Tips to Win on DealDash: Your Bidding Buddy

robotDo you have a bidding buddy? And no, we’re not talking about a friend who tells you when to bid against them and when not too: note this is called collusion and it’s against the terms & conditions, not to mention it’s unethical.
Tired of clicking the bid button?
Make bid buddy your bidding friend. Bid Buddy is an automated bidding system provided by DealDash and accesible in the interface of each auction item
How it works is you input the amount of bids you would like the BidBuddy system to bid for you in the bid field, you must first have the amount in your bidding balance.
You can also tell the system the start and end time you would like to bid from. Once it’s set sit back and watch the computer bid for you.
Getting started:
1. Under where it says BidBuddy – Your Automatic Bidding Tool type in the number of bids you would like BidBuddy to bid for you – then click “Book a BidBuddy”
Deal dash Bidding tips bid buddy

Advantages to using DealDash’s bid buddy. 

  • -You won’t risk losing to another bidder if you miss the bid button, if your Internet connection disconnects, if you computer is slow, or due to internet latency if you place a bid too close to the end time and the system does not register.
  • – You don’t know if any other bidder is on bid buddy though, and they won’t know that you are. What happens is with each bid round bids are placed by the system by bidders on bid buddy and you can’t control or predict when the bid buddy will fire or when your’s will, but it will fire when the timer goes down and no one else bids and another bidder isn’t on BidBuddy.
  • – Keep an eye on how many bids you have left in both your account and in your BidBuddy bidding queue, You don’t want to run out of bids and lose anticipating it to place another bid from your account when you don’t have any left.
  • – If you want to try to win the item and if you don’t win, but plan on using buy it now, just set your Bid Buddy for the full retail amount and forget it. Check back later and see if you won. If you didn’t all you have to do is buy it for the stated price and then you will get all of your bids back. Just be sure you buy it now before 7 days from the auction date have passed. Learn more about buy it now on DealDash and save money on everything you want!

Try DealDash today and use BidBuddy to bid on!

DealDash Basics: Sunk Costs and Why Bidders Keep Bidding

New to DealDash
Hello! Are you new to DealDash and not sure where to begin? 

Well first of all, let’s start out by explaining what DealDash is, how you bid and why you should try it.
DealDash – found at, is an online pay-per-bid entertainment auction website. Opened in 2009, it’s actually one of the longest running penny auction sites of its kind.
A variety of items are sold on a daily basis and many bidders get great deals.
DealDash can be referred to as a lifestyle brand entertainment auction site thanks to the wide vary of items to suit just about everyone’s lifestyle. From the large number of gift cards, gift cards for everything from fine cuts of meat and seafood, restaurants, and retailers, toys, baby items, video games, cleaning supplies, furniture, jewelry, appliances, electronics, gardening, fishing, exercise and so much more.
What is an entertainment auction aka penny auction site?
A penny auction, unlike the traditional auction site think eBay, BiddingforGood (by the way, real cool way to support charities and get great deals on merchandise, vacations, etc. too!) requires bidders to purchase bids – penny auctionss run on a totally different format.
Each bid serves as an entry fee for a chance to win.
Bids are sold in bid packs of 180, 400, 800, 1500, and 2500 bids and currently all bids cost $0.18 each.
Once you place a bid you will be spending $0.18 each time *Unless you get your bids cheaper, right now they are on sale for 70% off the regular price.
dealdash bid packs
The auction clock is totally different too – 10 seconds on the countdown does not really mean 10 seconds remaining in the auction.
dealdash timer
What happens is if someone places a bid after you do, at any time, the timer will reset to 10 seconds, or 20 seconds, depending on the particular site. On DealDash the reset time is 10 seconds. So say Bidder X places a bid when the timer states 8 seconds remaining, then bidder Y places a bid right after bidder X when there are 3 seconds remaining. You can see where bidder Y’s hopes of winning could be crushed at that point, but this the nature of the game and X could then place another bid after bidder Y and the timer would be reset again.
And other bidders could be in the running, too, placing bids and resetting the timer with each new bid.
But remember, each bid costs money $0.xx or if you purchase bid packs at a discount sometimes around $0.16 each bid.
The more bids you purchase at a discount the more competitive advantage you have over other users who paid more money for their bids.
Whether or not you’re a competitive person, or someone who gets annoyed easily, these traits could really start to come out once you have money on the line trying to win an item you really want that everyone else seems to want too.
Everyone is in the same boat, the way you react and the amount of bids and time you spend may differ from another bidder.
Anger + frustration can also come into play. Penny auction and bidder behavior embody the popular law of attrition talked about in game mechanics and sunk cost theory.
Sunk Cost – in this case would be the amount of money that is spent beyond the value of something to reclaim the value of what has already been spent trying to win. So a bidder would keep bidding in order to reclaim the cost already “sunk” into trying to win.
To illustrate sunk cost, here’s an example with two different bidders.  Bidder X and Bidder Y. Bidder X has been bidding on an item valued at $50 – so far they are still bidding against either bidder Y or multiple bidders and at this point they have spent $55 in trying to win, but haven’t yet won it, bidder X could either give up and write the money off as a loss of trying, the sunk cost, or keep trying to reclaim the sunk cost of $55 if they bid more and end up winning. There is And while there are tips and strategies that different users utilize and win, there is not one sure tip or definitive strategy that will assure success.
DealDash’s brilliant buy it now offering  helps with the sunk cost problem.
Say bidder X, at $55 in has decided to buy it now they can purchase the item at its stated value of $50 and receive all of their bids back into their account – a definite win if you wanted the item anyway but couldn’t get it at a discount. It wouldn’t make much sense to keep bidding if you didn’t want to lose more money in bids especially if you ended up not winning. Though you could try and bid more and see if you win, but when you decide to buy it now all bids will be returned to you.
Tune in next time for more tips!

Paying It Forward On DealDash


Do you ever “Pay It Forward? “ In other words, did you ever purposely allow another customer to win?

I have, especially when it is a new customer trying to get that first win. Remember how difficult it was to win that first auction when you were a new customer and you had not yet developed a winning strategy?
You might think that’s a ridiculous thing to do. After all, we are all bidding because we are “in it to win it” and we all “love to win,” so why “Pay It Forward” to a complete stranger? Ever since I saw the movie “Pay It Forward,” I started doing random acts of kindness. I am sure most of us can think of a time when we were lucky enough to receive help from a stranger when we really needed it. About a month ago, a young couple next to me at a movie theater came up $3 short. I had $3 in my pocket and when I saw the desperate look in their faces, I handed them the $3 and said, “All I ask is that you ‘Pay It Forward’ by helping someone else in need someday.
Likewise, when I am bidding on DealDash and I see from the information in the upper right that my only remaining competition has not yet won an auction, while I already have some wins for the week, sometimes I purposely cancel my remaining bids to let that new customer win. Of course, the customer might never know I did that, but as long as I know it makes my day.
We can all make the world a better place – one person at a time – even while placing bids on DealDash. What is the best reason to purposely allow another customer to win? I say, “Because we can”. We can do random acts of kindness for anyone at any time. Why not do the same on DealDash?
By Barbara Sellers (SorryMyTurn)

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My Favorite DealDash Win

South Shore - Step One Collection 6-Drawer Chest

I do most of my bidding during 1/2 off or Free Sales at DealDash and my most favorite win would be the South Shore Step One Collection 6 Drawer Chest that I won with 59 bids for $0.01 during a Free Sale.

Winning Bid on
My bedroom has built in closets and 6 built in drawers between them but that was not enough room for all of my clothes. The South Shore Step One Collection 6 Drawer Chest I won fits perfectly in my room and the drawers are deep and I am able to put all of my clothes away and keep them organized with each drawer accommodating all of my boxers, socks, shorts, T-shirts and sweaters. Plus I still have one drawer left.
It was fairly easy to assemble and is made of fine wood material, not pressure board, or at least I don’t believe it’s pressure board, and the drawers slide very easily. This is one item that I use every day and I must say the quality is superb!
I have to say that all of my experiences with the staff of have been very friendly and with the utmost professionalism. Comment below and share what you won!
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