Earning Free DealDash Bids

One of the things I love most about DealDash.com is the many ways we can earn free bids.

Daily Free Bids

Get bids back from the Daily Returning Bidder Reward on DealDash.com.

Staying active on DealDash rewards itself. If you keep the bidding streak going for consecutive days, you can get up to 30 bids back daily.

On day 1 you get a maximum of 4 free bids. On day 2 the total rises to 6 bids, day 3 you get 8 bids and so on… On the seventh day it’s already up to 30 free bids daily you get back. All we have to do is make sure we consistently place at least one bid daily to keep the maximum reward in place. Remember, if we miss one day, we must start all over from the beginning before we can get back up to 30 bids daily! The amount of bids you get back is at most how many bids you placed the previous day.

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Small Appliances Big Gifts at DealDash

laaundry-haier-washer-319One of the best things about DealDash is you will never have to go to a mall again for another gift, as long as they carry what you’re looking for.  Plus, with DealDash you will have fun getting it and have it delivered free, that’s the DealDash way.  Small appliances are a very popular item at DealDash, a lot of players will most likely get involved with every auction, so they are an item you’ll want to consider using the Buy It Now (BIN) option.  What that mean is you will bid in the auction until you reach the retail price in bids….if you do.

dehydrator“Binning”, as it’s called, is a great option for a small appliance because you need the appliance anyway, so if you don’t win it, it makes sense to buy it.  Then when you buy it, DealDash will give you the bids you used back.  That is another reason small appliances make such a good gift to go for, everyone needs a toaster or a microwave oven, but DealDash has some very unique small appliances, like juicers and a variety of coffee makers.

When you BIN there is another magical thing that happens, you earn a lot of free bids for your Time As High Bidder.  This is a DealDash promotion which gives back to the player.  For every second you are the highest bidder during an auction, DealDash tallies it up and keeps track of it.  When you reach your next level, you will be rewarded with a number of bids that corresponds with your level.  You start out getting 50 bids or more and then it goes up to 100 or more and then 1000 or more, and on and on.  You just need to keep bidding, they’ll keep track!

juicerYou could win a lot of small appliances with the free bids, or at least pad up the bids you purchased to win it.  Because they are so popular, and there will most likely be a lot of players in the auction, you could  be bidding for hours and hours.  Small Appliances often go for  cents or a dollar or two, but you have to plan to BIN.  The other thing to keep in mind is that appliances are a special item at DealDash, you have to shop in advance and plan to join the auction.

You can use the “Alert Me” feature DealDash has in place to remind you when your item is coming on the market. Click on the Alert Me tab in the auction and set you alarm the day of.  Wait until your “special” item is on the market and stay involved with just that item.  You never know when a special items will end because so many bidders are in the auction.

When you open the small appliance auction, notice in the list how often the prize was won.  This will give you an idea when they might offer it again.  For example, if one sold on Jan. 15, one sold on Feb 17, one sold on Mar. 14, you can expect to see the same item around April 15.  If you can’t find the auction in the search bar they may be out of it, not offering it at the time, or it’s run its course.

Get your favorite small appliances at DealDash, one for you and one for a gift, shop in advance and use the “Alert Me” tab, shop often and search for your item, use your free bids to help you bid in this auction, and stay involved in just the one auction and always use your Bid Buddy.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Stay Tuned to Your DealDash

Some items at DealDash require more attention than others, overtime, you will be able to figure out which auctions you can “set it, and forget it” or you need to stay tuned and be involved.  I like the auctions that require you to stay tuned.  They are the faster moving items, usually the lower retail value, and it’s just fun to win at DealDash.

For now, you can follow these general tips to decide which items to go for to win quick and for a low retail.  First is popularity of item, you can determine this by the number of people in the auction. Simply open an individual auction and you can see how many players there are by the number of avatars, each one represents a player, the fewer the players, the better the odds of winning.  Get in on the DealDash auction very early incase it closes for a couple of pennies, and use your Bid Buddy even if you’re only putting in 10 bids.  If everyone else makes a mistake right out of the gate, you win!  How’s that for pay attention?

These items are generally everyday items that everyone already has, like jewelry, cologne, a pocket book, or a watch.  Other low retail items, especially in the toy category will sell low.  The exception in the toy category is the gaming system, they are very popular (although that is technology, it’s also a game, it fits both categories.

Price is also an important factor, usually the higher the retail value, the more players in the auction.  There are so many players who want the same items and when this happens, this is the auction where you can set it and forget it.  This is an auction which you expect to go on and on for hours or even days.  If it is an auction that is going on for days, be sure to load enough bids into your Bid Buddy for over night, and assume it will be down to you and one other person for awhile, you’ll want to add extra for those.  Tip: A lot of long lasting auctions will end in the wee hours of the morning because a player didn’t load up enough bids and fell asleep.

How long the item has been on the site often has some to do with the popularity.  I have found that new items, like today new, will sell low the first day on the site, but then as soon as it catches on, the item gets popular and everyone wants it, so the popularity goes high. Then it levels out, a lot of players have it and there are again, less players in the auction.

There are any number of other reasons to watch the auction you are in. For example, if there is a Bid Multiplier on free bids for your Time As High Bidder(TAHB) because if there is a stomper in the way, you don’t want to lose out on those free bids.  It’s better to walk away from the auction, there is always another one.  Check the list on the auction to see how often the item is offered, you can tell this by looking at the dates the item was last won.  If there are no dates, it’s most likely a new item.

So, low retail, keep an eye on it, high retail, set it and forget it.  It’s fun either way.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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