Spring Time Fun With DealDash

DealDash is a great site for winning excellent items at an incredible price. The site offers a countless variety of products and offers that can be won at auction for a fraction of what they would cost via retail. Many people are intimidated by sites like DealDash because they don’t understand, the reality however is that DealDash is a very easy site to use and there are plenty of resources to learn the steps to become one of the top bidders on the site.

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What are you looking for? Maybe you need a new computer for your home, DealDash has that. Maybe you’re trying to save money on gas or airline tickets, DealDash has gift cards for both of those as well. Whatever it is you’re trying to win at, or save money with, chances are you can find it on DealDash.

It may take you a few attempts to win, but once you figure it out, the wins will typically begin to come easy. And fortunately for new bidders, DealDash offers ways to get bids for free or next to nothing. You can even bid on more bids to really start racking in the wins.

DealDash is fun and competitive with a great community of people who are always ready to give you a run for your money. It’s a very fun experience, and a bit addictive at times, the only thing you may have to worry about when bidding at DealDash is dealing with a loss of sleep because you’re having so much fun that the time just flies by without you noticing it.

The site really is here for your benefit, when you need cleaning supplies for example, it’s always best to check on DealDash first because you never know what you can find and you can save a ton of money that way. We suggest you take advantage of the offers on the site. Especially with spring coming and winter nearing an end.

Why not go to the DealDash website and get items for spring cleaning, or pick up new pieces of furniture and other items for your home. Another great thing about DealDash is even if you lose, you’re only losing pennies to the dollar, there really is no downside to bidding and playing the auctions at DealDash. Just think, one win no a major electronic item like a computer or big screen TV and all your time and money is well-played and spent. Sometimes people literally walk away with a gigantic, flat screen TV for literally pennies on the dollar.

spring time

Yep, if one was so inclined, they could basically refurnish their entire home with the items found on the DealDash website. So now that you have a good idea of how it all works, why not head into DealDash and see what you can win right now at auction. Safe bidding, and have fun!!!

DealDash Tips: Players Gone Wild

Every once in a while you learn of a player who just goes wild!  They must win at all costs! The best thing to do with this player is let them win and forget about them.  You can fight them until you are blue in the face, but you’re not going to win.  This player is willing to overbid by thousands of bids and that equals hundreds of dollars.  

The good news about these players, and I’ve seen this over and over. They suddenly leave and don’t come back.  At some point they realize they are obsessed with winning and someone at home probably snapped them out of it.  

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I remember a player who won a dozen KitchenAid Mixers, he could have gone to the store and purchased them for a fraction of what he paid, but his good news was he won them for sure!  He lasted a few months and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him in months and months.  

This type of activity happens in every category.  It doesn’t have to just be the mixer.  Here are a few other items that people are obsessed with winning: High Value Gift Cardst, cell phones, computers, video games, toys, new items (caveat except the first day) High ticket items (over hundreds of dollars), unusual kid items and some furniture.  

That being said, everyone of those items can be won for just a few bids if the right pool of players is in the game.  You must get to know who is bidding in every category.  I recently broke into the gift cards and I never used to  bid on them.  There is an entire culture of it’s own in the gift card category.  

Some of these players don’t bid on anything else, well, except maybe bid packs.  I have found bid packs to be so competitive too that if you are involved with them you can just about guess who will come and who will go in any given hour.   

No one wants to lose, but sometimes it’s better to lose than lose your shirt.  I have learned that the hard way.  Yes, I get into bidding wars, but I know my competition and if I’m battling with them, it’s because I think I can beat them.  If I try and don’t get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time, I will bail!

It’s not rocket science to be a winner on DealDash, but there are a few golden rules. 

  1. Know you competition in any given category
  2. Don’t get in a bidding war with an over bidder
  3. Be willing to walk away from an auction 
  4. ALWAYS remember every bid you place at DD rewards you with free bids
  5. EVERY ITEM at DealDash is shipped free
  6. YOU CAN GET YOUR BIDS BACK, if you don’t win it, buy it and get every bid back!
  7. Log into Deal Dash

Any way you can get over to DealDash, just do it.  Buy your bid pack, I suggest a 1000 pack.  You can really cash in on prizes if you have enough bids to win it.  Watch the auction!!!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash Tips: Romancing Your Fellow DealDasher

Have you ever heard you get more bees with honey?  Well, it’s true, kind people tend to get more from others because they are kind to them.  Since we all love to play DealDash and we all love to win because it’s fun and exciting, why don’t we share the joy with our fellow Dasher. Yes,  sometimes we wish our competitor would just go away, but if they all left, it would just be shopping. The battle is half the fun, and as you’ll see, it’s all the fun for some who don’t care if they get the prize, they just want to win.  

So this is what I suggest, be kind to your fellow player.  Don’t jump into an auction after someone has placed thousands of bids, it’s not nice.  I like to play fair and if I see that kind of effort, I will back down.  I most likely won’t be spending my life savings, as they are, so I’m good!  There is an exception to that rule, if you have jumped me in the past you will be jumped by me.  I keep a notebook and I hope you do too.  It’s one thing to come in late, but to do it after someone has invested so much is just wrong.  I know some don’t agree with me, and that’s ok, you play your way and I’ll play mine.

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All things considered, we are in this together, we all want a good deal.  Here’s another idea, if a fellow player has 8 of 9 wins, let them have it!  They are out of the field and you are clear to bid on another item they were in.  The truth is, we can be friendly to each other, the choice is yours.  

For the love of bidding use your Bid Buddy! The smartest thing you can do for your fellow Dasher is use your Bid Buddy.  First, it’s the best way to conserve bids and stay in the game without making your competitors angry.  You might think it’s okay to stomp every other bid, but it will just come back to haunt you. Some players will stomp right back and then there is a price raising frenzy in play, it’s just a sad waste of bids, and the greatest part is the guy who was using the Bid Buddy will win because he didn’t miss or skip a beat.  I will actually leave an auction or not jump if I see someone who, for what ever reason, backed down from me at some point.  There are some really mean (late, late jumpers) players out there who just don’t agree, I know.  But you don’t win them all either and you spent way more.  

Some items require a great amount of time and effort, it takes patience and thought.  Why be that guy who bangs in a bid after every player? You are canceling yourself out and wasting your money and worst, you are not letting the fellow DealDasher get his free bids on the bid meter, it’s one thing to stomp but take the free bids too?  That’s low down.  

Overall, we should strive to be fair to our competitors, sure you want to win, but do you really need to beat them up?  We’re all in this together!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!! 

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash Tips: Clearance Sale For Leap Year

2016 is a Leap Year and at DealDash that’s a reason to celebrate!  This weekend DealDash is their having an End Of Month Clearance Sale and this February has one very special day, it’s Leap Day! Monday February 29, 2016.

Planning your weekend bidding at DealDash this week will be particularly easy when bids will be .12-.13 cents, that’s a great time to stock up on bids for that special something you’ve been wanting to go for.  If you buy bids when the price is down it’s like getting a bonus on the regular great deals you can find at  DealDash.


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In addition to the low priced bids, The End Of Month Clearance will have 25 auctions start at 2PM on Friday, 2/26. On Sat. 2/27, 50 auctions will start at 2PM and on Sunday, 2/28 75 auctions will start at 2PM!!!  DealDash never lacks for auctions, new ones start every few minutes, but when they do this bundling of items it’s fun to jump into the frenzy and try to win an auction for only a few pennies.  The more auctions starting at once, the greater your chances are to win, and winning is awesome!

So, you have .12 & .13 cent bids plus multiple auctions at once and then on Monday 29, LEAP DAY, DealDash is offering .12 cent bids, 4X bid multiplier for free bids and FREE WINS!! Yes, that’s good news for us because you buy some bids and in return you get free bids for playing and then when you win, the final price is ZERO! You pay a one penny transaction fee, that’s surely fair to establish a paper trail for your new item. So no matter what the final price is DealDash picks up the tab and you get it for free! Who does that? Only DealDash!

So hop on over to DealDash for this great Leap Year Sale!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!