DealDash: Pop in One Bid

There are a lot of different playing strategies at DealDash, but the most popular one is to simply place one bid before $5.  Many, many players do this and never come back.  I never used to do it, but now I’ve realized there is some good that comes from this activity.

The players who do come back after $5 usually come in late and out bid all the front end players, they’re called “Jumpers”  and  there is really little chance  to beat them with bids if you’ve already use all 500 of your bids and they just entered, but you can out-wit, them because you placed a bid too in a different auction they are in.  You don’t have to enter an auction to win, you can just be there to shake things up.  I have been in auctions and had no intention of “staying in for the long haul” but I did want to see if I can scare someone out of an auction, and it works!

This is something that the jumper doesn’t consider.  They come in late and stay late, they expect everyone to leave and let them win.  Well, if you poked in one bid, you can be that person.  This is what is known as “if you can’t beat them, join them”.

I never do this to players who have been in an auction all along, but if someone jumps me, I will seek them out in another auction and play the other auctions they are in to scare them away. It works, often they will jump out of the auction they jumped into because I just jumped them in a different auction.  This is not an activity for the faint of heart, and by that I mean, if you don’t have a lot of bids to burn, don’t stay in long, just long enough to see if there is any movement.  Hey, maybe you’ll scare someone else away and win that way.  That wasn’t the plan, but I’ve seen it happen!

So what I’m suggesting is, if you are constantly being jumped, be a faint-of-heart jumper!  The reason I say faint-of-heart I truly believe it’s mean to jump people all the time, I don’t do it to anyone who doesn’t do it to me.  So if  you are a jumper, you might win more if you weren’t.

Any way you get it done, Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash Promotion Genius

DealDash Free Auction WinsHave you ever wondered how DealDash comes up with their promotion ideas? I have. If you have not been bidding on DealDash for a while then it may not seem as much fun. To someone like myself who has been bidding for nearly 2 years, I see what promotions are being offered and they are always unique and timely.
This last weekend auctions are free to the winner. This means that an auction may go for more than the card is worth, it could be a $25 card and sell for as much as $26.50 or more. The winner though only pays $.01 to check out their win. What a great offer to their bidders and to a new person, how fun to have to only pay a penny for your win.
On top of the free auction wins, DealDash is also offering the 3X your clock for free bids. Since the clock normally winds down by 10 seconds, it takes 6 bids to get one minute off your free bid clock. With the 3X offer, you get 30 seconds off the free bid clock for every bid you make. This is TRIPLE what you would normally get. What other penny auction sites do this? And, free auction wins too?
I think the creative people at DealDash do an excellent job of keeping bidders on the edge and always interested. The auction items are always something we want, like an iPad, iPhone, flat screen tv’s, and the gift cards are for restaurants and stores all over the USA. I have to give credit where it is due, this site really does do the best job in engaging everybody young and old in trying to win an auction. DealDash has free shipping too so you never pay any more for your auction win than the final price. Great site, great bidding, bids are often on sale, what more could a bidder want? Thanks, DealDash, this works for me!
By Joan Vith

My Kids LOVE DealDash!!!

My user name on DealDash is loveablenicki. I have 2 young boys Zander 11 and Zack 4. They have grown to love DealDash as much as I do, and now that they know what mommy is doing on there. My 11 year old son loves video games. Every time there is a new video game that comes out he knows he is more likely to get it if DealDash has it than if I have to go to a store. We look them up in the DealDash search and mark them for reminders. DealDash will send me a email every time an auction is coming up so I don’t miss out on the deals. I have won many video games on this web site.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II for Nintendo Wii valued at $20 for $1.24 is one of many I have won and this is what my 11 year old is into – Star Wars.

DealDash Winners

As far as my little one he is loving his Cars 6-Inch Folding Scooter by Huffy valued at $40 for only 70 cents!!! He plays with this every day. 

DealDash Winners

I have all ready started doing my Christmas shopping for this year, but i’m going to need more space to store everything LOL My closet only holds so much 🙂 But this Christmas is going to be A awesome one thanks to DealDash!!!

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Save Bids And Avoid Becoming A Buttinski Bidder On DealDash

Perhaps you’ve witnessed what I call the “Buttinski Bidder” on I’ll explain what this is. 

There will be two or three bidders in an auction bidding hundreds of dollars’ worth of bids with the goal of winning the big prize.
Bidder Q will start stomping on the other bidder to run down Bidder R’s bids on bid buddy. This is perfectly legit and part of the auction process. Then, out of nowhere enters Bidder “X”, who is offended and angered by bidder Q’s attempt to win by stomping Bidder R. Bidder X will then start to bid on purpose with the specific goal of playing spoiler— stopping bidder Q from stomping on Bidder R. Thus Bidder X is the Buttinski Bidder.
Bidder X will not win the auction but will only waste fifty to one hundred of his or her own bids to make the point: “Don’t stomp.” Simply defined, Bidder X is minding someone else’s business while losing his or her own bids/money at the same time. Bidder X is your nosey neighbor, or nosey colleague at the office and is also your town gossip too. Bidder X is trouble, one you will want to avoid at all costs. The purpose of this blog is to educate you and to help you avoid becoming (Bidder X) the “Buttinski Bidder” of your next auction.
Make no mistake: People sign up, purchase bids and participate in auctions to win, period. Those who think otherwise are living in a fantasy world. It is comical for me when I see various bidders’ profiles with comments about stomping: “Don’t stomp I will stomp you back, etc.” Stomping is a strategy used by many bidders who have the goal of winning the auction, period. Get over it, this is a business where people want to win and will not play fair all the time. Bidders are in it to win it. That’s the way it is, REALITY. Just last week I participated in an auction for a 1,000 dollar gift card. After bidding a few bids hoping to be that lucky winner I withdrew from this contest to observe the auction’s conclusion. There were a total of three bidders. One female bidder was stomping on her competition for many hours. The cost of the item had risen into the two hundreds. All of a sudden out of nowhere entered the Buttinski Bidder of this auction who purposely started stomping this female bidder. Watching this amazing contest I counted over 120 Buttinski bids. This Buttinski was angry and trying to make a point. The Buttinski’s anger cost the Buttinski bidder over 17.00 dollars. Seriously is spending 17.00 of your hard, earned blood, sweat and tears to make a point, really worth it? It turns out this gift card sold in the four hundreds to a male bidder, a guy who entered to win without being a Buttinski Bidder. It is not easy to win an auction. Waiting it out can be frustrating at times. Invest your own time wisely and use your bids to win. Here’s to NOT becoming the next Buttinski Bidder!
By Josephine Deal Dasher
butt·in·sky or butt·in·ski  (bŭt-ĭn′skē)

n. pl. butt·in·skies also butt·in·skys or butt·in·skis Slang

One who is prone to butting in; a meddler.


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