Bad Shopping Habits

I wrote an article once about some of the most important life lessons I’ve learned in my 74 years. One of them was that we should try hard not to develop bad habits because once we develop some bad habits they are so very difficult to break.

That lesson could apply to bad shopping habits on too. Ask yourself. Are you developing any bad shopping habits?  Perhaps you are wondering what I mean by that.  Let’s take a close look at some of the worst shopping habits anyone can have:


When shoppers develop the bad habit of overbidding, they not only hurt themselves but they also hurt other shoppers who come to this shopping site to win some great bargains. When customers overbid they help DealDash make money but even that is a catch 22. If too many shoppers consistently overbid and prevented anyone from ever winning good deals, eventually DealDash would lose customers too. Therefore, too much overbidding is not really good for anyone.

break bad habits, build good habits – motivational reminder on colorful sticky notes – self-development concept
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Motivation Factors

Since first started it has remained in business now for more than 12 years and that, my friends, does not happen by accident. No, that happens by design – a desire to keep customers happy and the determination to continually look for more and better ways to improve.

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Every once in a while we see comments by long-time members who brag about how many years they have been shopping on DealDash. Whenever people become such loyal customers that they keep coming back year after year for more that does not happen by accident either. No, that means the company has successfully put a significant number of motivating factors in place that makes shoppers like us return time and time again.

Just ask yourself, “Why are we still shopping on DealDash?” If I asked 25 people that question, I might get 25 different answers, but let’s take a look at some of the most important ones:


One motivation factor that keeps DealDash customers coming back is its outstanding reputation. DealDash earned our trust and we all want to shop with a company we can trust. That never comes easy but DealDash worked hard over the years to develop the reputation of being a fair and honest shopping site.

Like any other growing company DealDash had some challenges over the years. While DealDash only had a small number of employees they were faced with a sudden, huge growth spurt, which also meant the company had to make some huge adjustments to keep up.  Regardless, they still managed to get all of their orders sent out. DealDash always found a way to meet those challenges head on and still managed to come out even stronger and better than before.

Customer Service

A second important motivation factor is the superb customer service that DealDash provides. Some companies hide their contact phone numbers but not DealDash. They make it super-easy to contact them and I never had a problem reaching a customer service representative. They have even responded to my questions at all hours of the day and night.

DealDash customer service representatives are always super-polite and helpful. I can honestly say I never dealt with a more pleasant group of customer representatives anywhere and I doubt they have a mean, cranky or rude bone in their body.  In fact, DealDash customer service representatives often go above and beyond the call of duty.

For example, I once expressed disappointment when I won a high-dollar purse that did not come with a shoulder strap because I never buy a purse without a shoulder strap. Guess what! The customer service representative found one for me that went perfectly with my handbag. I don’t know how or where DealDash found such positive and helpful group of employees but they are the best we’ll find anywhere in the world.

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What Winners Do or Don’t Do

After shopping on since Feb. 8, 2012, I have won 914 auctions.

I’m sure many DealDash shoppers have won more auctions than I have. However, over the years I learned a thing or two from my own hands-on shopping experiences about what to do and what not to do. I also learned a lot from seeing what other winners do or don’t do.

Hand with marker writing the word To Do List Win/Win Again/Win More

What Winners Do

  1. Winners develop a plan. The last thing winning shoppers want to do is to run out of bids when they are one of the final two players in an auction. Winners develop a definite plan and part of that plan is to figure out how many bids they can afford to purchase per month. Then when the bids go on sale they probably purchase enough bids to last for the entire month.
  2. Winners place their bids into BidBuddy and allow the DealDash automated bidder place their bids for them. Winners also monitor the bidding and cancel or add bids whenever it makes sense to do so. If several new shoppers join an auction winners might cancel their bids, but when the bidding gets down to the last two or three shoppers again winners add more bids.
  3. Winners eliminate distractions. Winners shop on DealDash when they have plenty of time and are least likely to have any outside distractions. I feel like several years ago, when DealDash was still a small company, I could place my bids in the auctions I wanted to win and then go mow the lawn or do my grocery shopping. Then I would come back to pay for my wins. Now that DealDash has grown into such a large company, however, I can no longer do that. If I seriously want to win an auction I have to take the time to focus on my DealDash shopping and nothing else.
  4. Winners participate in auctions that have the fewest number of competitors because they are usually the easiest ones to win. Winners also look for auctions that are already down to only two or three active players.
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To Bid or Not to Bid

Attention all shoppers: to bid or not to bid … that is the question!

Whenever we see a product go up for auction on the DealDash shopping site that we really want we need to decide when to bid, how much to bid and when to stop bidding. One other question we must answer is whether to choose to use the “Buy-It-Now” option if we don’t win the auction.

Long time DealDash customers might have it all figured out, but it can be a tough decision for new members. So let’s take a look at some of the options that might help.

Methods of Bidding

DealDash shoppers have many different methods of bidding.

For example:

  • Many shoppers place only one bid at the beginning of an auction and never return to place more bids.
  • Some shoppers place only one bid at the beginning of an auction and wait until the auction gets down to the last two or three players and then place all of the rest of their bids. Sometimes they add more bids if they start to run low.
  • Some shoppers place all of their bids at the beginning and often run out of bids before the auction closes, depending on how many bids they placed.
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Share DealDash with Others

Friends and family members enjoying together
Friends and family members enjoying together

Have you told your family members and friends about If not, why not?  Do you want to keep DealDash a secret so you have less competition? Come on. It would be a lot better to let everyone know about DealDash so they can join in on this fun on this exciting shopping site, too.

I told many family members and friends about DealDash. In fact, some of them started calling me the “DealDash girl.” Whenever we have good news or exciting things happen to us – whether someone just got engaged or had a baby, we usually can hardly wait to share our good news with others. If we don’t share the good news of finding this fun and exciting shopping site, how else are they going to find out?  Here are four ways people find out about DealDash:

I think the best way to find out about DealDash is through word-of-mouth from family members or friends, but I accidentally discovered the DealDash shopping site when I was doing research for a speech.

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Shop Wisely on DealDash

Whenever we go shopping at a retail store, we never just grab the first item we see and immediately go pay for it. No, retail shoppers will often spend hours in a retail store looking for the exact item we want. Before we buy clothing, we check the size, select the color, check out the material and even read the washing and drying instructions.

Guess what!  When shopping on we can do the same things. If we are shopping for clothing, of course, we cannot actually try them on. However, we can pretty much do everything else we do when we shop in a department store if we simply learn to use everything that’s available.

Read the Descriptions

DealDash provides excellent descriptions and photos of all of their auction products. If we do not take the time to read those descriptions before we start shopping, we might not get exactly what we think we are getting. That happened to me once when I was a new member on DealDash. I did not read the description of a cell phone cover and it turned out to be the wrong size, so I ended up giving it away. However, that will never happen if we take a few moments to read the descriptions and sizes of the auction items before we start bidding on them. 

Sometimes it is also important that we pay close attention to where the item was made because sizes in the United States are not the same as sizes in Europe or China. DealDash usually provides size conversion charts so we can figure out the size we need. I found the conversion charts for shoe sizes works out just fine, but when it comes to women’s clothing there is often a huge size difference. For example, what might be an extra-large woman’s jacket made in China may be more like a medium jacket made in the United States. Perhaps most Chinese women are smaller boned and more slender than most American women so the sizes can be very deceiving.

The good news is that if we have any specific questions we can always contact customer service. DealDash customer service is just a click away and I always receive a response to my questions very quickly. In fact, I feel like DealDash customer service representatives are as close to me as my next door neighbor. Best of all, they are always happy to help any way they can.

Read Customer Reviews

It is also a very good idea to scroll down below the description and photos to read the customer reviews. We often learn a lot about a product by reading what previous winners have to say about various auction products. If a size runs a little too small or large they will tell us that. If there is a defect in a product the customers will usually tell us that, too.

That’s why I am glad that DealDash includes customer reviews. After reading them I often change my mind whether I do or do not want to bid on a product. You can also read real customer reviews about is Deal Dash legit.

If we take the time to use the information available to us on the shopping site it will be a win-win situation – We will get exactly what we want and DealDash will get what they want, too – happy customers.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

Think Positive

Sometimes you end up going deep in an auction and don’t come out as the winner in the end. Here’s five uplifting and encouraging facts that might help you to think positive:

Fact No. 1

We can win auctions using only 1 bid. In fact, it recently happened to me.

I was so surprised to see on March 16, I won a 750 bid pack for only 1 bid and 13 cents. I admit it does not happen very often. I think it was the best win I ever had on a bid pack. I have seen other DealDash shoppers win deals like that every once in a while but it did not seem real until it happened to me.

Fact No. 2

Very few shoppers place more than one bid in the beginning of an auction. Most shoppers place only one bid in the beginning of auctions so they will not get locked out and they plan to come back later to place more bids and seriously compete for the win.

This can work to our advantage if we only have a limited number of bids. Perhaps if we open several bid packs and place from 3 to 7 bids on each, one of them could close early and we could slip through the cracks and win.

Fact No. 3

Shoppers get locked out for at least 30 days after winning an auction and that includes those shoppers with an endless number of bids. Once they win and get locked out from the competition it is easier for the rest of us to win with a limited number of bids.

If we look at the list of previous winners we can see who already won and is no longer able to compete in that auction. We can make our bids count more if we wait patiently for certain auctions to open after the power bidders are gone.

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Awesome Photos

For only 34 cents and 22 bids, I won these Bolvaint-Steel Bee Cuflinks, which retails for $450.00. They will make a great gift for a special man in my life! Thanks DealDash!

Would you like to get a Facebook photo published?

All we have to do is submit a photo of ourselves with any auction product we won. If the item value is $200 or more we earn 200 free bids. If the item value is less than $200 we will earn 100 free bids.

To help everyone get motivated I decided to write this blog about how to take awesome photos that will grab everyone’s attention.

Get Help

Perhaps the first thing we should do is to get another person to help us because it can be rather difficult to take a good “selfie.” Taking our own photos with a cell phone seldom turns out as well as it should because we are rather limited trying to pose and take the photo at the same time.  

If we have another person to take the photo for us, we might come up with a much better result. I’m sure most of us can think of at least one friend or neighbor who can take fairly good photos.


The last thing we want is to take a fuzzy photo that is not in focus. Most cameras today have a setting that is specifically for automatic focus. However, we might have to press the shutter button down only part way and pause a few seconds to allow the camera to make its automatic adjustment before we press the button down all the way to take the photo.

Before taking the actual photo we plan to submit, it might be a good idea to take some practice shots, too.


While taking our practice photos it is a perfect opportunity to pay special attention to lighting. If we are using a flash, we may need less light and if we are not using a flash we may need more light. That will partly depend on how much light is in the room where we will be taking the photo. Some rooms might have enough windows that we have enough natural light.

Other rooms might not have enough light unless we turn on some lights. When we take photos with lights on it sometimes causes us to get “light spots” that show up in the photo. Sometimes we can correct that by changing where we are standing.

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