DealDash Tips: Be Nice!

There is nothing wrong with just giving a little when you are playing DealDash!  Let’s face it, we have all been there, we want someone to just back the heck out!  It’s been hours, it’s down to you and the other guy, hundreds of bids have gone by and no one is backing down…

Well, I suggest once in awhile, that should be you!  Everyone on DealDash has a personality outside of the site, and honestly, I think we would all really like each other.  So, why don’t we just be kind to each other at the time of an auction?  Why do we have to beat each other up?  The answer is, we don’t. Let’s say you know this person to be a power bidder, (in my opinion defined as someone who overbids at all costs) you’ve been in a battle for some time and now you just don’t know whether to stay or go.  I have learned to go, that person isn’t backing down and I’m going to let them win, let them get one more item towards their limit. 

You can feel good backing out of an auction. If you know there is no way this person is going to back down, why do you even want to stay?  DealDash has put into place a 9 item a week limit. So as soon as this person meets their limit, they are done!  Let them go, the sooner the better!  They will now have to wait an entire week to win an auction, that is a long time.   

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There are a number of players on DealDash who are aggressive bidders, they just have to win.  You will get to know all of these players and stay away, or you could get involved with them and burn up all your bids.  That being said, no matter what, if you stay involved for a hundred bids or so, don’t let go!  You’ve put in the time and the bids, if you have the  bids go for it!  If  you don’t have the bids, just back out and try for something you know those players aren’t going after.  There are a lot of items under 100 dollars that are fairly easy to win without getting  into a bidding war.  Do keep in mind the “unusual items” go for much longer then everyday items.  For example, two items worth about the same price; a couple of nice frying pans will end long before a HO train set, they are both worth about $160, but one is easier to win.  

You could get lucky and win the train set, but it’s more rare.  So, the answer is… go for the pans, they are in your reach.  We all want to be the power bidder, but the truth is, we can’t, we have to play within our means, and unless you have buckets of money laying around to play with, you are like the rest of us, we all have to play fair.

Playing fair transcends bidding.  If you play fair, you win more.  The stompers just don’t win as much as the guy who sets the Bid Buddy.  I have seen the stomper waste bids, lose and leave the site.  They come and go quickly.  The one’s who stay are responsible players, they use the Bid Buddy, they don’t over bid and they stay true to one auction at a time.  

So, if you learned anything today it’s 1. Let it go, you aren’t going to win and you will hate yourself in the morning. 2. Go for items that are less popular or not as desirable at the moment. 3. Play fair! Your fellow players remember that and may be the one to let it go next time.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash Anniversary, We Get The Presents!

This week at DealDash they will be celebrating 7 years in business and even though it’s their anniversary, we are getting the presents!  In the form of Free Wins and Free Bids!

On Friday Feb. 19, 2016 DealDash will be having their “Black Friday In February” sale, bids will be only .12 cents each!  That’s a great time to stock up on bids as this in about as low as the price will go all year.  (I have seen .11 too) But stocking up on bids when the price is this low gives you an edge as you will get more bids than a regular priced bid.  More bids means more chances for prizes.

Friday will also have FREE WINS and 50 auctions starting a 2PM.  Free Wins means no matter what the closing price is in the auction, you will only pay a one penny transaction fee for your item.  50 auctions starting at 2PM is a fun frenzy of prizes being offered all at once, many items will go for just pennies. You can have a lot of fun flitting around the auctions and trying to be those lucky players who hits it low!  But no matter what the final price, you will still only pay one cent!

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Saturday,  Sunday and Monday Feb. 20-22, 2016 brings the big event, yes there is more!  DealDash is celebrating 7 years of Penny Auction business so they are giving 7X the free bids!! SEVEN TIMES MULTIPLIER.  For every bid you place DealDash will give you free bids 7 times faster than the everyday amount.  So the longer you bid, the more free bids you get.  Then when you cash in on your free bids, you can use those bids to win prizes and more free bids.

In addition to the 7X multiplier,  bids will be on sale as well, on Saturday the 20th you will pay only .13 per bid and Sunday and Monday only .12 cents per bid.  I would suggest you buy your bids at .12 and earn free bids at 7x and this will maximize your free bids.

If you have a Facebook page you can go to the DealDash Facebook page and “Like” and “Follow” them, DealDash will follow you too! Then you could get notifications about sales and events at DealDash and you will have a chance to share your wins with other players of DealDash where DD will reward you with more free bids just for bragging about your win! Win-Win!

This event at DealDash is surely one of the best promotions I’ve ever seen in nearly two years of play.  They never stop trying to please and bring us the best sales because DealDash wants us all to be big winners!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Tips: The Stages of Bidding

There comes a time after you have been bidding for awhile that you are in that stage between too inexperienced to know better, and experienced enough to know better.  What you should know about the stages of bidding. 

First, there is the Newbie bidder, they tend to (not all of them) just pounce their way into a bunch of auctions and try to win anything.  You don’t really know what your doing, you have won one auction and you loved it! Newbies often come in from other sites where stomping is encouraged, but at DealDash respectful bidding is encouraged. Not only is it encouraged, it’s rewarded with free bids, simply load up your ‘Bid Buddy’, and watch your ‘Free Bid Meter’ rack up the free bids.  You do get the free bids if you bid manually, but the Bid Buddy ensures you bid only in order of other players who are also using the Bid Buddy, therefore conserving bids. 

Second, this is the stage I am warning you of.  You’ve won 6-10 auction, you love winning, a couple of times it came real easy and then you had to try hard for a couple, you weren’t winning as much.  Now you’ve used up some bids, you didn’t utilize the Buy It Now option (BIN), or you have no bids left.  So use the BIN option, purchase the desk chair you were trying for, you need it anyway and you used 300 bids.  I underestimated the beauty of this feature when I first started and unfortunately, I lost a few great opportunities to recoup my bids.  

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Now, you’ve purchased the item, got your bids back and you bought some bids.  You are all loaded up, then you get to the main page and suddenly you freeze.  You don’t want to bid on anything because of the few failures.  Well here is the beauty of that, you wised-up!  You will no longer waste bids just pouncing around, you won’t get involved in too many auctions at once, you won’t stomp because it’s wasteful.  You have matured as a bidder and you are taking your bids seriously.  In the beginning anyone can buy a few hundred bids and lose them foolishly, but it takes practice to be a seasoned player and a frequent winner.  So, don’t be afraid, trust that you will win because you will.  Just look at the Winner’s List and you will see how many players win over and over, and that will be you.

 Finally, you have become a seasoned player, the seasoned player doesn’t win them all either, no one can win them all there is so many factors you have discovered, not the last of these is luck.  Also, use the Bid Buddy from the very first bid.  I make it part of my routine to open an auction to bid, I don’t randomly get involved. I plan.  Planning is half the fun.  

There is time to learn all the tricks of bidding, it’s easy and fun if you just have a little confidence that you have learned from your mistakes and you will win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Like-Kind Bidders At DealDash!

Stay to your own type of bidder at DealDash.  This is one of the easiest strategies you can do at DealDash.  There are several different types of bidders at DealDash and it’s best if you keep to your “own kind”  Once you get to know the bidders you will know if they are going to come in early and stay or drop in one bid and come back later.  

Knowing the competition is very helpful but not always necessary.  Let’s say, for example, you have been bidding and there seems to be no end in sight, there has been this other guy who has been bidding too, but then suddenly he leaves and you are left with three new people, I call this auction “taking on a new life” the auction has eight bidders, four originals and four new people.  The four original bidders leave and the four new people stay. There is a very good chance that the four you are in with will win if you do this.  Stay with those people.  By this I mean the four originals will leave, the four new people come in you are one of the new people, if you stay you now become one of the original people with fewer bids, but then the second round of bidders come in, they have less bids than you. If you stay with the group you started out with, you will have the same amount of bids invested that they do. 

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If you don’t know the competition, it’s simple enough to just watch, 4 start, 4 join, 4 leave, four stay, four come back and the four who stayed are now gone.  Stay with the group you started out with or you will over bid. 

Then there is the really late bidder, let’s say you have 1000 bids invested and suddenly a guy jumps in who has only used 10 bids, there are a few other guys in there and they have used 500 bids, jump out and wait for the jumper to use all his bid, then come back, that puts you in his category with the same amount of bids.  You don’t want the competition to have less bids in an auction than you do .  You do have to try to juggle the amount of bids you have with the amounts others have. 

These are just a few of the strategies you can use to keep you bidding partner close and your enemies apart.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Rookie Moves at DealDash

Everyone wants to go to DealDash and be a pro at winning from moment  one.  But the truth is, no one knows what they are doing when they get there.  The learning curve each “Newbie” goes through sends a seasoned player to the moon and back with confusion, and sometimes anger! 

The first and worst mistake a Newbie can make is “Stomping”.  Stomping is coming in day one and pouncing bids down after every player’s bid.  The worst offense to the stomper is to themselves because they are using twice or three times the bids they need to to win.  Every seasoned player uses the Bid Buddy, this is an essential tool at DealDash and is the foundation of bidding.  If you don’t use your Bid Buddy, you are not using a strategy.  It’s that simple.  

What do I mean by this? Well, if you are pouncing in bids, and the other guy is using a Bid Buddy, his bids are measured and the stompers are not.  They just randomly place bids, when using the Bid Buddy there is a measured amount of bids place and in turn of whoever is in the auction also using Bid Buddy.  

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The Next mistake I see Newbies doing is in the personal comment.  Don’t give away too much information in your comment.  If you tell everyone you are on Social Security and have 8 children, we know you don’t have very much money and will come in late to an auction and jump the tar out of your bids!  Don’t brag about having a low paying job no matter how important it is!  Likewise don’t tell us what you will do when bidding, for example, don’t say “In it to BIN it” we see you coming and going, you have no intention of Binning, don’t lie about that, you will be figured out right away.  Any comment you can say that would give any insight to your bidding style or the amount of money or bids you have will always haunt you.  

One bid mistake Newbies make is buying a small bid pack and then being involved with an auction that is winding down.  You are running out of bids and now have to go back to the buy bids page or use the buy bids icon at the bottom of the page, either way, if you wait too long to make this transaction, you could lose while you are at the checkout.  Buy enough bids to win up front!  this is also the sister of not enough bids, don’t get caught short handed with bids, it’s a rookie move to be close to the end and run out and lose while you are at the check out. 

Probably the worst offense to Newbies is OVERBIDDING! You are loaded up with bids, you are determined to win the auction.  But you don’t know the other guy, maybe he’s one of those people who overbids for fun, suddenly you have placed twice the amount of bids required to win the auction, maybe you won or will win, but it never feels good to end an auction is the red.  

When you are new and bidding at DealDash, do your home work.  1. don’t Stomp! It’s a waste of bids.  2. Keep your comment simple, don’t give away your strategy.  3. Buy enough bids to win 4. Don’t use more bids than you should have to win, better to BIN and get your bids back.  

If you take a little of this to heart when you plan on bidding I think you should be able to win a few great auctions out of the gate. 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash – Easier To Win II

When you are bidding at DealDash it’s a lot of fun going after the really popular, high ticket items, but they require time,  patience and a pile of bids. Sometimes it’s just fun to go after the easier to win items.  Here I detail several fun items that could be won easily with less than 200 bids.


under 100 taoster HB

If you are just getting started at DealDash, or if you’re a seasoned pro, once in a while it’s nice to win a bunch of items quickly.  This is also a good practice if you are bidding on a budget.  Start with a 200 or 300 bid pack, stay focused on just one item at a time, and make sure it’s something you want or need.



When you’re bidding on a budget, it doesn’t make sense to 1. get involved with a stomper, or 2. stay involved in the auction.  So you have bowed out and one of the stompers did win, at least you left with your dignity…and your bids for another auction, and you still have the opportunity to earn free bids with your bid meter.

under 100 bid pacSmall Bid Packs will usually end at just a few cents, one exception is a Newbie or sometimes an Old-Timer who has a must win attitude. They haven’t learned or don’t care that this is a few cents item. So if a long battle ensues for a small bid pack, I would back out after 10-20 bids otherwise it just doesn’t make sense to keep bidding.

under 100 Plano fish 61

The dollar amount of the prize matters too.  They higher the value, the more bidders, so stay away from those items, remember above everything else, this is about winning an item with less than 200  bids.  So take action to conserve bids.  This means, jumping out when there is a reckless player, use your Bid Buddy even if you’re only throwing in a few bids, I’ve won a lot of auctions for just pennies with this practice because everyone else is throwing in manually and I have the Bid Buddy racked up, I win!  Watch the auction, you really want to keep an eye on all the players to learn their playing habits.


under 100 tools

Newbies do one of two things, 1. They stay in too long and overbid, unfortunately, no one wins that way. or, 2. They leave and forget to come back. They probably blew  their  200 bids while they were waiting to bid. If you want to win you have to stay with the auction.


under 100 waffleAnd lastly, if there is an item you really want, or perhaps need, don’t jump out of the auction to conserve bids, only to go throw them away in a different one.  Stay focused on the item you want.

It is possible to win plenty of items using less than 200 bids, you just need to plan and shop smart.  Use patience and perseverance!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding Under 200 Bids!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash – Easier to Win

So you like winning a lot of small items quickly?  Well who doesn’t?!  Sometimes it’s just fun to poke around and not care about what you’re bidding on.  The items with higher value take quite a bit more time and concentration.  You can just rack up bids and walk away, and that has it’s place, but what I’m talking about is just a little “Willie-Nillie” random bidding!

under 200 perk pet hum feeder 22

The best items to bid on during random bidding are under $200 or around $200, when you get much higher than that it takes longer and that’s not what today is about!  This is a great gift giving idea, if you are in the market for a gift place some random bids in your price range and if you don’t win it you can buy it (Buy It Now) and get all your bids back to bid on an item for yourself!

There is a nice variety of bird feeders for sale at DealDash, this is one of my favorite items to win as gifts. They range in value and usually don’t have a very large crowd at them.

under 200 microwave 117

You can get some great kitchen appliances under $200 dollars and the auctions are not as short as a $35 auction, but they do usually end with under 2000 bids. That’s total bids placed by all players, which translates to about $20.00 final price.  I have won a couple of microwaves with less than 200 bids, I really needed one so I went for it and won.  Then my friend wanted one, so I went for his too and won!  You might be tempted to go for the KitchenAid, and I say go for it, but not today, that auction is going to be a battle and won’t fit into your style today.

under 200 blender

So you have the toaster and you have the microwave, now go for the blender! This $30 Oster Osterizer is a perfect fit, this is an item that should be won for just a few dollars, if you don’t win right away it’s time to bail, don’t waste your bids in a big battle.  The exception to this is you plan on racking up the value of the item in bids, this way you can purchase the item and get your bids back.  This is such a cool feature about Deal Dash, they don’t want us to leave empty handed.

under 200 ped cuddler

You can also find a bunch of pet items that go very low.  These are also fun to go for when DealDash is having one of its free sales, then you pay one penny transaction fee and it’s yours, shipped free too.  You will never pay shipping at DealDash no matter how large the item is….never. This Pet Bed retail for only $14 so if you wanted to rack up the bids, you would divide the value, 14 by the price of the bids .15, that’s 93 bids and you own it win or BIN!  Easy-Peasy!

pet paw furry

You may be tempted to stomp during this type of bidding, but I’m here to ask you please don’t .  The stomper never wins in the end.  If you’re placing a bid after every person you are not conserving bids, and you make it appear, to people stopping by the auction, that there are less people and so they join in so not only do you waste bids but you invite more players.

However you bid, let your hair down and just bid on some fun low priced stuff, go ahead the fireworks are great!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash: Valentine Sale Extravaganza!

There is nothing more fun than to tell you about the amazing sale going on this weekend at DealDash!  In fact, this is my favorite kind of sale….one where you get lot’s of free bids!

Tonight Feb. 12, 2016 you can enjoy .12 bids, this is a perfect time to stock up on bids because this is the best price we see at DealDash, (I think I’ve seen .11 cent bids during big events)  But for the most part you will pay anywhere between .12 and .15 cents per bid to play at Deal Dash, that is by far the best deal I’ve seen from other site.  Not only will you get the bids low priced, you will get FREE BIDS 3X Faster!  That’s my favorite part.

For every bid you place at DealDash you are rewarded for the time you spend as high bidder.  This occurs every time you place a bid, and as long a no one stomps you, you gain free bids three times faster than usual.  Yes, DealDash gives free bids to every player every time you play, no exceptions…every day!

The extravaganza continues and gets better Saturday and Sunday the 13th and 14, 2016. You will earn 5X the free bids for every bid you place, so you buy your bids at .12 and get 5X multiplier, all this equals more opportunity for you to find a great deal!

When the multiplier is in place it’s important to keep your eye on the auction to make sure there are no “stompers”. Stompers are players who jump on your bid before your clock runs down, it’s usually done by Newbies who soon learn it’s very wasteful to slam bids down, you rarely win that way and it’s just a waste of money.  The good news is stompers lack patience, so they don’t stick around very long, (usually) however, some old timers are stompers and they stick around, so if you are playing with someone who has been on DealDash for 4 years and they are stomping, they have come ready to do battle at all costs.  My point is, if there is a stomper and a 5X multiplier, it’s a better use of your bids to wait for the next auction or step out while the stomper is in the auction.  The other good thing about stompers is they run out of bids quickly.

And if that’s not enough great deals, guess what else?! FREE WINS! Every item that sells on Saturday and Sunday will have a final price of one penny!  It doesn’t matter where the auction ends,  2 dollars or 50 dollars, all you pay is one penny and that is a free my friends!

So, this weekend at DealDash is my favorite sale, on Friday Feb 12th a 3X multiplier and .12 cent bids, on Saturday the 13th  and Sunday Valentine’s Day there are .12 and .13 cent bids, 5X Multiplier and Free Wins! So load up on sale bids and win some great free prizes!  DealDash is the best auction site and now the only one I use.  I’ve tried them all, and always come back to the most fun, fair and honest site on the internet and that is DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!