How to Be A Better DealDash Bidder Right Now

Do you get frustrated when you spend money on bids on DealDash, or any penny auction site, and you run out or bids, or the auction ends before you can place a bid? Want to get the great prices that other bidders are, but not sure how? Scared to lose your money?

Bidding on DealDash can be both enjoyable and rewarding, but you have to take into account a few factors to succeed and help you be a better bidder.

If you want to win more auctions you need to keep the following tips in mind: 

1. Start out by bidding on just bid pack auctions. If you go for just bid pack auctions you can build a sizable bidding account. This will help you out immensely later on when you want to bid on higher dollar items. Find out how to win and get more free bids!

2. Bid only on the items that you want to use buy it now on. DealDash’s auctions are all 100% buy it now, so this means if you do not win something with the bids you have spent you can just buy the item and get your bids back. This saves you money and allows you to bid again and try to win more items for less than the retail price.

3. Observe the auctions before you start bidding.  When you are new you must spend time watching items and not just bidding. Make sure you keep tabs on bidders and watch how many bids they spend to win, where they are at on their monthly win limit limit and what they bid on and win. A bidder’s win limit status is shown right next to a bidder’s profile avatar when they bid.

Start by placing just one bid on an auction and then watch and see how many other bidders are going to place a bid too. Wait until it shows “no new bidders” then you will know how many others might still be in the auction bidding, because after $3.00 no new users can come in and start bidding.

4. Spend wisely and budget your bids. Make sure you keep track of how much money you are spending when you are bidding on penny auctions. You can easily get carried away and spend too much money on bids and not win anything. Again, use buy it now!

5. Read reviews and tips by other DealDash bidders. These can be found on the DealDash Facebook page, this blog and

Father's Day Promotion on DealDash & Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 15th! Do you have a gift for your dad yet? Beginning today, and running through the weekend, DealDash is featuring a special Father’s Day promotion. All auction wins during Father’s Day Weekend Sale are FREE! DealDash pays the final sales price for the winner.
Note: “Auction winners will only be subject to a $0.01 transaction fee that goes to the payment processor and does not benefit DealDash.
Not sure what to buy your dad for Father’s Day here are a few suggestions!
1. Headphonesmonster dna
Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones – Buy it now price of $209 These On-Ear Headphones from Monster. These headphones are also wireless and still give you deep bass and superior details making your music come out fresh and crystal clear. These are lightweight and comfortable, Enjoy hours of music when you use these Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones. With this product, you have deep bass and superior details at the same time. That makes your music come out fresh and clear. These black/red headphones are lightweight and comfortable, and they provide an ultra-dynamic sound. . – See more at:
2. Grilling
Grilling really is an all-American rite of summer and whether you are vegetarian or a meat eater you can grill fresh cuts of meat, fish or grill up some vegetables – don’t forget the kabob skewers!
Read our grilling guide to learn more about different types of grills in  Summer Fun Guide: The All-American Barbeque.
3. Tools
Get your dad a brand new set of tools with this awesome DeWalt 18 V XRP Cordless 6-Tool Combo Kit -which includes a cordless hammer drill, self tightening chuck, cordless reciprocating saw with keyless blade clamp, 1,330 in-lbs of max torque with the DC825 18V impact driver, DC4118 V cut-off tool with 6,500 RPM provides high power for cutting and grinding applications.

  • Hammer drill, with patented 3-speed all-metal transmission, delivers 450 units watts out of maximum performance
  • Circular saw can cut 2 x 4s at a 45° angle in a single pass
  • Reciprocating saw’s keyless blade clamp allows for quick blade changes
  • XRP™ extended run-time batteries provide long run-time & battery life
  • Impact driver generates 1,330 In./lbs of maximum torque
  • Cut-off tool provides 6,500 RPM for high-power cutting and grinding
  • Independently certified to meet applicable standards

4. New Computer
Win your dad a brand new Gateway Black All-in-one computer with Intel Celeron 1017U processor, 4GB memory, 19.5″ monitor, a 500GB Hard Drive and Windows 8.1 .

  • Intel Celeron 1017U processor
    1.60GHz, 2MB Cache
  • 4GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory
    The Gateway Desktop PC with 19.5″ monitor and 500GB hard drive gives you the power to handle most power-hungry applications and tons of multimedia work
  • 500GB SATA hard drive
    Store 333,000 photos, 142,000 songs or 263 hours of HD video and more
  • 8x SuperMulti Double-Layer Drive
    Watch movies and read and write CDs and DVDs in multiple formats
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN
    Connect to a broadband modem with wired Ethernet or wirelessly connect to a WiFi signal or hotspot with the 802.11b/g/n connection built into your Gateway All-in-One Desktop with Intel Celeron 1017U Processor and 4GB memory
  • 19.5″ HD widescreen Ultrabright LCD monitor
    Intel HD Graphicsgateway

– See more at:
What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day? 🙂

Summer Adventure for Less Money

Are you an adventure seeker, but wish you had more money to get out there and enjoy the summer? It doesn’t take money to get outside and hike, swim and enjoy nature, but if you want to do more you will need a few of these items.
1. Kayaking
Kayaking is a fun, beneficial exercise. It helps you to clear your mind, tone your body and it’s a great cardiovascular workout. According to studies, exercise triggers the release of brain chemicals that help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.
kayakLifetime Daylite Kayak
The Lifetime Daylite Kayak is an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate recreation kayaking. The Dragonfly Kayak is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with its molded carrying handles. Boasting a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, this Dragonfly Moorea kayak is almost impossible to flip over. The two-piece aluminum shaft kayak paddle with dual-position blade feather adjustment provides quality and long-term durability.
Dragonfly Moorea Kayak Fully adjustable comfort backrest folds for storage and transport
Large watertight storage compartment inside backrest for personal items
Flat-bottom design for unmatched stability
Tunnel tracking hull channels to keep you on your course
Crafted from high-impact polyethylene with superior UV protection
Dragonfly Kayak lays flat on auto roof racks for easy tie-down Raised seating provides high and dry comfort and security

2. Camping

There’s something to be said about sleeping outside, under the stars, devoid of electronics and the comforts we’ve all grown accustom to.  There are campgrounds all over the country – some in state parks others in privately owned camp grounds. Camping is an affordable way to travel and see the world, too.

The Ozark Trail 20-Foot x 10-Inch 3-Room Tent, Sleeps 10

This Ozark Trail 20′ x 10′ 3-Room Tent sleeps 10 people and can fit three queen air mattresses with room to spare. The two removable room dividers can create three separate rooms.

Ozark Trail 20′ x 10′ 3-Room Tent, Sleeps 10:

  • Sleeps 10
  • 1 center door and 2 side doors offer separate entrances for added privacy
  • 6 windows and 2 side doors for increased ventilation and panoramic views
  • Taped fly seams prevent leakage
  • Fits 3 queen air mattresses with room to spare
  • 2 removable room dividers create 3 rooms
  • 3-room family tent includes E-port, mud mat and shoe pocket
  • Comes with a zippered carry bag
  • Measures 20′ x 10′

– See more at:

3. Rafting
rafting tube
Rafting down a river is a super fun and adventurous  way to enjoy the outdoors.
The Bestway 53-Inch Rapid Rider Rafting Tube on DealDash – Click “alert me” to find out when this raft will be up for auction. Constructed of high quality PVC, this raft is safe and comfortable for floating lazily down a river or navigating rough rapids! is a great rafting resource.
-See more at
4. Mountain Biking
mountain bike

Mountain biking is biking a mountain over rocky tracks and boulder paths. You need a lot of physical strength and stamina to mountain bike, but the physical benefits once you work your way up to mountain biking are incredible. Plus if you enjoy hiking & biking you really should try mountain biking! Don’t want to pay over $300 for a decent mountain bike? You should bid on a mountain bike on DealDash. This Titan White Knight 21-Speed Alloy All Terrain Mountain Bike last sold on DealDash for just $0.72!

See more at:

What’s your idea of an adventurous summer? We want to hear about it!

Beginner Auctions on DealDash

dealdash beginnersDo you find yourself frustrated by the tough competition all vying to win the same hot item on a penny auction site?
Even while bidding on DealDash, the competition can sometimes be tough!
Plus, if you haven’t bid a lot you really need to start out slow, practice bidding and start actually being able to win to get the hang of the way entertainment shopping auctions work. That’s why bidding on Beginner’s Auctions on DealDash is the perfect way to get your feet wet and practice bidding. Plus, you might have a better chance of winning on beginner auctions.
Beginner’s auctions are displayed on the homepage, right after you login to your DealDash account. There are just a handful of auctions that are shown that you can bid on when you are a beginner.
These items range in price, but are on the lower end of values with $10 fast food gift cards, and other smaller items under $50. DealDash limits each bidder to 1 beginner auction win.
Current beginner auctions include a Celestron UpClose 8×21 Roof Binocular, Official Major League Baseball w/ Cube Display Box and a $10 Burger King gift card.
Beginner Bidding Tips:
#1. Use Bid Buddy
#2 Start out by buying a bid pack.
#3 Bid on beginner auctions
#4 Use Buy it Now
buy it now
Bid on auctions that you really want and spend only the amount of bids that you can  afford when you combine the purchase with using buy it now on the item. To buy it now click the “buy it now!” link below the auction’s bidding area. Then a pop-up will show you the value and how much you pay. Buy it Now by inputting your credit card info and wait to receive it. Shipping is free on all items either won or bought with buy it now.