Get Deals on Christmas Decor Now!

Not only does DealDash offer turkey/ham/fish/steak dinners direct from Omaha Steaks, you can also plan your entire Christmas holiday around these upcoming Christmas themed items.
icicle ligt
christmas4From this Donner and Blitzen 7′ Pre-lit Slim Pine Christmas Tree valued at $172, to these fabulous lawn ornaments, icicle lights, candy, gift boxes, wreathes and so much more! You may think, well it’s still September, but realize this 2 month stretch leading up to Christmas is the busiest time of year for shoppers. So prepare and plan ahead by bidding on Christmas items on DealDash now so that if you win these items you will receive them prior to December 25th!

“With hundreds of sparkling lights and thousands of realistic-looking branch tips, this 7‘ 300 Never Out clear light pre-lit Charleston Cashmere Pine Christmas tree is so impressive on its own that you might think about leaving it unadorned and just enjoying its radiant glow during the holidays. But then you’ll remember its stately 7 feet of branches, and you’ll get excitedly to work covering every inch with cherished ornaments. There’s plenty of space for both heirloom ornaments and grade school projects that take you down memory lane.”leona lewisOr festive Christmas Music from Leona Lewis!

christmas2 christmasWhether you live in Florida and feel the seabreeze outside your door, or if you live up in the snowy and cold north, you could decorate your yard to make Christmas/this holiday season even more fun with these LED snowmen figures!
what about this 6 ft. Airblown Santa S
itting on Polar Bear? Retail $138 – try to win it for less via an upcoming auction on DealDash.
To find out when any of these auctions will become available to bid on be sure you click the blue button “alert me”  on DealDash and you will receive notification when you can bid!
Read our DealDash tips covering a range of topics from how to use buy it now to save money on bid costs, what jumpers are and what “No Jumper auctions” mean. What bidders are called who bid all the time and win, what strategies do powerbidders use? And so much more!

Lunch Made Easy With DealDash

We all eat, some of us eat lunch, others work all day and end up eating maybe one meal a day, anyway, if you catch yourself too busy to stop working and get food it’s either time to get another job, or start packing a lunch!’s penny auction currently offers new lunch themed auctions.
Take a look at what’s new:
laurenAuctions for lunch boxes designed by Lauren Conrad!
“BlueAvocado is a premium eco lifestyle brand synonymous with inspiration, impact and integrity.
With its covetable designs, affordable price points and sustainable products, BlueAvocado is poised to deliver on their promise to empower people to reduce their ecological footprint, enable the dreams of other women entrepreneurs and create an impact that inspires action.
This lunch case keeps cold for up to 6 hours, features an interior mesh pocket to store utensils, and is made from 50% post-consumer recycled bottle fabric from Repreve®.”
Buy it now on DealDash for only $28 – and if you’ve placed bids you will get your bids back! The last one sold for only 5 bids – $0.05!workman lunchbox
This Igloo 24-Can MaxCold Workman’s Meal To Go Lunch Box is ideal for any working man or woman that doesn’t want a “girly/cutsy” lunch box. Outfitted in a tan toolbox style, this lunch box features “a sturdy and durable canvas exterior, as well as a leak-resistant antimicrobial liner. This tan Igloo lunch box has an ergonomic comfort-grip handle for ease of transport. It also features extra storage pockets for your keys, phone, wallet and other essentials. Igloo 24-Can MaxCold Workman’s Meal To Go Lunch Box, Tan: 24-can capacity outdoor lunch box MaxCold features 25 percent more foam to stay cooler longer Rugged 20-oz canvas exterior Ergonomic, rubberized comfort-grip handle Front zippered pockets and multiple slip pocket for tools, keys, phone and more Extra-long adjustable, removable shoulder strap Leak-resistant, antimicrobial liner Ideal for use when camping, tailgating and more!”
Buy it now price for this item is $44 and last sold for under $5
bentoLove rice/veggies/meat in a nice Asian stirfry? Be sure you prep your meal ahead of time then tote it around in this wonderful Zojirushi Ms. Bento lunch set. Valued at $64 be sure you click alert me on this auction to find out when it will be offered for sale on DealDash. Zojirushi makes quality products -from thermos’, rice makers, water boilers and more, you really can’t go wrong with this lunch set!
Here’s what the set features:

  • Zojirushi Ms. Bento Lunch Jar
  • 2 inner bowls
  • Chopsticks and holder
  • Tote bag

ruby tuesday gift cardWant to eat out for lunch instead of in, or at a park for a picnic? Check out these deals on DealDash for restaurant gift cards such as Ruby Tuesday. These Ruby Tuesday cards last sold for $0.05 for $25, $0.65 for $50, and another for only $0.01!
What’s your favorite lunch to pack? Check out these awesome Brown Bag lunches for ideas from Martha Stewart!

Bidding on Bid Packs!

Chances are you are here because you were searching for DealDash tips. Right? The first thing to know about DealDash is how it works, it’s a different type of auction site where you have to purchase bids and bids come at a cost, unless- unless you win more bids for less. How do you do that? Well, first of all you will need to buy bids to get started, bids cost $0.60 each. There’s currently a bid pack sale so after you buy an initial bid pack you can purchase bids at promo prices. These prices can be as low as $0.15, or less per bid.
Once you already have a bid pack you can bid to try to win even more free bids by bidding on bid pack auctions.
Take a look:
DealDash’s bid pack auctions have recently sold for as little as one bid!
Bid pack auctions come in many denominations, as you see from the recent results below bid packs for 40 bids, 70 bids, and 80 bids have sold for just $0.01! So you never know until you try bidding! You may just be the only one to place a bid, but this really isn’t easy to predict. DealDash also offers bid pack auctions for packs up to 600, 800, 1,000, 2,000+!
bid packsDid you know about DealDash’s buy it now policy?
You can bid on a bid pack and if you don’t win it, and you spent more bids than you wanted to lose, all you have to do is purchase the bid pack item at the price listed and get the bid pack amount placed in your bidding account you also will receive all of the bids you placed back into your bidding account. Now if that’s not a win-win when you don’t win I don’t know what is!
Do you, or would you bid on bid pack auctions?
What items would you love to see on DealDash?

How to Learn About New Auction Items on DealDash

Wondering whether or not DealDash will offer something you’ve had your eye on, but really want to be able to get it at a discount? The website is organized in such a way that you can find all of the current and upcoming auctions.
Looking for a specific category of items? First check out the navigation menu. It can be found on the top left-hand side of the site under “browse categories.”
Notice that once you hover your cursor over the browse categories bar a list of categories will drop down. Menu selections include all auctions, new items, bid packs, cameras & camcorders, computers, laptops & tablets, fashion, health & beauty, gift cards, hobbies, outdoors  & sports, home & office, kitchen & appliances, mobile phones & audio,
tools & home improvement, toys, kids & baby, video games, music & movies, and “other” – other could include auctions for Omaha Steaks meat/fish products, pet items, batteries, random stuff such as a solar panel, TIDE pods and more!
auction categories
The category menu is great, but if you need a better way to find what you are looking for and you know what you’re specifically wanting to bid on to try to win, be sure you check out the auction bar. Click “Search Auctions to the middle/right of the homepage” and search for the item in particular.
Let’s say you wanted to buy a brand new Surface Tablet – go to the search bar and type in “Surface Tablet.”
Note that to the left side of the auctions you will see ended auctions for a  Surface Pro 2 and a Surface Pro. To the right you will find an active auction – the rest of the page is filled with upcoming auctions for Surface Tablet accessories, messenger bags, cases, and such:
Perhaps instead of a Surface Tablet you’re in the market for a brand new laptop, maybe you don’t know which laptop you want you just feel like bidding and trying to win any of them. In the search box type in “laptop” – you will find upcoming and current auctions as well as “coming soon” auctions – in order to get notified of when these auctions will start be sure to click on the yellow button “Alert Me” and you will receive a notification when the auction is scheduled to begin.upcoming
Note that when you search for something with a general word such as laptop and not a particular item such as an Acer Aspire laptop, you will sometimes get results for other items that have laptop in the title. A Swiss laptop backpack, a VTech kids laptop, and so on!
What do you want to bid on at DealDash?

Phenomenal Deals on DealDash Under $1!

Whoa! So you’ve heard about the deals people get on penny auctions, right!?
But have you actually seen these recent deals on DealDash – all of these items have sold this week for LESS than $1!? That’s seriously PHENOMENAL in terms of savings!
That means that if the auctions ended for $1.00 – only 100 bids were received and if the auctions were won with discounted bids say bids costing $0.17 each only $17 in bids would have been placed by all bidders. That means the winning bidder had to have spent less than $8.50 on the auction in bids alone, if that!
Take a look at these winning auctions and look at the end prices and the MSRP prices. AMAZING deals have been had by these bidders!
Keter Folding Work Table – Buy it Now Price on DealDash is valued at $98!!! Ending bid price: $0.55! 55 cents! 55 bids  = a stupendous deal by the winning bidder.
handheld steam cleanerThis Haan AllPro HS20R Handheld Steam Cleaner sold for even less! Valued at a buy it now price of $88 it sold for just $0.43!
Wouldn’t you want to be able to floss your teeth with a state-of-the-art Waterpik ultra water flosser? Valued at $67 for just $0.51 it was won by aricster this week. Wow! waterpik
Perfect for a beach holiday – this 12 MP Waterproof digital camera has a buy it now price of $67 but it recently sold for just $0.64. 

waterproof camera
Angry Birds comforter is perfect for the Angry Birds Fan! Have you ever seen a deal like this on a new bed set? $0.03! And it’s valued at a buy it now price of $42. The deals are there, you just have to bid! Look at the ended auctions under Winners to see more of these amazing deals won recently by penny auction bidders on DealDash.
angry brids
This $25 Buca di Beppo gift card was won by Goldstar48 for just $0.65- Whoa you can’t even get a breadstick for as low as $0.65!! Amazing deals on DealDash – you just have to bid to win!
Icky germs are all over the place, especially in the wintertime. This Infantino Plenty Shopping Cart Cover sold for $0.02 – with a buy it now price of $32! Perfect to protect your baby from a cold, germy shopping carts.
infantino plenty shopping cart cover
buca de beppo

Rest Better (Literally!) With These Deals

DealDash not only sells laptops, smartphones, iPhones, with the iPhone 6 coming soon! DealDash also sells tons of great stuff for your home and comfort. There are great items for an home office, kitchen, dining room and even the backyard, but what about your bedroom? DealDash offers penny auctions on the following bedding items and furniture and more on their website. You could save money by winning the following items for your bedroom or a guest bedroom at a fraction of the cost of going to a department store or even online at retail prices. Check out what’s coming up soon in the Home & Office category for your bedroom:
memory foamA Memory Foam Contour Pillow by Sleep Innovations boasts, “Built with high quality viscoelastic foam, this pillow features millions of microscopic memory cells that enable it temper and disperse high pressure points creating an environment of even relaxed comfort that will help you get a solid night’s sleep. And while you rest, this Sleep Innovations Pillow works to bring both your head and neck into proper alignment with your spine, helping to sooth built-up tension and relieve painful, overworked muscles while all but eliminating waking up with a stiff neck.”

remedy memory foam pillow deals
mizone santorini bed setDealDash offers beautiful bedroom sets complete with Mizone Santorini 4pcs Comforter Set (Teal/White Full/Queen) Santorini is a white/teal and black set. Great for all ages. It’s more modern/contemporary and would be perfect for a teenage girl or college dorm dweller. mediterranean sleepow cushioThis item is a bit different. Have you ever seen a cushion with a built-in mp3 player?
Check out the description on this one: “Sleepow is an innovative product developed for sleep-deprived consumers searching for new solutions that promise to assist in achieving a better night’s sleep. Numerous studies have shown that sleep deprivation and insomnia greatly increase stress levels, shorten attention spans and negatively affect our mental and physical capacities. Even worse, thousands of people lose their lives each year as a result of exhaustion when driving or operating machinery. Researchers in the fields of psychoacoustics and neurophysiology have found that relaxing music, in particular binaural beats (two tones played at slightly different frequencies in each ear), can play an important role in reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation, ultimately leading to a restful night’s sleep. The Sleepow Music Pillow is the world’s first memory foam pillow with a fully-integrated stereo sound machine. The visco elastic memory foam pillow with a plush outer cover completely encases the high-quality speakers and componentry inside, rendering them completely undetectable. A small, unobtrusive control panel embedded in the side features volume and mode controls, a mini-USB port for recharging and uploading of mp3 files and an audio jack for total private listening with headphones. No wires, cables or portable media players are required to enjoy Sleepow. Just press one button and quickly drift off into a deep, relaxing slumber”
Now this bed is GORGEOUS! Love eco/natural looking furniture? This Home Styles Cabana Banana Queen Bed/Honey Oak Finish for a Buy it Now price of $847 can be won for even less if you’re the lucky bidder who wins it for less!
“Make your home healthier while helping the environment with this exciting and new eco-friendly furniture collection featuring frames and fabric made of 100% sustainable natural materials. Banana leaves are hand-woven to create eco-chic frames without all the harmful additives, ensuring better air quality for you and your family. Furniture legs are made of natural renewable wood. Cushion covers are medium-weight Cotton Twill in Ecru color.Cabana Banana Queen Bed features an all natural construction and honey oak Finish.”
DealDash also has auction deals on Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards – Plus, you can always find weekly newspaper inserts with coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond too!
Would you buy new furniture & bedding on DealDash? Remember – all items ship free and you can use buy it now if you don’t win!
For all bedding and bedroom furniture auctions click here!

No JUMPER – What In the World is a Jumper?

NO JUMPER! No Jumper? No jumping kids? No jumping bids? What does “No Jumper” mean? You see these words emblazoned all over on the front page of’s auctions, but what is a jumper and why do they all say no jumper?
Jumpers – in penny auction terms- are bidders who come in and bid after the auction has been going for awhile with bidders fiercely competing and spending a lot of money in bids before they decide to join in. New bidders jumping into an auction really has been known to irritate bidders who already have a lot of time and money invested in an auction. So what DealDash did is decide to create these trademarked no jumper auctions where all auctions are closed to new bidders once the final end price reaches $5.00. So, once the current auction price is at $5.00 and you try to place a bid you will notice that the bid will not be accepted and you will see a pop up telling you that the no jumper auction is locked to new bidders. You will also see a No Jumper banner emblazoned across the auction’s photo.
Knowing that DealDash bans jumpers can help you form a better strategy for bidding.
no jumper
Auctions sometimes tend to go on for hours and the end price really can get up there. Can you imagine if DealDash didn’t have no jumper auctions? Would they go on longer and for even more money? Maybe! It makes it easier to win in some respects when you think of the no jumper features in that manner. Whether or not you like to jump this helps bidders who have already been bidding in the auction for some time. Current bidders who have bid since the beginning can rest assured in knowing that no one new can come in late and spend the same bids they did up until that point and extend the auction even longer and make prior bidders spend even more money (possibly!)
However – you can still place one bid before the $5.00 and come back later and bid more. It’s just excluding new bidders altogether from late entry into an auction. What do you think of these no jumper auctions on DealDash?

Disney Deals: Celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of Walt Disney World

October 1, 2014 marks the 43rd anniversary of Walt Disney World! What better way to celebrate the birthday of Walt Disney World than with Disney stuff?!
Check out these upcoming auctions on DealDash all centered around the lovable mice: Mickey & Minnie!
disney cupcake
Wilton Cupcake 3-Tier Mickey Mouse Cupcake Stand! Proudly display all of your cupcakes on this 3-tiered stand. Buy it now on for $13.

minnie mouse headphonesStylish & Fun! These iHome DM-M40 Minnie Mouse over-the-eat headphones Enjoy clear audio while showing off your favorite cartoon character with these feature soft padded ear cushions and a volume control on the cord. Buy it now price $31.
A recently ended auction sold for just $0.74. 
minnie mouse diaper bagsMinnie 5-in-1 Diaper Bag Set
“Tote your diapers and your Disney pride with the Disney 5-In-1 Diaper Bag Set. These generously sized Disney diaper bags are charmingly decorated in the style of Minnie Mouse. With popping pink accents, these graphic baby diaper bags will visually stimulate your child while they provided first class functionality. The Disney 5-In-1 Diaper Bag Set includes a large carrying bag, an included bottle bag, an included pacifier pouch, an included changer and an included clear wipe case. It’s an all-in-on baby accessory where you can store sundries, toys and snacks. With a child-friendly Disney theme, these baby diaper bags will be a big hit at day care and on play dates. You’ll love the Disney 5-In-1 Diaper Bag Set for its practical compartments and convenient carrying straps and your baby will love looking at Minnie Mouse during changing time. If your family wants a baby diaper bag with a touch of magic, consider buying the Disney 5-In-1 Diaper Bag Set.” Buy it now price/value at around $34.
minnie mouse mouse
It’s a Minnie Mouse Optical Mouse & Mouse Pad Set! In Minnie’s favorite pink color with signature maroon hat and daisy.
mickey popcorn machine
This Classic Mickey Mouse Kettle Popcorn maker will let you enjoy fresh and hot popcorn anytime. The fun design will look great in any room of your home! Retail price is $73! Be sure to check this out on DealDash and set up an alert by clicking “alert me” on this page.
You may not spot the Virgin Mary on your toast in the morning, but now you can enjoy your toast with everyone’s favorite Mouse with this “classic mickey” toaster. Get alerted to this auction when it’s available for bidding on DealDash!
Happy Birthday Walt Disney World!
What are you going to do to celebrate?
Make sure you check out all of the super cute Mickey & Minnie Mouse auctions on DealDash by clicking this link. Mickey + Minnie Auctions.