Earning Free Bids

I love the many ways we are able to earn free bids while shopping on DealDash.com.

Mother’s day 2020 promotion

Mother’s Day was a very good time to shop on DealDash because every bid we placed counted four times (4X) on the clock. In other words, the green line at the bottom left of our screen moved four times faster. When my green line moves all the way to the right, I will reach Level 67 and collect 880 free bids.

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Best Times to Shop

Perhaps the most common question people ask me about shopping on DealDash.com is, “What is the best time to bid?”

What is the best time to shop?

Of course, there is no way I could provide a perfect answer to this question because I do not have access to the statistics. Therefore, I cannot see what day of the week or what time of the day or night the greatest number of shoppers are actively shopping. If I were to give my single best response to this question, I would say, “The best time to shop on DealDash is when we have the most time available with no other distractions.”

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Shopping Blunders

Did you ever make a mistake or use poor judgment while shopping on DealDash.com?  That can happen to the best of us, but what about a shopping blunder?

According to Webster’s dictionary, a blunder is “making a mistake through stupidity, ignorance or carelessness,” so I think making a shopping blunder is worse than simply making a shopping mistake. Either way, it could make the difference between losing and winning.

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