If You Love BEER, You Need DealDash!

If You Love Beer, You Need DealDash! 

One of my favorite new items at DealDash is the Koolatron Mini Beer cooler with tap KEG!!! A Keg my friends! A Keg!!!!

OK, I love beer, this is so exciting to me!  DealDash has a new item for BEER!  BEER! ,BEER!!!! I love it, I tried to win it today, but someone else wanted it more than me! They won.  Really I won’t spend too many bids to overbid on an item, especially if it has to do with an intoxication substance. hahahah.  only kidding.  I just didn’t want to spend all my bids on it.  Sooooo, you think you might need a keg too?  Go to DD and find it in the future, hit the “Alert Me” button and DealDash will, not only tell you when it’s coming up for sale in a couple of days, but they will email you when it’s about to start…and they also email you when it just started.  They really, REALLY want you to win!

There are so many party items on DealDash you may have a hard time figuring out which to go for first.  There are Grills, not just one, two or three but many.  I personally find the Lodge brand to be the best quality, but that’s just me.  I own this grill, the weber and it’s lasted me over 10 years…I still use it all summer. 

Not only can you find thing for a fun summer party, but there are games to keep everyone busy.  I love it when the family comes, they all want to party and all I want to do is hang out with the children playing games, and if I do say so, beating the pants off them!  I love winning and that is probably why I love Deal Dash so much. I win a lot!  I have been playing DD  nearly two years and l have won over 280 prizes.  I love every one of them!  sure some are bid packs, but don’t go for them often as they are everyone’s favorite and I have found that it is a better bet to buy the bids and win the products.   

Once you are set up with your beer and grilling, it’s time to play some games! DealDash has them too!  It doesn’t matter if you like  baseball, hockey or any other sport, DealDash has you covered!

One of my all time favorite items I have won at DealDash was an item I won for only a few bids and that is the Bocce Ball set!  My family and I have had so much fun playing it, we love every nic we put on all the balls and everyone has their favorite color.  

right now and through the 8th of January you can get incredible deals at DealDash, first there are discounted bids.  If that is not enough, there are many new items, that is the fun part, I can’t tell you what they are, you just have to go look for yourself. 

I love DealDash so much I stay up at night thinking about all the bargains,  and then I wake up in the morning thinking of the deals.  There are so many deal to have!

I have recently redecorated my entire home and I am not done yet!  I will contintinue  to shop at DealDash, acquire amazing deals at great prices and when I am out in my yard in the Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, I can see DealDash in every corner of my yard and life.

It’s always a good day if I’m bidding!!!!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

DealDash Principles for Beginners

There appears to be an expansion of what are termed penny auction internet sites progressing promptly across the Web. DealDash is considered to be one of the top quality sites. It is full of mixed items so I believed it would be of value to produce a review of just what I think to be the most effective money auction websites. Prior to I do that, it deserves spending merely a little time to obtain a correct as well as clear-cut understanding of the objective of DealDash and also why they are coming to be a preferred attraction for the on-line bargain seeker. For information purposes you might also see this web site genre described as “pay to bid” public auctions, or bidding process charge public auctions.


Products are put on DealDash and after that bidders pay a small fee to be able to bid against each other as well as against a clock that has actually begun to count down. The individual who places the last proposal prior to the time goes out wins the item. DealDash is a real web site that produces its profits as it maintains all of the cash that the team of bidders had placed. So you could see there will certainly be a couple of losers in this process, yet since the amount lost is so little, combined with the exhilaration of the public auction, the loss is not actually that important. If you are especially keen to win something after that a brilliant bid at the ideal moment will get you exactly what you desire. There are a lot of these sites, but DealDash is considered to be one of the best auction websites to avoid being ripped off and also to get the much better variety of products.

The other reasons why you need to find the cent auction sites is that these types of business are unstable and not typically based on any sort of type of regulation. That process is currently being addressed gradually, so you have to find those ethical businesses that are handling this kind of venture. Here are my recommendations for the very best cent auction websites.

DealDash is one that is suggested as well as they have fantastic public auctions, public auctions for novices and very cost-effective auctions. The public auction choice is good but if you bid at the last minute the site extends the moment making it at times a bothersome and prolonged event. DealDash is likewise good because it is probably among the simplest to browse and also adhere to. They seem to maintain things basic as well as they excel client support as well as recommendations as well as are among the very best money public auction websites. They do nevertheless seem to focus a great deal on gift cards for the leading brand establishments.


Dealdash.com is a well certified site and they have excellent equipment selection. They have actually delivered over 70,000 products as well as the site is tidy and also easy to use. Again excellent customer support and also simple to consult with as well as do business with. DealDash is the one of the auction sites and they have been around for a long period of time unlike numerous others who simply come and go. If you want to see DealDash now, just head on in to the site and check it out for yourself.

Serve Your Guests With a Lazy Susan From DealDash

Kitchen areas and company can be a little easier when there are kitchen area accessories around from DealDash. With an organizational accessory, any kind of cupboard can be utilized with ease. However, the edge closet is not the only area that a Lazy Susan can be utilized.


As part of the kitchen area storage space system, little lazy Susans can be a help as a seasoning rack. Most lazy Susans spin, allowing accessibility to the least usual flavors, however there is a suggestion to this little technique: They could obtain equally as cluttered as any type of area of the kitchen. To keep clutter down, clear the flavor rack as soon as a month of old spices. Seasonings lose their stamina after 6 months to regarding a year. So a dish that requires 1 tsp on thyme, might need 2 tsps of right stuff after 6 months, and may really be unsafe if not made use of or thrown out within that time duration. Exercise on the side of caution as well as get exactly what is needed. DealDash little Susans could additionally be a place where baking things, such as sprinkles, cupcake holders, as well as tubes of topping are kept. You can check out the lazy Susans on DealDash right now, and you can see the other great items they have. Lazy Susans instantly turn the area right into a baking center. They’re perfect for pie pans, muffin tins, as well as mold and mildews close by for easy accessibility to the stove.

Idea: for the edge cabinet, store baking food items on the top rate of the lazy Susan, and also the frying pans on the bottom, if they can match. If you have a big enough cabinet, you may additionally slip some rarely utilized things into the corners of the cabinet however take caution considering that a tough spin will certainly tip products over the edge and also catch on things kept on the sides.

Canned cooking area storage. In the cupboard, lazy Susans can aid to arrange canned goods. This is exceptionally practical if there is no kitchen pantry readily available. Half-round designs fit into many cabinets too so they are not restricted to the corners. You can even put on top of a table like those you’ll find on DealDash.

Craft storage. Even though lazy Susans are utilized for mainly cooking area storage, this kitchen device can be used in a craft area to hold a variety of craft things. Once more, this storage space suggestion is for simple access to supplies, in addition to for storage.

Entertainment center: an additional name for a careless Susan is a turntable, and they are often made use of to rotate the television. Numerous households are utilizing the tv as a means to entertain while cooking as well as during dinnertime. Computer system screens, and also laptops also utilize this very same system. Merely beware not to have any type of electronic devices near the sink or the cooking location, because that could spoil the system. The best area for these entertainment centers are in kitchens that alongside a household or excellent room in an open area. A lazy Susan from DealDash truly is a great addition for any home.

Lastly, utilize lazy Susans with a shelving unit in either a cooking area cupboard or one that is visible. Once again, this is for easy accessibility of the items, and enables versatility in the kitchen area cupboard. Most kitchen area pantries are large enough to hold both the shelving system and also enables the rewriter accessory to sit on the leading shelf.


To evaluate, lazy Susans do allows storage in the edge closet. One (not too) quick turn enables the proprietor to see just what it is the closet without taking everything out of the closet. There are several usages for this kitchen device, it is tough to choose just one usage. And now that you know all the ideas that lazy Susans can be used for, head on into to DealDash and see what type of items you can find.

This Weekend’s Sale At DealDash

One of the things I love most about DealDash is that they like to change the sales daily, it keeps it fun and interesting.   Every weekend they feature a new and fun way for us to get a great deal.  The weekends are busy, and DealDash rewards the crowd with great sales.  

This weekend Friday January 29, 2016 DealDash is having an “End Of Month Clearance Sale.”  Bids will be only .13 cents each and 50 auctions will start at 2PM.  This is a fun frenzy of bidding and many items go for just pennies!  It’s is a great event if you like the pace, it’s fast with a lot of coming and going.  I often opt out of this sale going for the opposite, items that might not be in the clearance or involved with the sale.  The strategy here is there will be less people in the opposite auctions.  Oh! Did I mention that DealDash will be rewarding us with 3X the free bids with your Bid Meter.  Every second you are high bidder in any auction DealDash rewards you with free bids, when your meter is full, click on it and your free bids are immediately deposited into your account!  

Visit-Site12 (1)

This Saturday January 30, 2016 the sale continues with 3 times the free bids.  Bids are still .13 cents but 75 auctions will start at 2 PM.  When bids are only .13 cents it’s a great time to stock up on them, you get a great value in bid packs at this price.  

I keep a “wish list” of items I plan on  going after during the 3X sale, this is my favorite sale because I am rewarded exponentially for every bid.  It’s a good time to go for the big prize because it requires more bids and the more bids you use, the more free bids you get.  If you’ve racked up a ton of bids and you don’t win it, you not only get your bids back if you buy it, you also have three times the free bids just for participating in the auction. Win-Win!

So, Friday and Saturday January 29 – 30, 2016 bids are only .13 cents, you’ll get 3 X the free bids for every bid you place.  On Friday 50 auctions at 2PM and Saturday there will be 75 auctions at 2 PM!

Whether you like to get into the frenzy, or go to the opposite, you’ll have fun racking up all those free bids during this DealDash Clearance Event.

If you haven’t stopped by the DealDash Facebook page now is a great time to do that. Like and Follow the site.  DealDash will follow you too, then you will get all the notifications about sales, events and my favorite other players posts.  Here you get a chance to see who your are bidding against, I’ve even seen the person who won an auction I was trying to win.  But once it’s over, no hard feelings, we’re all here for a great deal!  See you at DealDash

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Let’s Make a Great Steak With DealDash Tips

There is a substantial difference when eating an average steak and also an excellent steak. Selecting the meat and seasoning, as well as the actual food preparation itself makes a big distinction.  DealDash has great steaks from the Omaha Steak Company and great items for cooking them as well you can see anytime at the website. It astonishes me how some people make just so steaks, while others make terrific steaks, often from equal meat. Right here are some hints making a far better steak.


The meat does matter a great deal, and most of us have our inclinations, but the least expensive meat often be tough as well as not overly tasty. It is frequently extremely suitable for various other objectives, like hamburger or pot roast, yet not as steak. Your butcher can help, or I normally skip to a rib eye. The steaks you’ll find on DealDash are exceptional steaks and comparable to any high end restaurant. I’m not fascinated Filet Mignon, a very costly cut, which just shows that point of views and tastes differ.

Whats concerning ultra-premium steaks, ones for maybe 30-50 dollars a pound? Is that meat worth it? Well, I think for unique celebrations it is if you enjoy food.  But I think you can get steaks just as delicious at DealDash for a great price, and you can go see them right now. There is a large distinction between caring to consume, as well as loving food.

Many steaks benefit greatly from a sauce or spices of some sort. I use a straightforward 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 teaspoons of salt, preferably sea or kosher, as well as possibly some pepper and also garlic. I rub the steaks as well as let them rest overnight or even 30 minutes of brief on time. There are lots of various other options as well.

Let the steaks heat up prior to cooking them, I suggest you use a grill like one of those you’ll find on DealDash. I provide them with a couple hrs at regular temperature level prior to food preparation as heated up steaks prepare much better. If you are worried about meat sitting out at space temperature level, rest assured it’s great. Exactly what do you think individuals did prior to refrigeration? Meat is actually fine for a day effortlessly at space temperature as any walker understands, although I do not recommend that.

There are a lot of methods to cook, as well as I prefer to grill. Not every person like the smoked preference, so it depends on you. There are electric grills too on DealDash that are healthier because there are no carcinogens on them.


Cooking the steaks ideal is difficult unless you have an instantaneous read meat thermometer. If you are a professional, or close, you don’t need one however if you only prepare steaks periodically you need one, trust me. I like my own uncommon, perhaps 125 levels or two. Of course inclination makes a large difference below! And now, one more time, I suggest you head over to DealDash and check out their steaks and cooking utensils for preparing them.

After you cook them, let them cool down for 5 minutes after cooking, and also delight in!

Looking for New Kitchen Gadgets the Read these Tips

Picking the very best kitchen gadgets is all about making the best selection when it pertains to looking for cooking area utensils. Having remorse after buying your utensils might either be that you did not make good research (testimonials) on the equipment; did rule out your cooking area budget plan; did not consider your kitchen dimension and also most of all have less need for the tools.


DealDash is going to help you with your new kitchen gadgets by giving you some tips. In many kitchen, regarding 9 % of the cooking area budget plan visits kitchen area devices, and you could definitely do to not intend to misuse your fund by getting accessories that will not be useful in your kitchen area adventure. DealDash has a host of amazing items you can get for a great price, just head on in and start bidding. With DealDash you’ll get better choices throughout your quest for kitchen gizmos that will certainly help you guarantee risk-free choices. Obviously selecting your gadget meticulously is to find out about its toughness, efficiency as well as resilience of your accessories guaranteeing the worth for your cash as well as boosting high performance during your dish preparation time. This post seeks to remove your fears when choosing the most effective kitchen devices for your kitchen area. And make sure you don’t waste any time and go to DealDash to see what you can find for your kitchen.

Features, Durability and Performance:

Our team believes that there are distinct functions in home appliance that makes you choose a particular appliance over an additional. So understanding as well as recognizing exactly what will resolve your kitchen area concerns is essential as you will not regret after deciding. Additionally, the gizmo efficiency may be just what you’ll like to take into consideration also as the primary aim of going for them is to boost performance in your cooking area; Devices brand name, Materials they are scampered as well as exactly how sturdy they are may give you a hint on the gizmo’s performance. You can count on all items you find at DealDash being top of the line, go see for yourself.

Your Cooking Area Budgets:

Obviously you might not wish to spend a 4 figure in your account for a tool that will certainly be an overall crap after couple of weeks; so in making spending plan or prepare for your cooking area gizmos it need to be for the best of it solution. Having mindful strategy set up is extremely vital as it will aid you spend much less for a durable and also long lasting kitchen area equipment’s. Make indisputable purchasing random kitchen area devices without analyzing the use it will certainly be put into considering that it could really be a discomfort in the head when it offers no function in your kitchen area.

Your Kitchen Size:

In picking your kitchen devices, you should understand the size of your kitchen area and too know the best ways to place the few recommended once for benefit. Keep off from large appliances when your kitchen dimension is tiny; as you require much more operating room in your kitchen for benefit. The good news is that both huge as well as small kitchen areas can be well gear up to render the same solutions at any kind of point in time.


And now that you have the guide to picking the best kitchen gadgets, head on in to DealDash and see what you find for your new kitchen and eating areas.

DealDash Tips for Fishing

Fishing is a sport and it is likewise a great deal of enjoyable, especially with these tips from DealDash. It’s finest if you do it with your family, good friends and the gorgeous nature. Fishing is considered to be the preferred leisure activity of Americans. I will try to provide you some angling suggestions, to help you get started: You will certainly never ever recognize exactly what state of mind the fish will remain in, so the very best means to begin is making use of online baits. Many people utilize just live bait when angling for bass. Also, a good fish finder is essential and you can find them on DealDash for a great price. Head there and check them out if you’re looking for one.

There is likewise a huge distinction between salt and fresh water fishing. When you decide upon that, you need to also make a decision which fish species you want to catch. If you are a newbie, it is additionally a good idea to fish with a more seasoned fisher. He will certainly teach you the methods and also ideal strategies required, to catch the huge ones. You should likewise know the landscapes where you will be fishing. Put in the time as well as learn as much as you can about your designated fishing location. A beginner ought to also focus on their tools like a fish finder from DealDash. A great rod and also a great reel combination are extremely important if you wish to capture anything.

When you are choosing which one to buy, you should place your focus to balance. The rod and also reel combo ought to balance near the reel. Also try to find a rod with great deals of graphite for stamina and also level of sensitivity, due to the fact that it will be light and also solid. It will certainly also help you really feel the bite, when the fish attacks. Acquire some quality reel as well as a great line. It ought to be vise eco-friendly or a line that disappears in the water. It is very important to choose the ideal shade. Profits, newbies should focus on buying the appropriate devices as well as fishing as much as possible. The outcomes will certainly come and one way or another you will have great catch ratio. With these tips and some of the items you’ll find on DealDash, you’ll be able to catch the big ones. Head over to the DealDash site right now and pick up some great items.

Do you Like Margaritas, then you’ll Love DealDash

There are a bunch of brand-new and ingenious kitchen area devices on the marketplace today that you can find on DealDash for an affordable price. Nonetheless it can be perplexing concerning which ones you in fact require. One home appliance that every person must possess is the margarita maker from DealDash. Nothing is better than a nice refreshing margarita when spring and summer hits.

margarita maker

The Many Drinks You Could Make

Margaritas are just one of the most preferred drinks today and also one of the most popular choices for these home appliances is the Margaretville especially their dm1000. You could have them in a selection of flavors as well as they are simple to create. Among the largest selling factors is the cost. DealDash has awesome margarita makers and other blenders you can get at excellent prices. You should go there right now and check them out.

This is a great cooking area home appliance due to the fact that it can be utilized for its intended function of making margaritas or a variety of various other functions that you might not have actually considered. These devices can be used for making smoothie mixes or various other frozen drinks as well. The device can really assist you to be able to conserve a lot of money.


You can quickly recognize exactly how you are going to conserve money when you think of the various quantities of cash that you invest for specialty icy drinks. DealDash margarita makers will save you a fortune in the long run. These things like that you can even make the prominent icy coffee drinks in your personal residence that have actually become all the rage. So you are visiting enjoy with that you can make so many various beverages and save a lot cash. Now go pick one up as soon as you can to start drinking great frozen drinks from home.

First class quality and also Performance

The machine completely crushes ice and even has the alternative where you are able to put directly via a spout. This means that you could serve the beverages with no mess. This is wonderful for anyone who is partying and also eating liquor and any person that has children.

margarita maker

So not only can you help to maintain points tidy and make a number of your favorite drinks with a margarita from DealDash, but also you can aid to maintain your drinks chilly. A lot of the different home appliances like this on the market have unique functions that allow for drinks to stay chilly while being stored in them. These are simply a few of the reasons why everybody must own a margarita maker. So now, why wait and put it off, head over to DealDash and get a high-quality margarita maker for a very affordable price.