DealDash Features Explained: Who's On Their Limit?

On every penny auction site there are bidders who will always seem to win all of the items they start bidding in.
You’ll know these bidders when you see them. They’re powerbidders, and as we told you in our Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auction Series (See The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 1 of 3; The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 2 of 3; The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 3 of 3.) These powerbidders are ruthless, and well, let’s face it – unless you want to spend all of your bids and buy it now (you will get your bids back with buy it now), it’s not always smart to bid against them.
A good thing about DealDash is that there are win limits in place to keep bidding fair.
Don’t like win limits?
Well think about it this way: Would you ever be able to win anything if the powerbidders were able to win everything?
DealDash’s Win Limits Explained
Each bidder can only win a set number of items each week.
The limits are there to ensure that everyone can win the same amount of items.
Each user can win up to 6 items valued at less than $200, and 3 items valued more than $200 per week.
The item’s price is stated as the Buy it now/MSRP price on each auction.
Once you’re logged in you can track how many items you’ve won each week by looking at the winning limit slots. This can be found next to your bid amount on the top right-hand corner of

Deal dash win limits explained

Once you have reached your win limits, the site will not let you bid on more items. Again, no more than 6 items valued under $200, and no more than 3 over $200.
Win limits are reset first thing in the morning on the day of the week you registered. So if you registered on Saturday the win limits should reset at 12am Saturday morning.
Did you know that DealDash lets you see who is on their win limit each week? 
How to find out who is on their win limit:
1. Click on the “My Dashboard” link right underneath the win limit meter and bids left section on the top right corner of the homepage:
2. On the left-hand side click on the link “Who’s on their limit”
3. Now you will see a page with a list of users who have won the maximum number of wins for the week. Notice how their names are shaded? In order to see who is on their limit you have to click “Show me the list!”
To see the list you will have to spend 1 bid.
You will be able to see an updated list for the next 12 hours.

Check it out!


Curious to know who’s on their limit now? Here’s a sneak peek of who’s on their limit right now!


What do you think about DealDash’s win limits? Do you like that you can see who is at their limit? How does this help you as you bid on DealDash? We want to hear about your experiences and don’t forget to send us your questions for our new weekly Dear DealDashTips! Reader Question & Answer Series!  

Introducing Dear DealDashTips! Reader Question & Answer Series

question and answersHave you ever read the famous Dear Abby columns in the newspaper? If not, you really should check them out (
Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips and was founded by her mother, the late Pauline Philips. The Dear Abby columns are published to help people by providing common sense advice on marriages, children, jobs, and really just about anything that troubles them.
Is there anything that you would like to know about DealDash or penny auctions in general?  
Wouldn’t you like to have a “Dear Abby” for penny auctions? Now you can. Introducing Dear DealDashTips our new reader question & answer series.
Are there any tips or words of advice that you would really like to know?
Do you struggle with anything related to penny auctions? Perhaps you are having problems with how a loved one or friend views your bidding admiration as “addiction,” and need to find a way to defend your hobby?
Or maybe there a feature or bidding style that still puzzles you?
Is there an item that you’ve always wanted to see on DealDash, or a feature that hasn’t been implicated yet?
We will try our best to get you an answer, pass on your feedback, and see what the DealDash team thinks!
Each Monday we will host our weekly Dear DealDashTips Question & Answer Series. In order to make this new series a success we need you to send in your questions – all you have to do is include them in the comments section below, and we will answer them in our weekly series beginning next Monday.
Keep your questions to the point and provide background information about yourself too!
We can’t wait to get started. This is going to be a lot of fun!


Featured DealDash Item: The GoPro HERO3+ HD Camera

While checking out all of the cool new products at CES 2014 in Vegas this past week I came across the GoPro booth. I was astonished to learn that last year alone GoPro sold a reported 2.3 million cameras, and gained 6.3+ million Facebook likes! Not only that, they host a daily giveaway where one person wins each of every product they sell.

What is GoPro?  

GoPro has become the producer of arguably the “World’s most versatile camera.”
Since GoPro’s HERO cameras are all wearable and gear-mountable they appeal to a wide range of fans – from the extreme sports enthusiasts to anyone wanting to share their adventures in true high-quality, HD style.
Sounds cool, right? Wait until you see a video shot with a GoPro HERO. This video was shot by a hiker while backpacking on the West Coast Trail in the Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, Canada. If it doesn’t inspire you to want to lace up your hiking shoes and grab a pack and just go I don’t know what will.

You know when you experience something so awe-inspiring and beautiful you just know that any photos you take just won’t do the moment justice? Well, a GoPro really credits the beauty of such a moment. 

 If you’re not the outdoorsy type, I guarantee that watching this clip will make you feel like you’re along for the journey (minus any aching muscles and feet). 

Check it out:
Ok, so I forgot to mention.. That amazing video was filmed back in 2011… That’s 3 years ago!

Can you imagine what a NEW GoPro HERO would capture?

Take a look at the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition:

The HERO3+ Black Edition is not only wearable and gear-mountable, it’s  20% smaller than its predecessors, it delivers improved image quality – in fact, it’s the most advanced GoPro ever made.  SuperView™ is a new video mode that captures the world’s most immersive wide angle perspective, while Auto Low Light mode intelligently adjusts frame rate for exceptional shots even in low-light environments. Combined with 30% longer battery life thanks to a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, 4x faster Wi-Fi, a sharper lens and compatibility with all GoPro mounts and accessories. 12.0 MP still image resolution. Waterproof housing protects the camera during submersion in up to 131′ of water.  Mono microphone records clear audio. MicroSD memory card support.
It gets near perfect reviews, too. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 59 customers on GoPro’s website. 4 out of 5 stars on with 212 reviews.
Not only has GoPro been claimed to be the best-selling camera of its kind, the HERO3 camera has been used by many professional production companies. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences recently awarded the HERO3 camera an Emmy for its contributions to filmmaking and production. Wow!
“We have used GoPro cameras in some of our biggest productions, like Survivor and The Bible. GoPro has allowed us to capture and share fascinating new perspectives that previously weren’t possible or were too costly, which in the end makes for better story telling. We are always excited to see what GoPro is working on next,” remarks award winning producer, Mark Burnett.
For a camera with that much power, we’d assume it to have a steep price point…Right? Well, the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Camera retails for $399.99.
But it gets even better!


 DealDash offers the GoPro HERO3 Black Edition on a pretty regular basis, in fact an auction for one is ending right now!

The average end price of the HERO3 is $88.54 (78% off retail)! 

See more at:
Check it out, and learn more about bidding on DealDash in DealDash Demystified
If you have a GoPro camera we want to see some of your videos!
Let us know how you like GoPro and DealDash in the comments section!

A Simple Exercise To Find The Perfect Auction

exercisesNow that you know that Auctions are FREE this week on DealDash and bids are as cheap as 70% off, now would be a good time to find out how to find the perfect auction to bid on, right?
Well now you can! Here’s a simple exercise to find a perfect auction to bid on and hopefully – WIN! 🙂
1. Make a List
Start out by looking at all of the auctions that are currently active on DealDash – narrow them down to just the items that you actually really need or would go out to the store and buy. Make a list. DealDash really does have items for everyone!
Looking for new items to spruce up your home?
Need a new lamp? There’s one from Safavieh (known for rugs + furniture) right now. Is it chilly in your house and you wished you had a fireplace? Check out the electric fireplace insert. Are you a gamer? Check out some of the Xbox and Playstation games up for bid. Make a list of everything you actually want. This will save you from randomly bidding on a lot of items you don’t care about, causing you to waste bids.
So here’s what you should do. Think to yourself..what do I need? Say your blender just broke or you’ve been wanting to get one. Does DealDash offer those? Check. There’s the Ninja Kitchen System Blender up for auction today.
So there’s already three items that you really would like to win today….
-A new lamp

-A new Ninja blender
-The new Xbox game Angry Birds Star Wars for Xbox.
2. Narrow down your list…Pick 1 item. 
ninja blender auction
While BidBuddy makes it easier to bid on 3 items at once (since these items are all ending right now), it’s not always a good idea to bid on all 3 at once… You could very easily 1.) forget how many bids you have left on BidBuddy if you’re not closely watching… 2.) freeze up your computer when you are rapidly switching browser windows and 3.) end up spending way more money and not winning anything.
So let’s pick the #1 item that you really want to win… Say it’s the new Ninja blender – it’s the most useful of the 3 items and you really want to start making smoothies each morning (ya know, your New Years Resolution to get healthy, right?). So pick the blender.
3. Now that you’ve picked the item you want to go for it’s time to WATCH!
1- Wait – Watch the auction and see how many bidders are bidding and who is consistently placing bids. Wait and start bidding when you see a good opportunity. When less bidders are bidding or less of the same bidders, start.
2- Act – but act fast, since auctions on DealDash are “No Jumper” auctions, be sure you start bidding before it’s too late and the item is locked out. In the case of the Ninja blender it’s $5.00 (500 bids by all bidders will bring the max of 5.00 and determine the cut off point.) So bid early and bid often.
3- Time – watch the time now and time when you should start bidding. Set your timing strategy. You can either be the bidder to always bid at say 3 seconds… this will cause other bidders to take notice that you’re consistent, and always bidding at 3 seconds. Some bidders could see this and stop bidding.
4- Check – check out who is bidding on the blender. How many items have they won recently? See if they seem to be a “go all in bidder” or just throw a few bids in here and there hoping to win. It’s good to study the ended items to get a feel for who your competition is.
5= Hop in and start bidding!
See why it’s so important to narrow your focus if you want to win?
Didn’t win? Opt to buy the blender at the Buy it now price of $182 and get all the bids you spent back to use them to try and win another item. Just remember to make a list and keep your eye on the prize. Until next time, happy bidding and good luck! 😉
Join and start winning!