Making Bidding Decisions

When shopping on it is obvious that many shoppers have no winning strategy. Perhaps they are not serious about winning auctions and are only playing on DealDash for entertainment and fun. That does not mean, however, that those customers never win auctions. Eventually, they might accidentally be in the right auction at the right time when it sells.

Winning on DealDash takes a strategy
Winning on DealDash takes a strategy

In other words, they win through no fault, or deliberate intention, of their own.  They remind me of the good old days when Gomer Pyle (Jim Neighbors) in McPhail’s Navy said, “Surprise, Surprise!”  I love those shoppers because I feel they do not pose much competition for me.

If we are serious about winning auctions, however, we must do more than randomly place bids on auction products we want. Winning auctions requires us to make some important bidding decisions.

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Biggest Mistakes Bidders Make

What are the biggest mistakes shoppers make while shopping on

Did you ever watch an auction wondering if you should place some bids or not when you suddenly saw it sell and close before your very eyes? I cannot count how many times that has happened to me!

Avoid mistakes when bidding on
Avoid mistakes when bidding on

One of the biggest mistakes I make while shopping on DealDash is hesitating to place enough bids to give myself some thinking time. More often than not, when I have a feeling that I should place some bids in an auction, my instincts are usually correct. It hurts to be a second too late.

Therefore, I decided to write this blog about the biggest mistakes I see bidders make when shopping on DealDash. Let’s take a look at some of them:

No. 1 — Not Using BidBuddy

This is probably the biggest mistake new shoppers on DealDash make. It’s easy to tell when bidders are not using the automated bidder, BidBuddy.

When shoppers cut the clock and place bids every other one, we know they are bidding from the home page. Most likely those customers have not yet discovered how to find and use BidBuddy by clicking on the auction to open the window where BidBuddy is located.

If we place our bids from the home page, we will run out of bids in a hurry. Most winners place their bids in BidBuddy. Bids that are placed in BidBuddy will not be used until they are needed. If five shoppers put bids into BidBuddy, the automated bidder will take turns placing one bid at a time for each of those five shoppers until no more bids have been booked. The shopper with the last bid will win the auction.

The best thing about allowing BidBuddy to place our bids for us is that we are not tied down to our computer or other electronic device like a laptop or phone. After booking our bids, we can take a shower, go shopping or go to sleep and come back later to see if we won. Of course, it’s a good idea to check back every once in a while to see if we need to add more bids.

No. 2 — Not Knowing our Competition

Before we start shopping, it’s a good idea to simply watch to become familiar with the reputations of various shoppers.

Many DealDash customers say in their bio section that they are on this site to “win bargains and save money.” If we play smart we definitely can win some great bargains. To do so we must first know what we are doing. There is more to winning auctions than just clicking the bid button. Perhaps the first step to shopping wisely is by reading blogs like this. The second step might be to learn what kind of bidders we should avoid. It is impossible to “win a bargain” if we are competing in the same auction with the wrong kind of shoppers. I’ve learned there are basically four kinds of shoppers on DealDash:

  • Power bidders who always seem to have an endless supply of bids,
  • Over-bidders who consistently over-bid the “Buy-It-Now” price of auctions,
  • Recreational willy-nilly bidders who are only shopping for entertainment and fun, and
  • New inexperienced bidders who do not yet pose much of a challenge

I have a list of screen names and I strive to avoid shopping in the same auctions with the power bidders and over-bidders. If I see one of those screen names pop up, I cancel my bids and place them in another auction. When the auction gets up to $5 (or $3 during a special feature) and all new bidders get locked out, I run my mouse over all of the icons of qualified players to make sure none of the screen names on my list are in the auction. The auction could be down to three shoppers but that does not mean no one else will jump in as soon as one of the others drops out.

No. 3 — Not Playing Smart

What do I mean by “not playing smart?” I mean failing to pay attention to details that could make a winning difference. Her are a few examples:

I might be one of the last three shoppers fighting it out to win an auction. I might feel I might be able to win because I have 100 bids left and the other two bidders have not been identified as a power bidder or over-bidder. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to check those two screen names from the recent winners page on DealDash to see if either one of them recently won a bid pack. Once when I checked the winners list I learned one of my competitors recently won a 750 bid pack. I immediately canceled my 100 bids to save them for another auction. No way would I be able to out-bid that player.

We should also look at the previous winners of our auctions and check two things: First, have the most popular power bidders already been eliminated from that auction?  Second, what was the average number of bids previous winners used to win the auction?

If we avoid making the most common big mistakes and take a little time to learn how to play smart, we can successfully win great bargains on DealDash, too.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.

2020 Holiday Season Pre-sale This Weekend

When I was growing up, my mother often said, “The early bird gets the worm.” We probably all heard that, but when it comes to shopping on I say, “Early shoppers get the bargains!”. As more and more people are shopping from home this holiday season, it’s good to plan forward. Shipping times should be taken into account and that’s why companies like DealDash start their 2020 holiday sale earlier.

holiday shopping 2020
Holiday season pre-sale on DealDash this weekend.

That’s right. It is not too early to start planning ahead and shopping for the holidays. By shopping now we will allow for enough shipping time that we will not have to worry about receiving our winning packages before Halloween or Christmas.

Whenever I get my holiday shopping done early, it is much easier to just relax and enjoy the festivities later on. Of course, we might not have many festivities this year because of Covid-19 (but we shouldn’t let that stop from helping those around us). However, that’s all the more reason why we should do most of our shopping online from the safety of our home.

The Best Holiday Pre-sale of 2020?

The most exciting news is that DealDash is already planning ahead for the holidays and one of its promotions is already happening this week! First, DealDash will offer a new “Carry forward offer.” You get a special one-time coupon of 11-cent bids that we can use the following week of Sept. 28 if you buy 5000 bids this week!

On the weekend of Sept. 26 and 27, DealDash will kick off a huge “2020 Holiday Season Pre-Sale” that we will not want to miss because this is the big one that promises to be a real winner. This event will feature the following:

  • Both days we will be able to buy bid packs for only 11-cents per bid, and I think this is the first time DealDash ever did this on consecutive days. At this “low as it will go” price, we might want to purchase enough bids to last for the rest of the year and save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Both days DealDash will double the number of auctions going live. This is awesome! More live auctions at the same time makes it much easier to find one with fewer competitors that we can win.
  • Both days DealDash will double the “time as highest bidder multiplier.” This means our green line will move to the right a lot faster so we can collect our free bids much sooner.
  • Both days DealDash each auction that starts between 3 and 4 p.m. (Pacific Time) will have a duplicate auction starting at the same time. I don’t remember seeing this auction before but that means we can choose the auction of our choice with the least amount of competition.

We can also expect to see some brand new auction items as well.

Gift Ideas

I have already found some new auction items on DealDash that would make awesome gifts. Here are some products that I know would be a big hit with family and friends on my shopping list:

  • Play station gaming console
  • Camera with an interchangeable lens
  • Electric wine opener
  • Luxury sheet set
  • Pet bowl set
  • Scarf
  • Fitness activity tracker
  • Variety of watches
  • Rugged backpack
  • Kitchen pots and pans

I can hardly wait to see the new holiday items that DealDash will soon add to its inventory of popular and high quality products.

Remember to mark your calendars now for Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26 and 27 2020 for the huge DealDash promotion of the year event because you will not want to miss it.

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Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. 

Choose The Winning Online Auctions

How to choose the winning online auctions on
How do you know which online auctions you should try to win?

People shop on for all kinds of reasons. Some customers are simply looking for something fun and exciting to do. During the COVID-19 lockdowns these people might not care if they win or lose. This blog is not for them. This blog is for DealDash customers who want to know how to choose winning auctions. I will share my strategy to winning online auctions in 2020.

As a DealDash customer since February 2012, I want to share the importance of knowing the best days and times to bid, how to ensure you have plenty of bids on hand and how I choose winning auctions. 

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Win on DealDash by Watching Other Winners

Celebrating a DealDash win is always great
What strategies do you use to win on DealDash?

What is the secret on how to win on DealDash? Did you ever notice how winners often tend to associate with other winners? That is because winners often learn from each other.  This also works when shopping on If we pay attention to the most successful shoppers on DealDash we might learn to become more successful shoppers, too. Read about Barbara’s strategies to win below.

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What I Love About DealDash

I’m a long-time shopper on If I were asked to list five things I love most about shopping on DealDash, I would probably say superb customer service, free shipping and handling, a user-friendly automated bidding system, wide variety of bid packs to choose from and a quick and easy payment system. Here’s why:

Superb Customer Service

DealDash customer support gets great reviews
Customer satisfaction is the top priority on DealDash.

Customer service on DealDash is always superb — better than any other online company I’ve ever used. It is very easy to get in touch with customer service on DealDash. All we have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on the huge yellow bar that says “Contact Support.” A window will open up for us to fill out to receive help with any question or concern and the turn-around response time is very reasonable. In fact, if we need an immediate response, we can click on another green bar that says, “Live Support Online.” Many other companies have hidden contact information that makes it extremely difficult to get in touch with them, but DealDash has always made customer service a top priority. Not only is it quick and easy to contact customer service, but DealDash team members are always helpful and courteous.

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Rationing Bids So They Last Longer

When shopping on there are several different ways we can ration our bids to make them last longer.

Bid Saver 1

Experienced shoppers use BidBuddy, the automated bidder, so our bids are not used until or unless they are needed. New customers often waste bids by placing one bid at a time from the home page because they have not yet found or know how to use BidBuddy. Double click on the auction you want to win and place your bids into BidBuddy.

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Earning Free DealDash Bids

One of the things I love most about is the many ways we can earn free bids.

Daily Free Bids

Get bids back from the Daily Returning Bidder Reward on

Staying active on DealDash rewards itself. If you keep the bidding streak going for consecutive days, you can get up to 30 bids back daily.

On day 1 you get a maximum of 4 free bids. On day 2 the total rises to 6 bids, day 3 you get 8 bids and so on… On the seventh day it’s already up to 30 free bids daily you get back. All we have to do is make sure we consistently place at least one bid daily to keep the maximum reward in place. Remember, if we miss one day, we must start all over from the beginning before we can get back up to 30 bids daily! The amount of bids you get back is at most how many bids you placed the previous day.

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