This classification of computer system chair is supplied with different price ranges thus it is somewhat trouble-free to get one that matches your budget plan easily. And, if you bid on DealDash you can count on getting your chair at an incredibly place. Seeking office furnishings nowadays is not a complicated task that requires you visiting stores after shops. DealDash makes it easy for you to shop for all the office equipment you’ll ever need.

computer chair

Nevertheless, if you opt to purchase from a surrounding furniture shop, see to it that shop has sufficient selections to like from. All you must do is to rest and also relax on each and consider those presenting one of the most excellent comfort and are solid enough. Because leather is fragile and also has to be taken care of, you ought to maintain your natural leather computer chair by cleaning and polishing with unique natural leather cleaner and gloss to improve its life and preserve its look and feel for years ahead. You may even be able to find cleaners and covers on DealDash from time to time. Now all you need to do is head on in to DealDash and start bidding on the items you need for your office chair!

The Benefits of DVD Players for Your Family

We reside in a world with unbelievable as well as continued with developments in innovation. And also, we have numerous devices as well as tools at our disposal that having every little thing in our homes is not enough, that we need to start filling our vehicles with all number of gadgets as well. DealDash carries a lot of items you can use to make your family have better down times and fun road trips. Personal tablets, laptops and DVD players are all important pieces of entertainment.

While we have had mobile DVD players for a long period of time we have additionally had a range of mobile DVD consoles that we could fit into our cars. From a carry-in carry-out DVD player to a mounted choice, there is a variety to choose from in the market today as well as a massive variety of areas to research for optimum prices. DealDash carries several different models, that you and your kids will love.


Why would you really want a DVD player in your automobile you ask? Well imagine those lengthy journeys to visit the loved ones, or the many hours on the road to your particular holiday location. The entire family members in the auto, the youngsters asking the typical concerns regarding for how long up until you arrive, or are you almost there yet? Kids love electronics from DealDash, a tablet goes a long way when a child is board. With so many various alternatives of wholesale electronics on DealDash the option to have a DVD player or other piece of electronic equipment in your vehicle is currently ending up being a much more reasonable option. When you locate the perfect valued and also ideal unit on auction for your car, make sure you bid. You can currently envision that long journey going smooth with the youngsters silent in the rear of the car viewing their favored DVD. Bliss!

If you have made the choice already to buy a mobile DVD machine for your car from DealDash, or you are on the road to making that option there some typical points to think about before you get going:

oYou need to ensure you are trying to find a vehicle DVD console that is within your price range. You can count on that being easy when you bid on one at DealDash. So define your price range. Vehicle DVD players can be very fundamental or come with a wide variety of functions. You have systems that will connected into the cigarette lighter or a done in-car theater system.

oWhen making the choice on which DVD player to acquire consider your automobile. You need to make sure you locate the most effective place to install the player, not just for wiring considerations but likewise for checking out purposes. This consists of the screen size of the machine, ensuring that it is not too tiny or also huge for the vehicle as well as location in the car you intend to have it situated.

oBefore you purchase make sure that the system you are taking a look at will be able to operate with the electric system of your vehicle, you can count on the players at DealDash being modern and up to date. Equipment that are besides the cigarette lighter option will typically need the services of a professional installer to check compatibility, as well as last setup.


When searching for your excellent system on DealDash, see to it to look for items which generally are supplied at very reasonable costs as well as will consist of the most up to date technical advancements. And now, just go to the DealDash website and see what options you have, you’ll be sure you to find something to suit your taste.

Picking the Right Baby Backpack from DealDash

No, an infant wouldn’t have anything to carry in a backpack. Just a little joke from DealDash Tips, You, on the other hand, when you leave home, do have an infant to carry in an adorable little child knapsack, close your body, far from injury? DealDash has some of the best rated back packs for babies on the market and here we will tell you about why you and your baby should have one.

baby back

Simply imagine just what it must seem like for a baby traveling high up on your back, her head near your own looking over your shoulder at everything that’s going on? It’s one of one of the most exciting methods to walk around for an infant. And also as for you, lugging your child around in this manner releases you up from any type of muscle mass pain from holding your infant in your arms all the time as well as you certainly don’t have to drag a bulky infant stroller around. A baby backpack from DealDash is the very best means to go as a way to lug a baby around.

A DealDash infant backpack is developed out a steel structure that’s padded and totally covered in material? Not like you would certainly see in a rucksack. If they made it totally out of textile, it would certainly extend and strain around your baby with each action you took as well as it would not fit for your child whatsoever. A metal-framed one on the other hand, (Like you can go check out on the site right now) would certainly be like a little throne for your baby and completely shield her.

Of course, it can be rather hilarious to have an infant on your back and undergo the supermarket, just to see a set of hands appeared from time to time and get something off the racks. But those are minor concerns (and not without their endearing qualities either). If you were to visit DealDash to acquire a child knapsack, this is exactly what you would search for.

The first thing you wish to try to find in a baby knapsack is exactly how risk-free it is for you baby? To make sure that she cannot fall out in any way whatsoever. They in some cases make those leg openings so big that a child might simply slide right out of it, but you won’t have to worry about that with the bags found on DealDash. Primarily, you desire a system that has a five-point harness.

Certainly, it’s no use simply to have actually the baby strapped in safely, if the backpack isn’t really securely strapped to you. While a wonderful adjustable system with flexible straps would certainly make it comfy for you initially, occasionally, makers can go as well as ill-advisedly use bands that could come undone. It’s the worst thing in the world to merely have your baby fall out as could happen with a poorly built backpack. Make sure that there are safety harnesses utilized that make certain that this could never occur.

baby back

And also lastly, take into consideration exactly what you finish with the baby backpack from DealDash when you’ve taken the pack off to set down on a table with the child still in it. Does the backpack have a stand? Several of them do, as well as they can be crucial. Without the stand, you would need to be really cautious regarding not having your baby topple over and also strike her head. And now, the last thing to do is go to the DealDash website and check out all the awesome items you can find, including a baby backpack for your child.

How to Make Your Cardio Less Boring

Aerobic workout is a foundation to any fitness regimen. And on DealDash you can find everything you need to have a complete and total cardio workout. There are probably 3 levels of interests in using cardio equipment. The first one is the newbie stage. This is where it’s exciting just to obtain on the device to exercise as well as see the amount of calories you melted on the display. The second phase is the worst and that is the sheer boredom that can be experienced while trying to get in that 20 to HALF AN HOUR of cardio. Below a few pointers to help you with this phase and move past it. Remember, first you’ll need some equipment or a treadmill, bike, something of that nature and you can find all of these on DealDash.


Vary your exercises. This could sometimes be the most effective means to keep your workouts fresh. The majority of machines have a method to vary the strength of the workout. Planning to boost the speed or the incline. Make sure you examine the devices pre-programmed settings some have the arbitrary period program. Pick up a bike, get some weight, an ab machine, go to DealDash and you can find many of these on discount during auction.

Songs or audio books. It’s clear that songs can help the moment go faster. Simply make sure that you select music that will maintain the pace up. You also may attempt a mix tape that has quickly tracks in addition to sluggish tunes. This is an excellent method to do interval training. Books on tape are also excellent because you eliminate 2 birds with one rock.

View a movie or TV. A great deal of new fitness centers sport exercise machines with integrated in monitors. Bring a pair of earphones as well as you are prepared. There are also some extremely amazing video clips readily available that simulate being outdoors on a bike, running and even hiking. If you need an extra TV you can head to DealDash and pick one up at an incredible price.

Read a publication or reports. Another method to eliminate to birds with one stone. Well if it’s still tedious at the very least you are getting in an excellent read or catching up on some work. Although you could wish to beware it’s hard to offer your complete attention to either activity.

Break it up. A personal fave of mine is to do 10 mins on the elliptical machine and then take place to the stairway climber. This is probably the very best known secret amongst normal health club rats and you can use a treadmill and bike too. All these pieces of equipment can be found on DealDash at one time or another.


So with any luck some of these pointers will certainly help you to obtain to the third degree of cardio which is “you live for cardio” as well as anticipate sweating it out daily. Now, head on in to DealDash and pick up some great fitness equipment to get through the first level to become a cardio superstar!

This Weekend at DealDash, Sale!!

Oh how I love the sales at DealDash, it’s really one of my very favorite things about the site.  They really treat their customers with respect and surprises!  Each sale has its fans, and you will get to know what players may be in the auction and who may not.

Getting to know who will be in an auction is something that comes with time in the auctions.  There are people who bid on the same items over and over, they most likely Exchange for bids, this is a fun feature at DealDash where you can turn in you item and get more bids instead.  Just go into your Dashboard and find you item on the top of the list click “pay now” and there will be two options, pay or exchange for bids.

Visit-Site12 (1)

This weekend at DealDash they are having a Free Weekend Sale, where all wins are free.  You bid like any other auction but the final price is covered by DealDash and you spend one penny on a transaction fee and pay nothing for your item.  The shipping  is FREE.

On Friday & Saturday April 01-2, 2016 bids are only .13 cents.  On Sunday April 3, 2016  bids are only .12 cents! This is a great time to stock up on bids as you will get a few extra bids for the around same price.  So add a handful of low priced bids plus one penny for your item and free shipping,  and very soon you will have a great prize showing up at your door for a huge savings.


It’s so much fun to shop and play at DealDash, but I will admit, when I pay one penny for my item it feels so good!  My family loves it too!   I just love the low priced bids and free items, that’s my reward.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!