Why Buy it Now on DealDash?

buy it
What’s this “Buy It” on DealDash you’re wondering and why should you do it?
Really, the question shouldn’t be “Why buy it now?” but “Why not?”.
DealDash’s “Buy it now” option makes this penny auction site one of the most sustainable entertainment auction sites on the web. 
Buy it Now is a great feature offered on every single item that DealDash auctions from bid packs to gift cards to swimming pools, colorful Kitchen-Aid mixers, iPads, HDTVs, laptops and more.
Bidders love buy it so much because it allows all bidders to try to win an item they want without losing money.
Take a look, for instance, at this upcoming item for a brand new HP Split 2-in-1 13.3″ touchscreen laptop.
The retail value of the laptop is $849.99, so the buy it price is a $200 clearance discount off of the original price and this little laptop is a powerhouse of features and flexibility, and it’s super lightweight to boot at only 4.4 lbs. So say you plan to bid on this laptop with purchased bids (which by the way, are on sale at only $0.16 a piece right now) and say they don’t win the item and have already spent $600 and the auction ends with someone else as the winner.
You really would feel terrible if you just lost out on the $600 you spent in bids (which really had to have been a lot of bids (3,750 at the sale price of $0.16 to be exact) so what does DealDash do to make losing easier on you?
DealDash lets you buy it now!
If you didn’t win the auction for the new HP ultrabook, if you decide you would like all of the bids you placed back and you really want the laptop, for up to 7 days from the time the auction ends DealDash will let you buy the item and get all of the bids you used bidding back in your account instantly!
DealDash makes it super easy to do too: All you have to do is click “Buy it now” on the item after it’s already ended and pay $650, and you will get ALL of the bids you placed back into your account to try again next time. Most penny auction sites don’t let you do that, you would have just lost $600!
Step 1: Click buy it now, it’s right under the bidding area on the item’s page!
Step 2: Click buy it now on the second screen that pops-up over the item. Pay $650 and your new laptop will be shipped to you free of shipping charges – The ultrabook will be covered with a full manufacturer’s warranty from HP!clearance deals hp ultrabook touch screen 2-in-1
Good luck and happy bidding and buying on DealDash!

Its a Boy, Its a Girl, Baby Gifts Galore!

Spring is here and I don’t know about you, but it seems that more of my friends are expecting little bundles of joys than my friends who aren’t pregnant. This means with all the baby shower invites I am going to have to buy a lot of baby gifts. If this sounds like you, you should check out all of DealDash’s auctions for baby items! If you don’t win you can always use buy it now and get all of the bids you placed back and still get the item!
If you’re looking for baby shower gift ideas you’ve come to the right place!
Baby Shower Gift Ideas with Items You Could Win or Buy on DealDash.com

  • Deals on new baby monitors:

Every new parent should have a baby monitor to watch and listen to their baby when they are not in the same room. The Lorex Baby – SWEET PEEK Wireless Baby Monitor retails on Amazon for $98.95, but the buy it now price on DealDash is already a almost a $15 discount on this price at $85. An auction for one recently ended with a final price of only $0.15 – that means that the auction only took in 15 bids total from all bidders participating. Not bad! The Lorex Baby monitor, with 134 reviews currently holds a 4 star rating on Amazon.
baby monitor lorex

  • A Baby Bullet Baby Food Blender

Another must have baby gift would be the Capital Brands Baby Bullet baby food blender and food storage system! One just sold on DealDash for a low price of $0.91! Woah! As you can see – the winning bidder used the ability to add a profile status message either to dissuade other bidders to win, or just to express her diehard interest by stating, “Both my daughters are pregnant and due 15 days apart in Oct 2014.”

Make a week’s worth of baby food with this Baby Bullet that features a blending blade for ideal textures and includes 6 date-dial storage cups for easy meal planning. The stay-fresh resealable lid allows safe transport.baby bullet capitl brands

  • Save money with a two-in-one shower gift with this new Pink Baby High Chair  Play Table Conversion!play table

Baby feeding time could yield big messes, one great complimentary baby gift would be this brand new pink baby high chair with play table conversion. This high chair is really two-gifts in one with the creative tray table that easily converts to a play table.

3-position adjustable front tray, 3-position, reclining, adjustable seat. Recline seat using one hand.
5-point harness system with 1-handed, quick release buckle.
2 trays! Regular tray and removable, dishwasher-safe insert tray.
Removable tray includes two cup holders and large main compartment. Main tray features one spacious, indented compartment.

Britax Baby Carrier in Black

britax baby carrier

Babies are a lot of work! This Britax Baby Carrier will lighten a new mother’s load. This baby carrier reduces the risk of back and shoulder strain and is made with durable, high quality materials to safely carry infants from 8lbs to toddlers of up to 32lbs. $119 buy it now, or try to win it at a discount in an upcoming penny auction.

For all deals and auctions on baby items check out these baby items great for baby shower gifts  on DealDash.

It All Started with Swoopo – A Brief History of Penny Auctions

Swoopo.comPerhaps you’re new to bidding on DealDash.com and wonder where this pay for a chance to bid concept came about. While, it didnt start with DealDash, DealDash did start in the early days of penny auctions and enterainment shopping.
The fascinating penny auction concept all started with a German company called Telebid. Telebid originated in Germany and began as a series of advertisements on TV with items that could be “bid” on by calling in on the phone line. Then it progressed and expanded to the Internet with Swoopo.com in 2008.  From 2008-2010 Swoopo grew exponentiall and opened to bidders worldwide with the same site open to offer the bidding experience to many countries and languages. It grew so large that the items would get bigger and better with auctions for brand new cars and a trip-around-the-world. The creators of entertainment shopping raised over $10,000,000 in funding in 2009 by August Capital in Silicon Valley, with earlier funding in 2006 from Wellington Partners.In 2010 Swoopo was named to the new  TechCrunch Europe Top 100 Index list of the most innovative and “highest-potential” European tech companies.
On the heels of Swoopo’s great success, people took notice and aspiring startup founders set up shop and some even set up software companies just to sell “Swoopo-clone” software to anyone wishing to get into the space and make it big. See, the way Swoopo worked, and why it gets its name as the very first penny auction site is that auctions for desirable items, even trips and new cars, were sold on a rolling 24-hour basis with items being offered to consumers with a chance to win items at a discount, sometimes as much as 99% off (though traffic didn’t make it all that easy for bidders to win items at this great a discount, it did happen.). For many then-penny auction site owners, the concept was nothing more than a pipe dream. Some turned a profit, others lost tons of money. Others even outright stole from bidders and hundreds of examples of this can be found on the industry authority site PennyAuctionWatch.com. The problem was the ability to cheat bidders out of money with fake bidding bot software programs, and anyone who had a little bit of seed money and time to set up a penny auction could easily buy clone software, throw up pictures of a few items, advertise and then rake in earnings from bid packs sold to bidders who had high hopes of winning items that were nothing more than pictures on a screen.
There were good sites and there were bad sites. A few bidders even got in on the action and made a sizable income (some made around $100,000 a year just bidding and reselling items on sites like eBay and Craigslist.) More power to them really, but what happened was these bidders were in it to win and resell so they made it more difficult for the regular joe-bidder to come in and win at a discount, at least on the items they were dead set on winning.
After Swoopo came many other sites, hundreds of which have now come and gone. Swoopo tried to find more ways to provide a better bidding experience, but often came under fire by critics as being  deemed online gambling, as being questioned for the ability to offer the same auctions across multiple websites and countries. Later they added buy-it-now which allowed bidders to purchase items at a discount. In March of 2011, Swoopo shut down for good, citing technical difficulties when they were really in the process of filing bankruptcy in Germany. Later on in 2012, DealDash acquired the Swoopo.com URL,so when you go to the website now you will be redirected to DealDash.com.
DealDash originally launched as BidRay and was live in early 2009, BidRay,originally with offices in Sunnyvale,CA, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and has grown significantly since its launch and is one of the longest-running and few standing entertainment auction sites open today. In the early days BidRay offered items like nostalgic candy gift boxes, popcorn machines, gift cards, cosmetics, packs of gum, Apple products, and HDTVs.
Have you been around since the early days of Swoopo and BidRay? We want to hear from you!
Let us know if you bid on Dealdash and the reasons you still bid!

Graduation Party Made Easy With DealDash!

April will soon be coming to an end, before you know it your kids will be out of school and the older bunch will be graduating-  that can only mean one thing: Graduation season is upon us! If you’re the parent planning the graduation, I know you’re probably more stressed about your soon-to-be-grad’s milestone and making the party a success that you’re too busy to get excited about it. Don’t let the planning or the expense of the party get you down. You have to just be strategic and follow our list of grad party essentials and how you can get them at a discount by bidding on DealDash!
1. Invite people & set a date!
First of all, start working on a list. Invite family from both sides, neighbors, family friends, the graduates friends, teaches, coaches, church or organization friends. Once you’ve got your guest list you will have a better feel for how many people will stop by at the grad party. Summer’s on the weekend can be busy with grad parties and many people who have graduates or are friends of a graduate will frequently visit more than one party on a weekend in the summer, so make your’s a memorable event!
2. Plan the party! 
This is really half the fun, ok so you’re not the planning type and don’t know where to begin…
You’re going to need tables & chairs, and maybe even one of those big party tents. You could rent these items from a party supply store, or you start by collecting folding chair wins on DealDash. Coming up soon (4/24) is a set of four metal folding chairs (https://www.dealdash.com/battle.php?auction_id=2226622) , bid and win a few of these and there you have it, seating for all! Ok, well – you can also buy-it now on Dealdash at $186 for the four, but it’s even more fun to win them for just a few bids. So bookmark these and bid away!

folding chairs

Not too excited by the idea of chairs arriving with the daily mail – now for the fun!
You know those big inflatable bouncy castle houses?
bazoongi bouncy castle deals cheap
Yeah, you might want to rent one or win one the next time you see one on DealDash, they’re a hit with all of the kids – not yet graduating age, but maybe it will be just another thing to help them want to stay in school and get their diploma, yeah they will remember that bouncy castle when they graduate too. But if you want to be non-traditional and have the most rockin’ party in town you could win this Gemmy Deluxe Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen on DealDash. 12 foot and 16:9 widescreen, it’s actually self-inflatable thanks to a built-in fan, it’s so much easier to put up than you’d think!  The speakers and projector are not included, so you’d have to get those separate (you can win these on DealDash, too). inflatable outdoor movie screen
Get notified of upcoming inflatable movie screen auctions and deals on DealDash.
Create an outdoor dance floor and line it in rope lights. Win this awesome Karaoke machine from DealDash, set up an outdoor dance floor, add lights, maybe even rope lights around the dance floor and get your groove on!
Karaoke MachineVocoPro Gigstar Jam-Along Karaoke System – Buy it now value $300 – the most recent one sold for only $0.98 on DealDash. 
Next – you have your nighttime entertainment, what are you going to do about the most important part?
A fun food machine is a MUST have at any party, especially a graduation party.
-Cotton Candy Machine
cotton candy machine
Great Northern Popcorn Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine – -Buy it now price is $317 on DealDash See more at: Great Northen Popcorn Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine
Popcorn Maker

  • pcorn machine

Great Northern Popcorn Eight Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine – Buy it now on DealDash for $209, or win it by bidding! 
Tacos, burgers, pasta salads, sloppy joes – all are popular at graduation parties.
Make sure you have what you need as far as serving these foods.
Crock pots are great to keep taco meat or sloppy joe filling hot! hamilton beach slowcookerBid and score deals on Slow Cookers on DealDash. This particular slow cooker just sold on DealDash with a final end price of $0.69 -69 bids!
You could even try to serve something less traditional like pre-packaged falafels, pitas and hummus with grape leaves, tabboleh salad or other fares with an ethnic flare. Or just keep it simple with 6 foot party subs from Subway (a lot of people are picky and most like Subway.). 6 foot party sub subway
Did you know that you can save money on these awesome Subway party subs and cookie platters, too? Bid and win a few Subway gift cards on DealDash. Check them out – deals on $25 Subway gift cards + 20 bids auctions.
Throwing a graduation party? What are you going to offer?
Good luck & happy bidding! If you have any questions about DealDash be sure to let us know!