Practical Vs Novelty Gifts

What type of gifts do you prefer to receive: practical or novelty? As a down-to-earth, practical kind of person I definitely prefer to receive practical gifts! Regardless of what kind of gifts we prefer, the good news is that we can find plenty of both on

Practical Gifts

The best thing about receiving a practical gift is that we can usually be sure the person has not wasted their money because it will get plenty of use.

For example, some practical gifts I found on DealDash are:

  • Sheet sets, comforters, throws and towels. DealDash offers many auctions featuring these items.
  • Shoes, socks, purses and gloves are usually always very much appreciated. DealDash also offers plenty of auctions featuring these items.

Novelty Gifts

Some people prefer receiving novelty gifts because they see them as having a more personal touch. The only problem is that we must really know a person’s likes and dislikes well enough to get something they will really like.

For example, some novelty gifts I found on DealDash are:

  • Perfume, rings and earrings are lovely gifts, but we really have to know a person’s taste because many women are extremely particular when it comes to personal gifts like this. Therefore, I won a variety of rings and earrings, put them in a box and allowed my friends select the ones they liked most.
  • Oil paintings would also be something I would include in my novelty gift list, and DealDash offers many lovely oil paintings. Sometimes these oil paintings sell at really good bargain prices, too.

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