Who's at Their Limit? A useful DealDash Tool!

There is a very useful tool on the DealDash site called “Who’s On Their Limit”. It’s a behind the scene look at what DealDashers (players) are out of the playing field because they reached their limit. On your DealDash Dashboard on the left side of the page is a row of options and the one right above your profile is “Who’s On Their Limit?” Click on this tab and pay one bid for the privilege, and the secret is yours!
So let’s say you are going after a high traffic item, you always seem to do battle with “soAndso” and you’ve made a decision to win this item without them.  Check the limit tab, see if he’s out, if they are, be sure to get your bid in before $5.00. Alternately, he may be near his limit so why not get involved and see if they reach limit.  Some people just don’t do the math, but if you only have one item left to win, don’t get in two auctions because you other item will fall off once you reach your limit.  It would ultimately be like double bidding, or over bidding.
I can not stress enough how important it is to know the other bidders.  When you are a newbie at DealDash it is very tempting to just jump in and start bidding frantically, after all you are going to win, and that’s a blast!  But, the most beneficial thing you can do is spend some time, and I mean quite a bit of time, getting to know the tendencies of other winners.
Also, watch the winners list, this is a sure way to see who is winning.  You can often see a pattern in the names.  A lot of people bid every day, and they win a lot.  They are the ones to watch. They will be on the limit list in no time and your field is clear.   Yet there will always be a soAndso to get to know, just keep watching.
The best way to see who is who in an auction is to watch it.  For example, choose an item you wish to win.  Keep in mind the higher the value, the more players there will be.  Watch this item through a few auctions.  Yes, it means being patient, it will take days, but you want to win.  The best thing about bidding is winning, so take the time to think like a true winner.
The next most valuable advice I can offer is to find an item you want to win, if the price gets near retail,  watch it.  This will allow you to see who is possibly overbidding, who is likely to always overbid, stay away from them in the end.  For example, let’s say the average selling price is $200, now this auction is at $250, most likely, the people left in that auction are constant over bidders, some people just do it.  It’s not a good strategy, but some bidders don’t care.
At the end of the day you want to use the tools that DealDash has available, it will help you be a better more efficient winner to know who’s at their limit.
Good Luck & Happy Bidding!!

DealDash Tips: Ho-Ho-Holiday Suprise!

Ho-Ho-Holiday Suprise

DealDash is a great place to go for your holiday decorating needs. It warms my heart to know it’s time to decorate for the holidays and prepare for family and friends to visit.

I for one, am a big fan of the early Christmas promotions, I like to start Christmas shopping in July at DealDash, so I am almost done now! How about you? Well if you are just starting, if you are half done or only need one more item Deal Dash has a surprise for you! For the next week go to the DealDash site and you can earn 3x the bids and then, for the next few days you can win all auctions for Free!  Boom!! There’s your whole week!
You can really get a lot of shopping done when you only have to pay for bids and all items are essentially free. You do pay a one penny transaction fee, it’s the least we can do. teehee. Last Christmas, Deal Dash was very generous with the sales and prices of bids, and I expect to see more of the same this year.  I am already aware of 3x free bids and free auction wins.
With Black Friday right around the corner, I will check back to the DD Facebook page to get caught up on the latest wins and the newest upcoming sales.  One thing I don’t like about Black Friday is the malls, the stores and the traffic, so I will stay at home and be present at DealDash.
So when you are getting out your holiday decorations and it’s time for a new wreath, log into your Facebook, read the DealDash blogs and save money during the DealDash Free Wins Sale Monday thru Friday 11/16-20/15.

Good Luck & Happy Bidding!!!


The Benefits of Relaxation

DealDash always wants to see their customers happy and healthy. They know that relaxation is a huge part of a stress free life and sense stress has been linked to so many health problems, we encourage you to read this article.
Leisure as well as meditation strategies represent alternative restorative treatments which help us reestablish the adequate energetic balance. These relaxation strategies have actually been established since we need to deal with difficult scenarios and also occasions. The keynote is that relaxation explores the links between body, mind, and also spirit. Each time we appear to shed such links, we really feel an extremely high emotional stress. Therefore, in order to fight the side effects of daily tension, we might consider the benefits of relaxation as well as reflection.
It is worth sulking out that relaxation techniques are not taking in, not also time-consuming. It takes a couple of mins to set your mind and also spirit on the good track. Firstly, you have to leave aside all difficult thoughts that could sidetrack your concentration ability. Once you reach this detachment stage, you might begin your leisure as well as reflection process. The essential step is a controlled breathing manner. We could neglect that reliable breathing is the crucial to all our actions just due to the fact that we take a breath naturally. Yet, we have the tendency to take such methods for given as well as really typically, we treat them inappropriately. These strategies assist us reclaim our energy.
Any sort of branch in complementary medicine stresses the fact that breathing has multiples functions. Besides the fact that it maintains us active, it assists us set communication suggests with the world, as well as this communication is not restricted to verbal communication. All yoga exercise workouts are established on breathing methods and the healing effects influence both mental as well as physical levels.
Also, we encourage you to head to the DealDash website and see what you can find. There are a lot of items there like foot massagers and fountains that can help you relax. To conclude, relaxation strategies are extensively taken into consideration as healthy and balanced strategies of mental and also spiritual stress that we experience.

Are You Traveling this Winter?

If you are travelling throughout cold months you have to make sure and well ready, because there could be tornado or snow on the way to your wintertime traveling destinations. Below are some ideas from DealDash that you may see as effective.

Recommendations That You Could Follow –

If you are taking a trip on a motorway you should double check your self, considering that wintertime driving is truly hazardous. It’s better to examine and also make certain that your vehicle heating system and also defroster are in functioning problem. See to it that your battery is in a good condition as well throughout wintertime travel destinations.
Take a look at that you have you have spare tires with you; you may require them at the end of your journey. You need to bring the chains with you and also winter tires if you prepare for high winds or snow, then prepare in advance.
Examine if your car’s lights are working correctly. If not, after that alter those lights and it is a lot better you set up some fog lights to make sure that it provides you a far better vision during the nights when you drive. This helps you a great deal in your journey. Don’t go as well quick, be slow-moving while you drive as there might be abrupt turnings or some unique signals to drive slow in winter season traveling destinations.
Keep some food with you as well as water. Take some coverings and added winter season apparel with you to make sure that you can cover yourself from wind as well as maintain your member of the family cozy. Keep some emergency products likewise with you.
Take your phone, phone chargers with some additional charged batteries and also its always better lug an additional cellular phone with you when you take a trip during winter season. Ensure that you recognize the course maps effectively as well as consistently have an overview of the various other locations on the route while you travel.
You have to stay clear of travelling throughout nights since the vision will be worst and this might result in crashes in wintertime travel destinations. When you’ll be driving on the bridge, you need to drive slowly and be more careful since the snow will be a lot more on the bridge. This will certainly make the roadway slippery. It’s far better to be sharp about the contours and also the crossings, and also you must be always all set to use breaks when needed.
Winter months driving may be a challenge to you but you make sure that you are completely gotten ready for it. Driving in winter season is much less safe and if you are driving through rain or snow, you must remain sharp. You need to be specifically careful on the roads where the roadways are curvilinear as well as if you are struck or if your vehicle breaks down, do not be panic. Park the vehicle along the road side and also keep your unexpected emergency blinkers on constantly. Take advantage of your phone all the time as well as call for help at winter months travel destinations. Use your emergency situation products as well as remain warm.
Lastly, we recommend you have some tools and you can even grab a water proof bag like the ones you’ll find on DealDash. You can literally find everything you need on the site to help you with traveling this winter.

Why You Need New Appliances When Remodeling

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then opportunities are you are intending to buy brand-new kitchen home appliances like those you can find on DealDash. These new home appliances will certainly tone the room and fill the demands of the household. You could check out department store in addition to home appliance sites to locate all the matching appliances in one location. With all the various shades, sizes, manufacturers and types of kitchen appliances necessaries, you have numerous varieties to choose from when purchasing. This means you will need to do your research and also make your options well.

Significant Home appliances

The kitchen constantly needs a fridge and a variety, and you want them to match each other. When trying to find these major cooking area appliances, you have to determine between built-in and a freestanding design. Consider which refrigerator design suits your design better. The cooktop likewise could be a counter leading range with a built-in oven somewhere much more convenient, or a freestanding standard array with oven under a 4 or 6 heating element chef top. Certainly choose an integrated oven if you want the convenience of two stoves.
The dish washer as well as garbage disposal are taken into consideration significant kitchen appliances too. You could have these match the fridge and range for a total unified color pattern. Both the compactor and the dishwasher fit under the counter top, nonetheless, they both come as free standing versions as well.

Kitchen area Home appliance Mix Packages

Shopping around for the best cost from various producers on individual appliances is a great idea, but when you buy a cooking area appliance mix plan the value is generally far better. A mix bundle will include dishwashing machine, microwave, stove, stove as well as refrigerator. They will all match and also coincide brand name and design. Through this the devices will integrate very well right into your brand-new kitchen. This is the most effective offer when buying kitchen home appliances, yet make certain that the cooking area appliances that you are getting are top quality, reliable items, and also you typically aren’t getting stuck with what is left in the warehouse.

Contrast Kitchen area Appliance Choices

It is truly worth the time and also initiative to compare kitchen area home appliance choices. One of the most obvious factors that you must take this moment is due to the fact that you will have the ability to obtain the best top quality as well as price.
The first thing to look into is the top quality. DealDash always has the best appliances at excellent prices when won at auction. After all, if the item is inadequately made after that it truly does not matter how much you are saving, because you will end up paying a lot more when you need to make duplicated repairs or buy the appliance once again.
Do a brief background examine the manufacturer. Take a look at how long they have stayed in business, and research study online whether they on a regular basis have problems. You can ask around amongst buddies as well as colleagues for input as well.
Reading kitchen home appliance evaluations is the best area to begin before making large financial investments. There are different types and also resources of kitchen area home appliance assesses that will supply a big picture. Many websites supply experienced kitchen area appliance evaluations, which check out a lot of items from a technological perspective. They can offer understanding to the capacity for repair services needed, as well as how easy it is to locate a solution facility, and also what it will certainly require to set up and make use of the product.
Now that you have an idea of what to look for in the major kitchen appliances, check out some of the smaller appliances you can find on DealDash. You can find a ton of awesome items for your kitchen at great prices.

The Benefit of Growing Your Own Herbs

Growing natural herbs for cooking and also recovery has actually been going on for many centuries. DealDash knows it may be winter, but there are ways to grow year round and planning ahead is always essential.
Herbs for cooking not just bring wonderful tastes to our foods but additionally our beverages. They have become preferred today, whether they are fresh or dried, to more individuals compared to fifty years earlier. There are herbalists who value the recovery properties of particular blossoms, origins, and leaves. The best part and fragrance of lots of fallen leaves and flowers of natural herbs can be preserved and several crafters are able to incorporate them right into wreaths, potpourri, and also sachets. Many gardeners like to expand herbs in their yard because they are pest resistant and also they require little upkeep.
A number of us think about herbs as merely the kitchen variety such as cilantro, basil, parsley, oregano, sage, rosemary, and thyme. A natural herb is a plant, whether it is annual, perennial, hedge or vine, which has helpful value besides looking and also scenting stunning in our yards. Most of the herbs increase finest in a garden dirt that is abundant as well as well-drained. There are a few other prominent natural herbs, such as lavender, rosemary, bay, and also winter months savory that are identified as a woody plant and would rather have actually a swiftly drained soil that is abrasive. The reason great water drainage is so essential is due to the fact that the roots tend to rot if there is standing water around royalty of the root. If you have heavy soil or clay soil it would be a smart idea to include a reasonable amount of natural material, such as garden compost, to enhance the water drainage.
In order for the herbs to increase well and also create their essential oils that produce the flavor and aroma, they are visiting require heat and full sun. If you have a water drainage trouble you might intend to expand your natural herbs in raised beds; this offers them appropriate water drainage and also warmer soil during the beginning of growth. Rock edging or brick positioned around your increased beds aid preserve and also reflect heat for the herbs. Paving around natural herbs expanded in containers or planters creates a cozy micro-climate.
Increasing herbs in containers is an exceptional suggestion for numerous reasons. First, the perennials such as blooming sages as well as rosemary will grow throughout the year since you can bring them indoors when the temperatures start to drop especially if you reside in the chillier environment areas. Second, these garden containers offer us the advantage to move them around when it is required. Container growing natural herbs are additionally good for the garden enthusiast who has actually restricted yard space, no garden area or dirt that does not drain properly. The majority of herb gardens seem to look and also provide the best scent their finest the closer to maturity they get as a result of the sweet-smelling oils.
The autumn period is the very best time for cutting and drying the seasonal herbs such as thyme, rosemary, oregano and bay. It is possibly better to use a sharp scissors or blossom clipper to reduce their stems. You want the packages of natural herbs to be rather tiny so you could bind them along with rubber bands. If twine is used the packages will certainly crumble as they dry and shrink. Once they are packed effectively hang them upside down in a completely dry well-ventilated location that is not in the direct sun. Giving away packages of natural herb bouquets during the vacations is a thoughtful concept; once your herbs have been chosen select numerous ranges for binding and also drying out and when offering as gifts wrap them with raffia.
After you have actually dried out the natural herbs on your own discard the stems and also save the real natural herbs in impermeable containers. The natural herbs with thick, succulent leaves will dry better in a dehydrator. You could dry your herbs any way you wish, simply keep in mind to gather them right after you see the floral buds and also before they open. In this manner you can be certain to obtain the highest feasible absorption of necessary oils. In the early morning, after any type of early morning dew has actually vanished and prior to it gets too warm, is the best time to gather your natural herbs.
The fresh herbs for food preparation constantly include a lot more powerful flavor to a meal. Freezing your herbs preserves the needed oils, and that is exactly what gives them that wonderful taste. Make sure you go to DealDash and see what type of kitchen items you can find to help you in your endeavor to a tasty meal. When your herbs are cold is fairly simple; you just rinse the natural herbs, take the fallen leaves from the stems as well as dry them together on a level area. When dried gather up numerous with each other and also location in a plastic bag for freezing. This way it will certainly offer you a clump of natural herbs that can be quickly chopped or cut up when you want them. Leaves should also be put on a flat tray independently as well as put in a plastic bag; now you should pick out nonetheless several leaves you wish to make use of after cold. One more way to maintain herbs is to blend them with oil to make a paste after that freeze them in impermeable containers, plastic bags or old ice trays.
Once you have the fresh herbs, the next thing to do is to cook with them. You can find a bunch of kitchen equipment at DealDash and you can also find other items. Sometimes if you’re lucky you may come across a green house or indoor indoor herb garden so keep your eyes peeled.

Black Friday Warm Up At DealDash!

It’s here! Black Friday week!   If you are still Holiday shopping  this is the perfect time to get in your last minute DealDashing.  Remember to stay focused on the prize, if you are bidding for gifts you can stay more neutral with bidding because you know, if you don’t win it, you will buy it.  It’s a gift, you need it, you might win it but you can BIN (Buy It Now) it and get your used bids back.
You might ask what’s the big deal? But what everyone is celebrating at DealDash is amazing sales and opportunity.  This week at DD there is my favorite kind of sale….lot’s of free bids! That’s right, free bids! This is where the “opportunity” comes into play.  For every bid you place you will earn more free bids than any other day at DD.  Every so often at DealDash you can earn, 2 times, 3x, and 4x the free bids.  But during Black Friday Week you will earn that- plus! From November 23-26 you will earn 3x, 4x, 5x the bids.  and bid prices will go as low as .12 cents!
So the best thing to do is get out your list, load up on low priced bids, surf the DD site and check off your favorite item for each person. When you play smart, you can win free bids more than once this week or depending on your level even more.  I urge you to stay away from over bidders, they will eat your stash!!  You don’t  want some bully to do that, so stay away from the bullies.  You may say they win too much this way, and they do win, but they can’t win them all, just like you and me, so if they are over determined they will meet their match every time.  That’s not a good thing because they are spending a fortune on bids and that defeats the outcome of getting good deals.
It’s time to get down to the business of shopping and DealDash is really stepping up the game for us all.  Happy Black Friday Week, may the bids be with you!  haha.
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDashed since 2014.

Ideas for a Fall Themed Party

An autumn themed celebration could be more to your preference than a Halloween celebration with ghosts and demons for several reasons: age and also personalities of your guests, religions or another thing. Whatever the factor, if this is the case, you could still throw an autumn occasion as cozy climate relies on wintertime chills. Let DealDash help you with some of these ideas so you can make it easy this fall. Instead of wearing outfits and also playing spooky songs, bundles of straw, scarecrows, cornstalks, mums, sunflowers, pumpkins, gourds, fruit filled up cornucopias as well as drop fallen leaves are merely a few things that can be used to decorate for your celebration. We will discuss some fall event ideas to help you to develop your own fall themed party.
You could choose a within event as well as serve cut-out sugar cookies fits of leaves with icing shades of fall foliage as well as coffee to your visitors. Use the strings of small lights that you use during the winter season holiday season to develop a cozy and inviting feel to your home. An outdoor autumn event may consist of a late afternoon hayride complied with by s’mores as well as hot dogs baked over a bon fire. Serve apple cider or draft beer which has actually been particularly brewed for autumn. The event can be situated anywhere, and the menu can be basic snacks and appetizers or a square meal. Visitors are greater than happy to bring a favored recipe to display their food preparation talents. If you are hosting the party for friends and family members, do not wait to inquire to bring a covered dish or desert.
If you are making use of paper items, mix as well as suit solid autumn colors such as orange, yellow, black, purple or red as opposed to festive Halloween pumpkin napkins, mugs and also plates. The strong colors will certainly be much more age ideal for grownups as well as should save you some money. Usage products you already have such as those linen paper napkins that are rarely used. Conserve some trees and some cash at the same time.
Would a scarecrow structure competition be enjoyable for your visitors? Maybe a scavenger hunt? The key is to schedule tasks based on your guests to ensure they enjoy themselves at your event. Playing cards and also board games are constantly prominent. Place parlor game in various locations of the home and visitors could be inclined to start a pleasant competition with a small team or you could locate the easel and also Pictionary game are the emphasis of every visitor for a section of the night. You can find all sorts of fun games on DealDash at an excellent price and make your party even more exciting.
Burrow pumpkins and utilize them as flower holders with a selection of autumn floral arrangement inside them for an outdoors decor. When you are finished with them, placed them in your compost heap. Press leaves in between two sheets of polished paper and seal with the heat of an iron and also use as them as coasters or place mats.
We hope these fall party suggestions help you get going with preparing your personal non-Halloween event this year. Whether you are a seasoned celebration planner or you have never hosted an event, these pointers should assist develop an unforgettable event for your visitors. Now that you have some great ideas, head on in to DealDash and see what you can find for yourself.