Six Wins, One Day, Under $1 at DealDash

It excites me to share these fantastic wins which I had in one day at DealDash.  This was a great day of bidding for me, the timing was right, and I won a lot.  The site was really crowded, but what I noticed was players getting involved in too many auctions at once, and losing as a result of it.  So, for me, this was a boon.

You do need to pay close attention to the auction to win them under $1.  It won’t work if you place 10 bids in every auction available at once.  Spreading your game too thin rarely works, at least for me.  Others my win this way, but they are burning up many bids to do it.

The way to get all these low bid wins is to watch the auction closely.  Bid in one auction at a time.  That is key to the success.  You can’t simultaniously physically watch more than one auction at once.  So, to your benefit, stay focused on one at a time.

Another key to winning with just a few bids is to only use a few bids.  This helps you win for less.  If you stay involved in an auction which will go high, you will use all your bids.  So only use a set number of bids per item.

I usually set a number of bids for myself that I won’t exceed if I’m bidding, say 25 bids.  If I don’t win by 25, I drop out, with the exception of being in a battle with only one other player.  And even then, if I don’t win in another dozen or so bids, I will back out.  Nothing bugs me more that using too many bids on an item I know others have won for pennies.  If I’ve seen it go for .12 cents, I want it around .12 cents, so if I don’t win by .12 cents, I’m out… usually.

Tip: Don’t do that every time, if you do, others will know your game.  You have to battle once in a while so others know you are serious about bidding.  That being said, there are many players who play only the front end of an auction, and they win a lot. That’s also a indicator that winning prices are low at DealDash.

Let’s take a look at my great day: I won other items, but not under a dollar, and I used many more bids.  These wins are the successful result of my strategy. Every win is shipped for free.

  • $445 Rustic Tri Pod Floor Lamp- 24 bids, $0.76 cents
  • $209 Handmade Storage Case- 24 bids, $0.67 cents
  • $165 Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated Crystal Necklace- 19 bids, $0.52 cents
  • $329 14-pc. Amuse Bouche Serving Set-17 bids, $0.46 cents
  • $254 Crystal Sommelier Wine Glasses – 2 bids, $0.33 cents
  • $1642 Metal Art Wall Decor-16 bids, $0.85 cents

A wonderful group of prizes valued at $3044.00 and I paid only $15.30 for bids plus$3.89 for prizes. Each item will be shipped free.  So, stay focused on one item, and don’t exceed a set number of bids.

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How Does DealDash Work?

Let’s start by saying that DealDash is the most fun you’ll ever have shopping.  But, what kind of shopping is it?  This is Entertainment Shopping.  You pay to play and your may or may not win the prize you are going after.  Many, many players win items for just pennies, dimes or a couple of dollars.  There are items, like iPads, going to up to 90% off.  You’ll need an account and a username, and you’re off to play!

The way it works is you buy a bid pack, bids are usually between .12 cents and .16 cents on sale everyday at DealDash.  Your first bid pack is $36, but once you have an account, you will have access to the membership price of the day.

You get involved with an auction that you are interested in, by placing a bid, which is worth the .12 cents you paid for it, plus the price of the item goes up by one cent per bid.  So you bid, it’s one cent, the next guy bids, it’s two cents, the next bid three cents, and so on until the last bid is placed.  No one knows exactly when the auction will end, it depends on the number of players, and the tenacity of their game.

In the beginning at DealDash, while you’re trying to get used to the site, try to bid only on small items which are valued less than $200. One reason is the auction will end soon, there are usually only a hundred to 700 bids placed in total for an item.  You won’t have to wait hours to win an auction, and you’ll be able to see how the auctions finish up.  Once you’ve bid in several auctions, you will be more comfortable going for the other items, over $200.  There you will potentially spend many more hours on an auction, especially if the item goes up to $150, that’s 15000 pennies!  You will have to be one of many players to fulfill that closing price.

If  you don’t win the item at DealDash, but you used a bunch of bids trying, you can purchase the item and DealDash will refund you the number of bids you used.  So, you do end up with you item, and now you have the bids to go on to win another item.

When you win an item, DealDash will ship it to you for free.  If you purchase an item, shipping is free then as well.

As you can see it’s easy-peasy to get started playing and shopping at the greatest Entertainment Shopping site.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Be Kind, It Pays at DealDash

It’s so much fun to bid at DealDash, but everyday when you start bidding, there is “that guy” who is in every auction and wants to win everything.  Well, how nice would it be if that guy would just let someone else win once in a while.

I myself, do like to win.  I will try to win every auction I’m in, but if I see a fellow player who is bidding only in early auctions, I will back out so they can win.  I think everyone at DealDash should do this! You don’t have to do it on the big ticket items, but a few smalls are ok.

When you do, that guy will remember, and next time, they might let you win.  I say “might” because not everyone will do this.

It’s also kind not to stomp on your fellow players bids.  We all want to get out free bids for our Time As High Bidder, this gift from DealDash only happens if we are kind to each other and don’t stomp.  A sure way to lose those free bids, is to stomp bidders.  If  you do, they will stomp you back.  You both lose.  Be kind, don’t stomp and win more….really!

What about your comment?  Here is a great opportunity to really be kind, tell us something kind about yourself.  You don’t want to intimidate because the average player won’t believe you to begin with, and they just might be annoyed by what you say and stomp you or jump you thinking you are a poor sport.

It really does help you to win more auctions if you are kind.  I never forget the players that I’ve battled with, and if they bailed out and I won.  I remember the ones who don’t do that.  They are the players I won’t leave early for either, see both lose….kind of. .   We can all help each other win, there is no rules against being kind.

There are rules, however, so please read them on the DealDash site, they are important and helpful.  They will also help you understand the game better and may give you and edge.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Don’t Give Up, Regroup with DealDash

Every once in awhile you will have a bad day at DealDash, it does happen.  You can do two things, you can get angry with yourself, or DealDash, or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward with a new plan.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in a rut of a bidding style.  It really does help to mix up your strategy.  If you are the type of player who always stays until the end, you may be battling with someone else whom also does that, this is just a hot mess!  One of you has to give, or both of you will be out of bids real soon.  It’s time to rethink that hold-on attitude.

Likewise, if you are a player who always backs out after 25 bids, it’s easy to just invest more bids, and the other players will be confused, after all, you usually leave.  This new bidding style of yours is confusing, so they may back out.  You want the guy who always beats you to back out, but they rarely do.

It’s real easy to change your style if you are a “stomper”, a player who pokes a bid in after each player.  This activity is unsustainable and you will be out of bids soon.  The stomper is usually an inexperienced player and they learn sooner than later to use the Bid Buddy.

The “jumper’ is another predictable player  at DealDash, if you jump in at the eleventh hour, you will be caught, figure out and players will be aware to back out, let you use your 200 bids and be back.  I suggest you stay more involved if you are the jumper, use more bids, and if you are the “jumpie” just back out while the jumper uses more bids.

Every once in awhile you will have a bad day, it’s the nature of the beast!  This is Entertainment Shopping, a pay to play auction,  you may win, you may not.  That’s why DealDash has the Buy It Now feature.  If you don’t win an item, you can purchase it and get all the bids you used trying returned to your account, you get to use them all over again, you have your item, and all is good!

You may need to regroup your new style.  Sometimes it’s also a good idea to just step away from the computer.  If you stretch your legs and clear your mind, you will gain some clarity and that’s a great inspiration.

Take a deep breath, this isn’t scary, it’s exciting and wonderful!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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