Seasonal Shopping

Perhaps it’s time to do some seasonal shopping on

At this time of year, the weather in my part of the country usually takes a turn for the worse.  Daylight Savings Time ended, and now it gets dark early and the rainy season begins.

I noticed there are many items we can shop for on DealDash that might help make it a little easier to get through such awful weather conditions.


We should never be caught without an umbrella at this time of year, and DealDash offers auctions for one of the best umbrellas you could find.

We all need a good umbrella that we can easily fit in a bag and take with us whenever we are out and about. We would not want to be caught off guard if it suddenly starts to rain.

Not only does this umbrella open and close with a single push of a button, but the way it’s designed prevents it from going inside out in in the wind. I really love that!

Rain Boots

DealDash now offers some fancy rain boots that come in various sizes.  They sure would come in handy when walking through puddles on sidewalks and roadways.

Waterproof Backpacks

More great seasonal auctions to bid on are the waterproof pack packs. They have plenty of room and they come in several colors–red, sky blue, green or yellow.

Don’t be caught off-guard during the messy fall weather. Shop for these great items on DealDash and be prepared!

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